Coming soon: Wave's new Receipts feature



  • map2000map2000 Member Posts: 4

    I will miss the current bulk upload of receipts, since my account is not connected now I will require to create each transaction before hand then attach the receipt to the transaction one by one. Will see how this process goes. Very disappointed by the change since we're loosing some feature that made bulk upload of receipt easy.

  • MudinmybloodMudinmyblood Member Posts: 1

    When I make a business purchase, I automatically get an email receipt. I can no longer email an attachment of my receipt directly to WAVE. Without this option, WAVE is no longer useful for my business. Please consider putting it back.

  • Lauren_StacyLauren_Stacy Member Posts: 1

    So the TL;DR of this is - Wave are removing all useful and helpful aspects of their receipt system / process and making life difficult for it's users. Correct?

  • Smokey_59Smokey_59 Member Posts: 1
    This is not an improved feature. The OCR reader was one of your most valuable features. I understand it can be expensive but did you even consider offering the feature for fee?
    Simply attaching a pdf file as a receipt while having to manually input all the details myself is NOT an improvement. It’s NOT easier for users. But I know it is easier and cheaper for you.
    Very disappointing.
  • bptorbptor Member Posts: 1

    Yeah this is a dealbreaker, this was the main reason I used wave. Really disappointing. Will be moving to another

  • kacperjedkacperjed Member Posts: 4

    This was the only reason we chose Wave :neutral:

  • CoolGreenPowerCoolGreenPower Member Posts: 1

    The changes are certainly not driven by customer needs or wants. This loss of functionality is the latest in a trend of reducing automation and adding work back to customers. First, we experienced a 50% reduction in importing banking transactions and now receipts.

  • Mark__Mark__ Member Posts: 2

    Ah well, all good things come to and end. And hey, we were not paying for it, were we? We're already planning to move to Xero as of 1 July so this is just another nice "goodbye" from Wave under new ownership. So long.

  • RolandRoland Member Posts: 1

    Goodbye wave (Wave Goodbye)! What a mess you're making of this! removing your best features and replacing them with manual processes that hark back to the early days of computer data input. You used to stand out but now unfortunately there is better. If you're worried about the financial impact - just start charging for your services (especially the receipt functionality!) I would happily pay as it is (sorry was) the best.

    edited June 14, 2021
  • PaulDPaulD Member Posts: 4

    How do we upload a receipt if there is no option under the transaction drop down menu? The only options are "edit" and "notes". When is this supposed to actually roll out? Or was it rolled out and already taken away?

  • DuaneLWDuaneLW Member Posts: 1

    Hi Guys,

    I do not see the option to upload a receipt under the transactions tag. It only displays edits and notes.
    Can someone explain where the receipt button is?

    Thanks again.

  • BusinessOwner123BusinessOwner123 Member Posts: 3

    It's June 14th. And currently there is actually no way to upload receipts to transactions. They removed the receipts feature but have not updated the interface with the new method yet!!! Wow adding insult to injury here.

  • teegytuftyteegytufty Member Posts: 4

    transaction isn't an option

  • Lois_PLois_P Member Posts: 1

    I just looked for the new feature in Dashboard - it is NOT there!

    It is supposed to be available today!

  • alexk_alexk_ Member Posts: 4

    Horrible product decision. You actually had a great product, I can't find anything that worked that well on the market. Why kill it? I'd happily pay money for it!

    Not only that, I sent a bunch of receipts today and no notifications that it doesn't work anymore. Your product organization is going down the drain.

  • joanne33256joanne33256 Member Posts: 1

    I wish I could still upload receipts on a app and that they would just go to a file that I could access on the wave website. If I want to continue to get my receipts connected to wave immediately after purchase, I will have the same issue of having to merge the receipt and the bank transaction. Now I have to make a new system of saving my physical receipts till the end of the month and upload them manually. Huge pain in the ass.

  • patpat Member Posts: 5

    Guys, this is BS. Please - all , what are the other reasonable alternatives with simple receipt management? And please do not suggest Zoho Books... :(
    Where are you planning to move to stay away from new HR ownership?

  • rwcghrwcgh Member Posts: 16

    The new receipts workflow has a serious bug: It does not allow for selection of other currency besides the default (in my case USD). So if I upload a receipt in CAD or BRL, I can only type the amount in USD, so it's off. In the old receipts function, I could specify a different currency denomination on upload.

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