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JulyeEJulyeE Member Posts: 2

I'm in the US and trying to download the Wave Receipts App. I scan the QR code from my phone to my computer. The QR reader pulls up a big box with only a url, and below has the option to go to the URL. When I click the link, it takes me to a webpage (Firefox is my phone browser) that does not load.

I then logged into Wave on my phone, asked HELP for "how to scan receipts" and went to the option for Mobile App. Clicked on Wave Receipts for Android. It downloaded "Receipts.apk" When complete, I clicked on Open and it said "could not open file."

Is there another link you can send me to open the Wave Receipts download link?

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  • kel3lerkel3ler Member Posts: 6

    I couldnot even get the QR code to work. It took me to a page of news about the embattled governor of New York State.

  • AlexLAlexL Administrator Posts: 2,869 admin

    Hey @JulyeE , the APK file should run in your android device, but you may have restrictions in place preventing installing apps that aren't from the app store itself (this is called sideloading). You can usually resolve this by going into your Settings. It could also be possible that your device isn't allowing it because it's coming from Firefox, but both of these settings would be accessible through your device's settings. If you're having trouble finding where to go, you should be able to find some more info about this in your phone's documentation or online.

    Hi @kel3ler , so to confirm, when you scan the QR code your browser opens up to a new window with a news article? Have you tried this numerous times, and each time the same article appears? Let us know!

  • kel3lerkel3ler Member Posts: 6

    Yes. I tried it a few times, and the same article appeared. I just tried it again -- scanning the QR code at waveapps.com. The link that appeared took me to an app from "Klarna Bank AB." A search showed that Klarna is a Swedish fintech company, so I did not proceed. Why is the receipt scanner app not in the Google Play store? Wave has other apps there.

  • Josh912Josh912 Member Posts: 1

    Was there ever any resolution to this? I scan the QR code and it takes me to the Wave website but says it's a bad link.

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