Limiting Quantity in Checkouts

LaurenNYCLaurenNYC Member Posts: 1


I've set up a Checkout for a workshop I offer, but I'd like to limit how many people can pay for it at a given time since there's a cap on participation. Is there any way to set a maximum of sales to control "inventory" per Checkout page?


  • AlexLAlexL Administrator Posts: 2,869 admin

    Hey @LaurenNYC , as it turns out, there's no way to add a cap or ceiling to Checkout purchases. The best workaround that I can advise would be keeping an eye on how many products you sell, and turning your Checkout to offline when you reach it.

  • JonathanCarterJonathanCarter Member Posts: 2

    @LaurenNYC I had this scenario come up as well for running a baseball camp. I ended up having to add some code to the website that would disable the button as well as say it full, come back, join waiting list..etc. This feature would be very nice for to have but I think it could be tied also to Inventory and have each checkout reduce inventory. Then if you found a way to add class spots you could adjust inventory.

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