Notifications for failed payments

MindfullSolutionsMindfullSolutions Member Posts: 5

I recently discovered that we're not notified if a recurring payment fails. I spent some time with customer support via chat (Carlos is awesome, BTW) and learned that it's intentional that we don't receive alerts about that. The only way to know a recurring payment failed is by reviewing your recurring invoices or outstanding invoices regularly.

"In this case, it looks like our product design team decided to suspend failed payment notifications since we don't want to overwhelm our customers' email inbox. The reason for it is that payments can be attempted several times by different clients and if that is the case you could end up receiving hundreds of notifications that are not really insightful for your business."

As a small business/consultant, even one failed payment can have a major impact financially, and I need to know immediately so I can contact my client and/or suspend services.

I receive email alerts when I'm paid, so it seems absolutely bizarre that I wouldn't receive a similar alert when something goes wrong in the payment process.

I'd be curious to hear from others - do you want to be notified if a payment fails?



  • ynkesparkleynkesparkle Member Posts: 3

    I want to be notified of failures and any other invoice or payment related activity. And I want the ability to pick and choose which notifications and when I want to receive them. Flexible, user-friendly customization options are sorely lacking in the Wave platform. I am closer and closer everyday to switching to another platform. Frustrated but hopeful :/

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