DecisionLogic? Our 40k payroll is missing and Wave ignores me

chr_baileychr_bailey Member Posts: 2

My payroll to the entire worldwide support team for COVID testing is now being held up or missing due to a company called DecisionLogic. I received a random request to enter my bank information and password. I cannot have 2 factor authentication since Wave will not import transactions from Wells Fargo with 2FA. So, I have an open account to anyone with the password and Wave wants me (or someone does) to enter this information. The money was pulled from Wells Fargo four days ago and it now not in any employee or vendor bank accounts.

No-one at Wave will respond. I've been emailing, calling, even finding employees on Twitter and LinkedIn to send direct messages. I'm calling the Police next. If anyone at Wave even bothers to monitor this would be helpful to respond.


  • chr_baileychr_bailey Member Posts: 2

    I've now found the CEO of DecisionLogic and reached out to him to see if this is a scam or real. Can't seem to understand why a company needs our login information when I could simply pull anything and send to Wave. Then again, I'm waiting for an email telling me my money can be returned if I pay XXX in Bitcoin.

  • AlexLAlexL Member Posts: 2,869 ✭✭✭

    Hey @chr_bailey , I see that you've had communications with both our Support team and Risk team over email/phone and that this now looks to be resolved. If you do have any further questions, please don't hesitate to follow up with those agents directly.

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