Update on changes coming to Wave Receipts



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    Not sure about anyone else, but I am loving QBO's mobile app.
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    Thanks again for removing yet another feature that was a requirement when I moved from one of your competitors over 5 years ago. This is going backwards, congrats yet again! 2 of your reasons for making this move is the exact opposite for me. It is causing me to have duplicate transactions because i use this at time of purchase. The other is that it took an automated process and made it manual for me now. I do not just use Wave for receipts either. I run my business through it. I invoice clients. You make a good bit off my business from the credit card transactions. I do my taxes. So if Im not your desired user audience, I guess I need to move along. Its too bad this is the way the world is progressing. Its not just Wave. From software, to websites, to operating systems. With all the advancing tech today, we are still dumbing things down for the user.
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    By getting rid of the receipt app, you have created a lot more work for me. It is NOT appreciated. I don't even have on my Galaxy S21 that fancy "Take a photo" option that you showed on the other thread. Bookkeeping with Wave just became obnoxious and I will now dread it on a weekly basis.

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    Huge loss to discontinue the Receipts app and allow users to upload receipts and photos of receipts quickly and easily on the phone. Your business name is WaveApps, however, now there's not an app to use? Is it possible to create an app that allows easily uploading receipts?

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    This change ruins the Wave experience.
    It's pretty simple I think, remove OCR and watch Wave drop it's market share.
    Please revert back to Receipts and OCR and give options to pay for it Etc.

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    Really frustrating and difficult changes you've made for me here. I don't hate the new feature, but like QuickBooks, it should have both features - not one or the other. My workflow has become much more time consuming.
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    I have not looked back since paying for QBO. Missed revenue and client referrals for WAVE. They will change when H&R Block sells them off.
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    I am a user of both Wave Accounting and Payroll. I use both the receipt from email and the receipt app. The email import function was taken away a while ago but I was able to still use the app. Now with both of these important features removed and the additional steps/time it takes to process transactions due to this change, the other UI changes, and since my monthly fee has now increased the move to another package makes sense. I stayed with Wave because it was Canadian-based but I think it is time to go.

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    @RJsSmokehouse said:
    So with Wave dropping an important reason I use the service, I will need to look into alternate options. I looked at Foreceipt but they don't do the invoicing feature. Other features that I would love to have that Wave seems to refuse to offer are a tipping option and an ability to change the amount due at the time of the invoice (down payment). A small monthly or annual fee is okay, but I am a fairly small company. Does anyone have any suggestions or recommendations?

    Someone above recommended the Online Essentials version of Quickbooks, and it looks like a pretty good fit for me too - https://quickbooks.intuit.com/online/essentials/

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    These changes are absolute garbage. Removing the app functionality...maybe it makes sense with a good HTML5 experience (but not really). Removing the email feature...total stupidity, making my life 100x more difficult.

    You guys need to get out of the building, talk to some more customers, whoever is making these product decisions is clearly out of touch with what customers want.

    I will be leaving at the earliest opportunity.

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    Ive been running two business on wave since 2015, I've recommended it to friends and colleagues. You have made a ton off the card payments over the years which I was very happy paying.

    You have, in one simple move totally stitched me up and made the service worlthless. Lets face it nothing about Wave is groundbreaking aside from the simple but effective receipts OCR feature. I don't connect my bank account to Wave so the proposed new feature is dead in the water form the get go.

    To have now removed the ability to finish off the years expenditure even through the web interface to tie up the loose ends will cost me time and money. I'll need to find a new platform, migrate to it and duplicate half a years with of expenditure and invoicing.

    Also why am I only finding out about this now when the feature has been removed? Where was the messaging to alert users that this was taking place?

    What a disgrace.

    Waves goodbye

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    Expense management was really the only thing I was using Wave for, and now that's unusable, so I'm out.

    I read this whole thread, and I'm not sure why Foreceipt is getting so much love. I mean, I'm sure it's a great app, I've never used it, but it seems like a minor player compared to Expensify/Quickbooks/Concur/etc. Given that they're offering specific discounts to ex-Wave users and scrambling to support importing Wave data, I wouldn't be surprised if there's a corporate Foreceipt presence in this thread. But maybe that's just my cynical side.

    I switched to Expensify. It's $5/month, but the OCR is unstoppable and the UI is extremely user friendly. I've used it for my job for years, might as well trust it for my side-gig.

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    You call optimized receipt experience entering manually the receipt details and adding manually the pictures? Why do you call "enhancement" to take away a very useful utility?

    Is this AI going faulty? or is English changing the meaning of efficiency, enhancement and utility. A company's promise to its clients is to improve not to take away the valued aspects of its offering. Now I have to search for another provider and migrate.

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    This is **FAILURE **of massive proportions!

    Took a very simple process of 3 steps and 5s and turned into a 12 step process taking a minute or more to capture a receipt on a mobile phone.

    The product manager **FAILED **to realize that the entire point of capturing a receipt for most of us was to capture it at the point of purchase so we DON'T have to manage receipts. This new bizarre complex process is not productive to small businesses - your target market.

    This sure feels like a change to benefit you (WAVE) and not your customer.

    Seriously, we've given this new process a month and its still as awful as ever. Very disappointed considering I was told you talked with customers yet I know 10 active customers who used the app all the time and were providing constructive feedback, yet non were contacted. Doesn't feel like you contacted customers and again did this for you, not your customer.~~~~

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    What happened to all of the receipts I had pending that hadn't been reconciled yet? Those were not posted transactions, and I reconcile and post them as I reimburse expenses they were for.

    Did I just lose $7k worth of reimbursable expenses?

  • _Derek__Derek_ Member Posts: 62 ✭✭

    Furthermore - it more feels like you decided this wasn't your core business so you were trying to provide a work-around. If this is the case, you only made things exponentially worse. You could have partnered with a company to provide a seamless experience, even if we had to pay - but you choose to degrade your existing product and upset customers with a very-very-very poor process.

    Sure feels like the management who authorized this change are really don't understand their customers or their business - and is not giving any of us nice warm feelings about the future of WAVE as a H&R block company. Really - this whole thing is a disaster.

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    I told you all and Wave/H&R Block.

    Only thing left to do is for everyone to leave H&R Wave. When they lose their customers and money, they will sell off the "Wave" part. Maybe the new owners will bring back the obvious.

    While I wait I will be enjoying my QBO app and all its features.
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    I waited, waited, waited, hoping for a dream news: WaveApps, overturning this decision...
    Unfortunately didn't happen, now I can't wait anymore, as WA does not fulfil my bill anymore.

    I joined years ago, when forwarding a receipt email would be correctly processed with OCR, it used to work really well.

    Sad to see WA going in another direction, but I guess H&R Block has to make hard choices to turn it's $537-million deal profitable.

    Good luck to all

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    > @RJsSmokehouse said:
    > So with Wave dropping an important reason I use the service, I will need to look into alternate options. I looked at Foreceipt but they don't do the invoicing feature. Other features that I would love to have that Wave seems to refuse to offer are a tipping option and an ability to change the amount due at the time of the invoice (down payment). A small monthly or annual fee is okay, but I am a fairly small company. Does anyone have any suggestions or recommendations?

    I haven’t found a tipping option. However as far as recording tips, I just have a service called “tip” and add that to the bill after payment. Don’t know if that helps at all, but🤷🏻‍♂️
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    I use Quick books.
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    @JCowan any chance that we can get OCR back? It was amazing. Buuuuut, I’ve only entered in one receipt since things changed. I have a stack sitting on the couch, not being entered. For those of us who have many small jobs vs larger ones, we spend the evening after work (before time with the family) entering invoices. We used to spend the 14 seconds it took to do a lunch receipt sitting in the parking lot as we waited for the order to be ready. Now, we have to spend double the time we normally would at night to add in the receipts for the day. Something that was great and served your users well, the thing that apparently was keeping many here, you took away. We “pay” for the service by our in-system payments. If I told people I’ll charge the same I always have, but from now on only wash the top half of the window, leaving no option for ever cleaning the bottom half, I’d be out of business in 5 minutes flat. I don’t see how this is that much different. Please add me to the ever growing list of those of us needing it back.
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    WAVE will put it back when H&R sells it off to another company and the new leadership team sees all the clients it lost from removing it.
  • GenivarGenivar Member Posts: 4

    bye girl, bye!
    Why did I switch to wave? Well because i was saving time not having to enter in every detail of every receipt. What a waste of time and energy. I should have stayed with quickbooks.

  • StrugglingICStrugglingIC Member Posts: 20

    @rickfl said:
    Unreal. This is an absolutely TERRIBLE move. I won't waste my breath, but have the same exact workflow as 90% of the users in here are commenting. Eliminating OCR and all the now required manual work is a 100% deal breaker.

    Moving to a different platform.

    This feels like a bait-and-switch by Wave. Having a great way to store receipts and add them into accounting at the same time was a big feature of Wave. And now they kill that feature. What's the difference between Wave and Excel now?

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    Hey there @amahvan !

    If you weren't able to post uploaded receipts to accounting before our Receipts update there is no need to worry as you can still access your receipt images and re-upload them using our new workflow. To get started, please head over to your Settings > Data Export page. From there you can can export all of your receipts as a ZIP file. This file will also contain your receipts that you didn't post to accounting prior to the update. Once you locate the receipts in question from the file, you can attach them directly to existing transactions or you can create new transactions for them. If you'd like to learn more about our Receipts update, check out the Help Center article below:

  • WillGWillG Member Posts: 4

    Wow! I used to love Wave.

    First I could not connect my BMO accounts anymore. Now you took away the receipt functionality.

    Why do I need you actually? I could just use a spreadsheet if I have to do it all manually.

    If this was a cost thing then just charge for it, now I have to look at the recommended Forceipts I guess?

    I suggest other folks export their data before they close shop, this is a bad business model.

    ...so disappointed :(

  • juniperberryjuniperberry Member Posts: 2

    What an awful bait and switch. I loved Wave and recommended it to all my freelance contacts as a great way to get started in business accounting. Now I will be declaring your name to be mud to all the same contacts. Removing OCR, for those of us whose bank account does not play nice with Wave, is a nightmare for my time management. I can't believe I have to either try and muscle my way to the end of the year or switch. WHY not make it a premium feature and add batch uploading as well (something those of us who like to batch work had been asking for for years). What a shitshow. Guess most of us will be moving on.

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