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As all over the EU the QR code bills are released and started up (replacing regular cupon bills) and most banks ahve uodated their apps to scan QR codes this would be an awesome addition to the wave invoices and payment systems...
The QR code bill payment is a direct bank payment with no extra costs for buyer or seller since it is a simpke transfer just as with a routing number or IBAN Swift code
Because the bank numbers are scaned no typing mistakes will happen. Screen scans are possible.

All the WAVE app would have to offer is an option to add a second picture into the invoice. Now we have one field for a logo at the top of the invoice.
If we could add a picture into the bottom for an example where we can add coments and a footer info.. then it could be implemented really easily.

I think especially since right now credit cards via stripe have come impossible for all businesses outside US and Canada.

As a multicountry business i would live to keep the siftware that i love - i am very happy with wave.. but if part of my brances are off of credit card the QR would offer me another in platform solution thats free for all parties.


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    I hope to have this feature for my business too. It seems like this is a feature that quite a number of users want all the way back from 2018 here in these posts:

    It has been 3 years already and every response from the team has been:

    @ConnorM said:
    This is not something that is currently possible within the Wave platform

    @JamieD said:
    this isn't something that's currently offered in Wave at this time

    @ChelseaK said:
    I'm afraid our invoicing feature is not designed specifically for adding QR codes at the bottom

    @Charlotte said:
    The bad news is that Wave's invoice templates do not allow for an extra image to be included. But! The good news is that we're working hard to improve and expand our Payments experience

    Please do something about this. There have been many users who have asked for the same thing, amongst other features, that have mostly been seemingly brushed aside by the response of the WaveApps team to "stay tuned". For 3 years.

    I hope something can be done about this; it's about time I hope?

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    Hey there @PT_SG !

    Thank you for getting in touch. Unfortunately, QR code integrations are not available in Wave at this time. I understand how this can be frustrating as a user.

    For some additional context, when we plan out the features we're building next, a significant factor we pay attention to is customer feedback. But there's actually a lot more that goes into our product planning, too, and we wanted to give you a better understanding of the decision making that happens at Wave HQ:

    Our product managers and customer success heroes are constantly in touch with customers, accountants and bookkeepers, gathering insights into how they use Wave and what they want to see next. We capture it all.

    Naturally, a feature that has the potential to revolutionize the way you run your business, or that affects many customers, will get more attention. Also, some features are easier to build than others. If a feature request will take a lot of time to build, we need to make sure it drives extra value for our customers.

    Sometimes a feature looks easy, but it has underlying requirements that are difficult, or an infrastructure that doesn't exist. Wave's system handles billions of data packages every week, and we want everything to flow smoothly. Sometimes, it's the architecture that supports a feature, and not the feature itself, that requires the most engineering. We look at whether the work that goes into a feature can be bundled up with other work. Sometimes a feature with fewer requests will get worked on early because we're already making changes to a related part of the machinery, and it makes sense to address several issues while we're in there.

    There are more factors, too, like competitive considerations, advances in technology, changes to regulatory constraints and so on.

    All of this goes into the decision-making process for new features. At the end of it all, our goal is nothing less than delivering the very best tools for running your business.

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