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    This was a great receipt functionality. Was getting ready to pull the plug on getting payroll. But now will look elsewhere. Bad idea. I think I saw two positive responses.

    ARE YOU OAYING ATTENTION to your users?
  • CoreCore Member Posts: 1

    I think that most haters here do not understand the difference in an app on their phone and a responsive site which you are calling waveapp. I like that you are going with an all responsive site and skipping the app which had very limited usefulness. It is cleaner for you and us both. Thank you for making it simple to attach a receipt to an imported transaction. The OCR function just increased he chance of a miscode. These people saying that they will run over to QB are either jump from the pan into the fire or just slinging mud. Make sure it actually works well and is bug free when you throw the switch or you will get a legit explosion in your community. 🤗

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    Look down.

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