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With the change of removing WAVE from ADP, will my contractors still be paid via ADP? Or do I need to re- enter all their data into WAVE for them to be paid?


  • NancyCNancyC Member Posts: 148 admin

    Hey @DinaT If you've been paying your contractors through ADP, you can absolutely continue to pay them through ADP and there's no need to enter their data into Wave Payroll (unless you're looking to switch payroll providers!).

    With the discontinuation of Wave's integration with ADP, these are the two major changes you'll notice:

    1. When a payroll is approved on ADP, Wave will no longer generate an automated journal transaction to bookkeep it. Please refer to this article on how to bookkeep your payroll in Wave if you use ADP.

    2. You've been asked to create a new Wave password so that you can log into your Wave account directly at (instead of through ADP's dashboard).

    Please refer to post below for further information on what's being changed:

    Wave’s integration with ADP is being discontinued

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