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pathayspathays Member Posts: 4

My company has occupations that fall under different risk codes. We will be performing one type of work that falls under a particular risk code one day, and then another on a different day. Is there a way two add multiple codes and then add hours to the payroll according to the task and related risk code? I sure don't want to be paying a higher L & I rate than I need to.


  • AlexLAlexL Administrator Posts: 2,818 admin

    Hey @pathays , for payroll questions that involve state tax, I'd advise reaching out to our Payroll support team over live chat in app. They should be able to give you the specifics of what you need.

  • pathayspathays Member Posts: 4

    I already did... Don't expect to wait a week for an important Q&A. Wave could not accommodate my needs. Moved on.

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