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  • WWPWWP Member Posts: 4 ✭✭

    Anyone have any suggestions for a new OCR app and accounting platform? The mobile scanning of receipts on my phone was the only reason I joined Wave. Now I need to find a new platform. Any suggestions are welcome and appreciated as this new system is more onerous and cumbersome.

  • RussellCabournRussellCabourn Member Posts: 4

    Is it that you are trying to push the UK customer to Zoho and get rid of them

    I did not move to them, as their receipt scanning app is very poor compared to the Wave app, well that was until today.

  • Lizzied822222Lizzied822222 Member Posts: 2

    Bring back the receipts app and email forwarding ability! Literally the only reason I use Wave.

  • JanniesJannies Member Posts: 3

    I really don't have time for this!!!

    Where is a better accounting system??

    It needs to help us, not make more work for me

  • harold649harold649 Member Posts: 2

    Highly disappointed and a great loss. I am astonished as to the departure of the receipt functionality and for creating automated transactions through OCR. I can only wonder what happened? What were they thinking?

  • BenMobleyBenMobley Member Posts: 1

    Absolutely useless. Without drag and drop OCR, this takes up a vast amount of time in manual entry. I will be moving platform.

  • NJANJA Member Posts: 11 ✭✭

    It WAS even easier than that, you could take the picture from within the receipts app....I run 2 companies through this software, including invoicing and payroll so I am paying for the use....I will be switching software at the year end. It's pathetic that Wave is positioning this change as an improvement.

    @cardsfan said:
    Well I read all 18 pages of complaints prior to this change.. I loved the quick four step method before.
    So now with this new method when using my mobile... on my emailed hardware store receipt which I had two today

    1. Take a screen shot of each receipt
    2. save to a ONEDRIVE folder as this is my cloud tool
    3. go to chrome on my phone
    4. find the bookmark for WAVE
    5. manually log in... yup no fingerprint recognition.
    6. Go to transactions
    7. upload the receipt from my one drive
    8. Memorize the amount
    9. ****manually ****type in the hardware store
    10. Enter the payment and expense account
    11. Save

    Old way

    1. Take screen shot
    2. Hit Share button
    3. email to wave
    4. go to receipt app
    5. enter payment and expense account
    6. save

    Five less steps, and roughly five minutes per transaction faster.,

    Has anyone from Wave actually tried this process

    Nice tough folks

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  • SLDWRKSSLDWRKS Member Posts: 2

    This is Bullshit fuck you WAVE, See ya

  • KimBKimB Member Posts: 1

    I am happy with this change as I found it harder to attach receipts to transitions before and it was creating more entries previously which i did not like. Thank you for the update!

  • HNRHNR Member Posts: 1

    I would really love the ability to forward receipts, that made my bookkeeping life so much easier. With this feature gone I will likely switch my businesses to other software.

  • LAYERcLAYERc Member Posts: 9

    The receipt management page and how it ties into accounting/reconciliation was the most appealing portion of WaveApps. The most important issue is to easily reconcile receipts at end of month/quarter. Having them part of the accounting/transactions directly makes it difficult to reconcile. Please add a receipts page back with the color coordination for easy reconciliation.

    edited June 17, 2021
  • NJANJA Member Posts: 11 ✭✭

    @KimB said:
    I am happy with this change as I found it harder to attach receipts to transitions before and it was creating more entries previously which i did not like. Thank you for the update!

    This feature needed to be there but not at the expense of removing the email/OCR features and phone app....this is NOT a positive change. I hope the product manager(s) for WaveApps are reading these comments because you seriously misread the need.

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