ADP RUN Integration Hard-Coded Account Issues

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Using the Wave ADP RUN integration creates journal entries that use a hardcoded "Expense Reimbursement Clearing" account which creates an issue when balancing these entries with the ADP RUN bank debit transactions.

Bug Report

What is currently happening
In the Wave ADP RUN integration settings, I can see the following default account mapping. These accounts are created when the integration is added regardless of if an account with the same name already exists (another lesser bug).

When Wave imports transactions from ADP RUN with an expense reimbursement, it debits these entries into an unmapped, i.e., hard-coded "Expense Reimbursement Clearing" short-term liabilities account. This account was automatically created by Wave when the ADP RUN integration was added.

ADP RUN doesn't create a separate debit for expense reimbursement, so I cannot balance this account easily.

The journal entries include the expense reimbursement in the "Payroll Liabilities" credit and as an "Expense Reimbursement Clearing" short-term liabilities.

As a result, this stays on the balance sheet as a short-term liability and requires that every journal entry with expense reimbursement be updated by hand to an account in the payroll expenses category.

What I expect to happen
I am not an accountant, so I don't know for certain the best method to solve this. Here are my suggestions.

1. ADP RUN doesn't separate money movement transactions for expense reimbursement, so I would expect that the default "Expense Reimbursement Clearing" account is a payroll expense account like the other accounts used by ADP RUN journal credit entries.

2. I expect that the account is mapped in the integration settings so that an ADP RUN integration user can change this account mapping.

3. I would also expect that if there is an existing account with the same name e.g. Payroll Gross Pay that another account with the same name is not automatically created.

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