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    I totally agree! Another thing that would make Receipts better is allowing Transactions + associated Receipts to be added to an invoice. We use Wave for 90% of our key business functions, but always need to keep a separate spreadsheet with details and images of receipts that are passed through to a client on an invoice. Wave has the details and images already, so why not allow for association of those pass-thru expenses to an invoice, which the client could easily click on to see the details (report) of all of the transactions + receipts passed thru to them. And/or ability to classify a transaction/receipt onto a project or client for easy invoicing and reporting later. That's the kind of improvement that would offset the huge pain of losing the Receipts app. But to lose Receipts with minimal upside is indeed quite frustrating. I, too, would gladly pay for better receipts / expense functionality. Some apps have a subscription model specifically for expense and/or hours tracking. For Wave this could be just a simple feature.

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    As most have said... this is a major downgrade in functionality. When traveling, it is a much better workflow to digitize receipts at the point-of-sale (e.g right after signing the bill at a restaurant) and upload them to create a queue of digital receipts waiting to be reviewed at your convenience (e.g. back at your hotel or in the office). This is how the proper expense solutions handle receipt-based processes (Concur, Chrome River, etc.). Yes, these are more expensive solutions, but the design principle for handling receipts in real-time should be simple: Digitize and Discard.

    Under this new workflow, you are taking a step backward and providing no solution (that I can see) for the user to take targeted, in-Wave actions on a receipt in real-time. Even without the OCR, the email forwarding alone at least provides some way of directing receipts into a proper intake channel. But under the new workflow, receipts just pile up. The user must wait a day or more until the transaction is posted. Then and only then, the user may rummage through the wad of paper and/or recent pictures on a phone or document cloud. Under such a workflow, even an organized person is prone to either comingling receipts with other documents or losing/deleting a receipt altogether.

    Preferred solution: (1) maintain a purpose-built space in Wave to queue digitized receipts (2) allow queue intake from mobile, desktop, email, etc. (3) provide a paid upgrade that supports OCR plus an intelligent "suggested transaction match" feature to merge receipts with bank transactions (4) if the mobile Receipts app is too costly, create SMS method for receipt submittal. For the submission step, this would be better than logging into wave on a mobile browser.
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    Is this a bad April fools joke...

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    @JCowan As you can see this was a bad decision. Can you bring this back to the proper team for reconsideration?

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    **What a disappointment! ** this is nothing but pathetic. Whichever product manager came up with this new idea clearly never ran a small business. I'd just take a picture of the receipt and forget about it. Now I gotta save everything and manually add receipts to each transaction? This is really going backwards.

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    The best thing anyone can do right now is flood all the discussion board threads to notify all the users that the app/OCR is sunsetting. I do not expect Wave to listen, but maybe they will be sold off once enough customers leave and H&R Block takes a loss.
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    Thank you for your comments—we appreciate your feedback, and want you to know we’re listening. We understand these changes will affect how you handle receipts, and we’re always considering your valuable input.

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    @SF_Wave_1 said:
    I feel we went backwards! On the surface...

    1) I now have to use a mobile browser
    2) Log in with User Name/PWD
    3) Navigate to MENU
    4) Navigate to PURCHASES
    5) Navigate to RECEIPTS
    7) Find my image, via the FILES app on ANDROID, not the pretty interface from APPLE that you reference in the notification email re: this change.

    How is this better for mobile users? APPS are a thing to streamline and make certain functionality when you're on the go, isolate a specific task, etc... Just because these WAVE site is now mobile optimized for visibility, great for tablet users, but I feel the mobile users just got demoted. When will the INVOICE APP find its way on the chopping block.

    I'll have to do some homeword and reseach the alternative options:

    Zoho Invoice
    NCH Express Accounts

    SlickPie has shut down. Also consider Sunrise. They don't have the OCR, but at least you can upload the receipt and it creates the transaction.

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    What's with removing a excellent feature and trying to say it's asked for? Not being able to snap receipts on the go is a big step backwards. Be honest about feature downgrades. Listen to that!!
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    @JCowan said:
    Thank you for your comments—we appreciate your feedback, and want you to know we’re listening. We understand these changes will affect how you handle receipts, and we’re always considering your valuable input.

    That's great, and I'm glad you're listening. However, listening without action won't do us any good.

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    I think this is great! I've been looking to go to another accounting software because Wave didn't offer this. I guess I don't need to look any further!
    Next, we need to be able to attach documents to contact profiles. Thanks ;)

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    @JCowan said:
    Thank you for your comments—we appreciate your feedback, and want you to know we’re listening. We understand these changes will affect how you handle receipts, and we’re always considering your valuable input.

    Does this mean Wave is reading all six pages of negative comments? Will you keep the OCR?

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    Agree, more than "listening" is needed, since you blatently lied about how this feature was something that was demanded by consumers. People demanded the ability to upload receipts (i.e. attach) them to transactions. They did not ask for the removal of the OCR/Receipt upload ability altogether, and the removal of an app that worked beautifully.

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    Terrible decision to sunset the mobile receipts app and OCR feature for all the reasons people have stated already. It turns a relatively simple and immediate process of saving receipts and adding transactions to something where we have to keep receipts for days and that's assuming folks have transactions automatically being imported in from their bank. I hope the decision gets reversed.

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    Awesome! We spoke, you listened.

    Thank you!

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    This is such a time saving enhancement. Efficiency just took a big leap!

    I must say, in reading the comments, it does seem many do use the OCR religiously for saving their own time in the way that they are interacting with the site, so perhaps keeping it as an option we can turn on or off from might be useful?

    Personally, though, I bookkeep everything from my real uploaded transactions and force myself to obtain, load, correct the OCR mistakes, then merge each and every time. So this is a great improvement in how I can use Wave!

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