What to do if you can't find your Wave account

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imageWhat to do if you can't find your Wave account

There are two ways to create a Wave account: by creating an account directly with us OR by logging in using your existing Google credentials. If you're not able to login or find your account, use t...

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    Hey @Bwell , it looks like you processed a bank payment which can take up to 7 business days to land in your account. I see that you were able to get in touch with an agent so if you do have any further questions or concerns, don't hesitate to reach back out there.

  • palosantopalosanto Member Posts: 8

    I have 3 accounts with my bank, Chequing, US dollars and Mastercard. Today I logged in and I only see the Mastercard account under 'Connected accounts' although in Banking/transactions, all the transactions for the 3 accounts seem to be there.
    Why am I missing 2 accounts under "Connected accounts"?
    I'm concerned about re-connecting the missing accounts, will I lose my reconciliations and other changes that I did like renaming some of the transactions and category assignments? Will I end up with duplicates?
    Please help.

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  • JulianPJulianP Administrator Posts: 985 admin

    Hey @palosanto !

    I'm sorry to hear that you have all been experiencing issues with your bank connections as I'm sure this impacts your accounting workflow! After doing some digging on my end, its appears that you have a BMO bank connection. I'm afraid that this bank connection has been experience widespread issues recently. For more information around this, feel free to check out Kiah's post in this Community discussion.

    You are more than welcome to try reconnecting your bank connection, however, when reconnecting it, please be sure to select a specific date to resume transaction import to prevent duplicates from importing. Also, deleting an existing connection will not remove and previously imported data in your Wave account.

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  • palosantopalosanto Member Posts: 8

    Now I see all three accounts under connected accounts but they wer all turned off. I re-entered the card and security and it seems to be ok now. I'll be observing on the next few days and see if it all works.

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