Coming soon: Wave's new Receipts feature



  • JustAskDaveJustAskDave Member Posts: 3

    Man this is a huge step backward for the little guys, a quick snap or upload of the receipt, OCR to fill in majority of details, select the transaction account and done. Now its a bloody chore to do every time. Thanks guys, totally useless downgrade completed.

    I guess H&R Block only wanted to buy the customer base and not actually keep the customer happy. Making the Wave program no longer user friendly will drive the customers away, but not to other paid H&R Block services.

    Kirk you have screwed over your loyal customers, I hope the $ millions serve you well.

  • tpeterketpeterke Member Posts: 6

    I find the handling of receipts as attachments to the banking transaction very good, even essential. However I'd prefer to keep the receipts hub. In our small business, my wife used to scan and classify receipts. Some of them were only forwarded as email.
    My humble advice / request would be to keep the hub, being able to upload files there. If a received email has attachment, then the attachmentSSSSSSSSS would create a new receipt in the hub (one entry per attachment), if no attachment in the email, then the email itself would be converted to PDF and sit in the hub on its own.
    Documents would then pile up in the hub and the not-yet-linked ones could be attached to a transaction in the transactions page.
    As you see, from my point of view OCR is not needed, if above options are given, and responsibilities can be separated.

  • francoismathieufrancoismathieu Member Posts: 1

    It's funny how they try to frame this as a new feature. What else do you expect from H&R Block.

  • Arlee_CanadaArlee_Canada Member Posts: 2

    He Support- So many complaints. - can you address this question. How about allowing Receipts push into wave. From the following - Hubdoc, Receipt bank, dext, AutoEntry Chacka etc. Especially for those Small Proprietorships. Note : For example.. Dext when scanning the 1st Receipt- on 2nd it recalls the normal Coding.. Ie. Staples then staples again.. Coding is the same Office supplies etc. Also they allow both systems.. Upload receipt 1 at a time By Email, or direct from smart phone... Plus the Bulk uploading of Hundreds of receipts such as at year end 2500 receipts all at once. From an Accountant trying to help clients as users of wave. @ analysis360

  • DaraMcCoyDaraMcCoy Member Posts: 1

    I finally figured out how to upload a receipt, but the old way was much easier! I am sad that Wave changed it!

  • ByebyewaveByebyewave Member Posts: 1
    Bye bye wave
  • prmsssprmsss Member Posts: 13

    FAIL Terrible "update" removing the app / OCR functionality.

    And where are my receipts that were still in review? I desperately need an overview of those to recreate them!

    edited June 15, 2021
  • LucLuc Member Posts: 5

    thats just another attempt by wave to automate things save time and money by taking away from the useful features such as email receipts processing

  • rwcghrwcgh Member Posts: 16

    In addition to what others are saying in general about the very cumbersome and not user friendly process for uploading also seems that there is no way to change the receipt currency anymore. I used to be able to upload receipts from many different currencies. Now it's forcing me to use USD for even non-USD receipts. It's either a bug or not intuitive. Am falling behind on receipts already--if I can't enter receipts in non-USD amounts then I can't use Wave for receipts at all (which means migrating accounting after several years w/ Wave. I would even pay extra for the receipts functionality if that's what it takes to restore the old version...

  • Adriana_2021Adriana_2021 Member Posts: 1

    Wow, what an unhelpful decision to make! The functionality of having an app devoted to allow you to snap and upload photos of receipts for items as you purchase them (in-person) to then later merge to imported transactions — was actually EXTREMELY useful, intuitive and helpful. It also served as a great way to double check that transactions always went through, etc. Now there is no app and you are supposed to "log-in to the web browser?" Are you kidding me? Who is going to do that? That is so counter-productive and lame. Why bother. . . for someone who purely uploads digital receipts for online purchases, I guess this is no big deal, but for those of of us who still shop in the real world, this is going backwards in efficiency and I guess I will now need to look for a different bookkeeping software. This was THE best feature of Wave.

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