Is there a Quote or Estimate app available?

SlySASlySA Member Posts: 4

Using wave invoice is nice but when do we get wave Quotation or estimate app?

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  • SlySASlySA Member Posts: 4

    It is a struggle when a client needs an estate or quotation sent and you only have your cell phone with you. It is also difficult to create a quote from your tablet too. Creating an invoice is nice and easy. What is the reason why Wave accounting doest not have this feature?

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  • CharlotteCharlotte Member Posts: 671 admin

    @SlySA as you've seen, estimates are currently only available in the web application, and not on mobile. We can appreciate the usefulness of being able to do more of your work while on the go or working in the field, so we're pushing hard to deliver a more comprehensive experience on mobile. We don't have a specific timeline to offer for this functionality just yet, so for the time being, estimates will need to be created in the web app. Thanks for your feedback!

    @7thholegolflodge it sounds like this might be a separate issue. Are you receiving an error when you attempt to create an estimate?

  • IzzIzz Member Posts: 0

    I second on an estimate/quotation app! It's a must have feature! People are going to search for other apps that offer estimate feature and usually it comes with an invoice feature as well and chances are people might just be drawn off from wave to another brand! The community have been requesting this feature for quite some time and it's high time you guys bring it in.

  • Admin4chimneycoAdmin4chimneyco Member Posts: 2

    Estimate feature really needs to happen soon. My boss only has his tablet when he is at a client's home giving an estimate, right now the process is for him to handwrite the estimate using carbon paper to leave a copy with the customer. That "estimate" gets photographed and sent to me to enter into Wave back at the office and in our area there are multiple condominiums and when one gets an estimate on new steps, then they all want new steps... A duplicate feature on the estimate creation side would literally save me hours of entering the same estimate 10 times... So really looking for 2 things a duplicate option on the estimate build, and an estimate option on the mobile app... There is a work around in the Invoice app... You can rename the "Invoice" to Estimate... But then have to remember to delete it in case they don't buy your service/product... or your books will be way off ;-)

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    Thank you, @Admin4chimneyco, for sharing your feedback. I don't have specifics to offer just yet, but we are looking to improve our offerings on mobile in the near future.

    While I don't have details or a timeline to offer just yet, I can tell you we have big plans. We know how useful a feature like this would be for our users, and we've been listening to your feedback.

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    I'm enjoying sending invoices on the go but my clients need quotations as well. Where is the difficulty in creating this? I just need the option for my file to say quote instead of invoice. I'm sure it can get more technical but I'd settle for that at this point. I'm in the process of searching for another app.
    I'm not happy about but I don't have a choice. Quotations are a must have!
  • SophiaSophia Member Posts: 147 ✭✭

    hey @Xpressionz thanks for your feedback and I hear your frustration. Right now, we don't have a concrete timeline for this although it is something we would like to offer in the future. It sounds like you conduct the majority of your business in the field, since you want to send the majority of quotes on the go? If you'd like to tell us more about your business model, I can pass it on to the mobile product team. That kind of texture is valuable to them as they consider how to build out new features.

  • JasmineHarveyJasmineHarvey Member Posts: 1

    Love being able to recommend this app to my clients for invoicing, however, our contractors on the go really need estimates to be part of the mobile app. Unfortunately it isn't a feasible option for many of them without the ability to create these estimates on the app.

  • jrollinsjrollins Member Posts: 4

    This feature is greatly needed and much appreciated. Hopefully, this is on your radar for completion soon?

  • JamieDJamieD Administrator Posts: 1,145 admin

    @JasmineHarvey @jrollins This is something that we are definitely looking at for the future -- building an app that encompasses more than one specific feature. However, we still don't have any timeline as to when this would be available to our users. We will definitely let our user base know, so stay tuned!

  • SlySASlySA Member Posts: 4
    It is not going to reduce exiety if we just have the single app for quote like we have a single app for receipt?
  • JamieDJamieD Administrator Posts: 1,145 admin

    Hey @SlySA -- We still don't have an idea as to when an app for Estimates will be available to users or what it even looks like. Rest assured, we will let all of our users know once when it will be released and fully functional.

  • gavstergavster Member Posts: 1

    Hi Waveapps Team -

    I've been using Waveapps for several years now. Given that, I feel qualified to say the following.

    Given the fact that mobile internet usage accounts for 50% of all internet traffic, you guys really should sit down and think hard about your decision to not offer a more robust mobile experience.

    To be brutally honest, Waveapps mobile offerings have pretty much sucked from the get-go. That was understandable when you were first starting out and wanted to get your website up to snuff.

    At this point it's just baffling to me as a user as to why this should still be so.

    Judging from your current mobile offerings, it seems that your care for the mobile experience seems to be not much more than an afterthought. Since your website is more than good enough for most users at this point, pivoting to really provide a mobile-centric experience to mobile user is much more sensible.

    People whose businesses rely upon on-site quotations (a large percentage, I'm sure) aren't going to want to tell prospective clients "Well, let me go home and get on my computer so I can send you a quote later today or tomorrow." This by the way, is an excellent way to lose prospective clients.

    Case in point - I have an on-site meeting with a prospective client today. Yet I'm unable to provide them with a written quote on the spot with WaveApps. As a result, I'm forced to use a competitor's product.

    Given that I'm sure that you wish to expand YOUR business, it would be in your own interest to make sure that the 50% of potential users which you are currently ignoring are able to use your app in an approachable manner.

    Ok, that's my rant - now let's get cracking! =0)

  • SamdSamd Member Posts: 552 ✭✭✭

    Hey @gavster - rant more than appreciated. This is great feedback, and I can definitely confirm this is something we're working on. To give a little bit more insight into why this hasn't happened yet, Estimates and Invoices run on different platforms, and those two platforms don't speak with each other so well. We're in the process of updating invoices (which has required rebuilding the current iteration in a newer and better platform), and then the goal is to synch up Estimates so that this would be possible.

    When we first launched our apps, it was definitely a trendy tech-world thing to have multiple satellite apps, but we fully recognize this is something of a passing trend. Many users (I'd argue rightfully so) prefer everything centralized and housed with in one application to simplify and streamline processes, and aligning ourselves with this is something we're actively working on :)!

  • SlySASlySA Member Posts: 4
    @JamieD @Samd @Charlotte it's been a year since I asked the about the estimate app. Do we have an ETA on the launch of the app that you are developing?
    Sly from South Africa
  • TySykes32TySykes32 Member Posts: 0

    Hi! Firstly thank you for an amazing product. I have two small businesses that I am currently converting from excel to wave!
    The estimate function doesn't seem to be available from the mobile app? is this correct? If so its disappointing for me as this function would be a great help.

  • JordanDJordanD Member Posts: 515 ✭✭✭

    Hey @TySykes32 ! I have merged your post into this ongoing discussion! While the mobile estimates feature does not currently exist, any updates that we would have in regards to it will be posted here. Our Product Team is also active in the Community and will periodically browse through, so thank you for sharing your feedback with us here. :)

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