Wave and Google Calendar for Automated Invoice Generation?

TheAssetTheAsset Member Posts: 4

I'm a Google Workspace reseller, so I live and breathe the Google tools..

I have seen some elementary integration using Zapier or similar to create triggers in Calendar that will create invoices in Wave, but they seem elementary at best, so I'm looking for advice from people who might have already created this workflow, or to give the Wave team some good feedback on how this type of integration might work well..

I'd love to be able to record an onsite in Google Calendar and that copy the content from the event notes section into a newly generated invoice that would remain a draft until I've had a chance to review and to tweak it.. I'm not sure how it would best indentify one client from another (pretty much all my work is with repeat clients) but not sure if it would pull this information from the location field, matching it to the address of a client in Wave, if I'd be able to add the clients name or business to the beginning of the calendar event, or if there's other best practices.

Obviously it auto adding lines to the invoice for x number of hours that is pulled from the appointment (added bonus if it updated the invoice upon any changes to the event, like if I stay an extra hour and change the calendar entry when I leave), adding a travel fee, etc would be nice to haves, but not essential.

Anyone already doing something like this?

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