Comerica Bank - Account locked every time I attempt initial transaction download.

achalkachalk Member Posts: 2

Just git wave. Trying to import from my Comerica business account. I request trans. fro "all time". It gets just the current balance.


Anyone else run across this and have a solution.


  • NancyCNancyC Member Posts: 148 admin

    Hey @achalk , welcome to Wave! I'm sorry to hear you've been experiencing some issues when trying to connect with your Comerica bank account with Wave for transaction imports. Can you please try to connect one more time and share a screenshot of whatever error message you may be seeing? When you mentioned your account becomes locked, what do you mean by this? Do you see a message that says your account has been locked?

  • achalkachalk Member Posts: 2

    wave freezes waiting for a response. On disconnection, try to log in again and a popup on the Comerica home page says the account has been locked due to a suspected security violation and gives an 800 number to call.

    Obviously, I cannot go through this again as I lose access to my account until I call in and wait for the bank to reset it.

    Comerica's technical people said that wave ignores a challenge qustion and then keeps retrying until Comerica is convinced it's an attempted intrusion. This is bad software design in wave on two counts:

    1) Retrying something that didn't work (non-configurable);
    2) wave does not deal with a security challenge question.

    Who was responsible for testing compatibility with Comerica? Do they still have a job? Why?

    This is my first day with wave. It is a really poorly designed product with support that doesn't return urgent questions for 3-5 days. It is a wholely negative experience. You don't expect anyone to pay you for this product do you?

    Your director of software development can call me tomorrow at 214-597-4659 anytime from 8am-8pm CT.

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