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  • incainca Member Posts: 2

    You are removing the OCR function? That is literally the best function of Wave receipts.

  • jbfjbf Member Posts: 1

    Terrible news. This was one of the best features of Wave for simply accounting without needing to connect to a bank account for sole proprietor who doesn't have a separate business bank account. Awful.

  • tannertanner Member Posts: 2
    Oh this is too bad. Transactions have a delay of one or two days. This mean I'll have to keep a receipt in my pocket and most likely lose it before I can attach it. It was better when it was sitting in a queue so that I could make sure to capture it and file it later.
  • holmpageholmpage Member Posts: 2

    I'm extremely disappointed. OCR processing of receipts is one of the main things that got me using Wave in the beginning. I'm self-employed and sit down to do my accounting once a year so I can file my taxes. The most tedious part of the job is reading small receipts - gas receipts, the occasional meal on the road, office supplies - paid for with my personal debit card, as it's cheaper than paying business banking fees for every little transaction. Finding the date and the amount when every receipt is laid out differently is part of the hassle. Being in Canada, sometimes the date is month-day-year as in the US, and sometimes it is day-month-year as in the UK, and sometimes it's year-month-day as it should be (unambiguous)! Wave's OCR doesn't always get it right, but it's much easier to correct once the receipt has been entered. A minor point, and much easier than trying to find the date in the first place. I hope someone will develop a receipt-reading app that will integrate with Wave, because having to enter every little transaction is a royal pain in the arse.

  • CloudberryWellnessCloudberryWellness Member Posts: 1
    This is horrible news. We do not link to a bank account and thus will have lost an amazing feature with the receipt app on our phone. PLEASE keep this feature. Anyone out there know where to switch to? Wave is letting down members...
  • 1fastcapy1fastcapy Member Posts: 1

    Wow... Just wow. Whoever made this decision should be fired.
    "Hey lets take the one thing people really LOVE and get rid of it!"

    Foolish, out of touch management. Is management purposefully trying to sabotage this platform??? Because this move sure makes it seem like it. What an absolute joke.

    I, and I'm sure many others, will be looking towards a different platform now. Good job Wave... Not.

  • MemeandmeMemeandme Member Posts: 1

    This is a BAD, POOR decision. You are taking away the ONE feature it made me sign on to Wave to begin with... Please listen to your user community and reconsider.

  • TobiasTobias Member Posts: 2

    @GeorgeP said:
    If anyone finds an alternate to Wave that still has the OCR functionality, please post it. I don't link to my bank account so this is a major blow, and will add hours to my accounting.

    Well this is some good timing, Google has just come out with an app called "Stacks" which will scan receipts and other docs then categorize them using OCR. It's Android-only for now but looks promising.

  • avpavp Member Posts: 2

    Good Bad News!


    Takes all the good out of Wave accounting for sure. Makes no sense. Please don't do this.

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