Partial Payments (and Tax Effects)

CCRAGolfCCRAGolf Member Posts: 1

Currently, there is no way to apply a payment to a specific line on the applicable invoice. This creates an issue with both revenue accounts and sales tax liabilities. For example, we have invoices with both taxable and non-taxable items. When a customer pays for just the taxable item, the system pro-rates that payment across all of the items on the invoice. So, if we invoice for $1,000 of taxable dues [Dues A] with taxes of $100 and then a separate non-taxable item of $200 [Dues B], when they pay for Dues A with $1,100, it is recognizing revenue for Dues A, Dues B and recognizing sales tax of less than $100 even though we have collected and need to remit the full $100.

Being able to apply a payment to specific line items would be a nice feature to see in the future.


  • BWSBWS Member Posts: 1

    We have a similar situation with needing both taxable and non-taxable on the same invoice. I am new to Wave so I am trying to figure out how to handle that without even getting into assessing payments. Any success for you yet? Right now I am setting up sales tax. It appears I have to set up multiple sales tax options for each county in each U.S. state we collect tax in .... taxable vs tax-exempt services/products, along with companies that are tax-exempt overall. Any suggestions will be appreciated.

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