P&L report seems to show 2 accounts

atinamaatinama Member Posts: 2

I have a personal and business account connected to Wave. It seems that both accounts are pulled into the P&L report when I run it for the business. Is there an option to turn that off? My entire reconciliation is off by tens of thousands of $.

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  • AlexLAlexL Administrator Posts: 2,637 admin

    Hey @atinama , you can view all of your bank connections under Banking > Connected Accounts. If your personal and business accounts are both pulling in transactions you'll be able to access them and turn them off there.

  • atinamaatinama Member Posts: 2

    Hi @AlexL, I had already tried that (and I should have mentioned it). I had to disable that biz account and add it again but without connecting the personal in order for the ledger to show correct the balance. I like the automated reconciliation and I starting to get used to the entry detail pane.

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