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The biggest thing keeping me from converting to Wave for invoicing and payment processing is the inability to allow the customer to add a tip to their invoice. Paypal offers this feature and it is AMAZING for people who invoice for hourly work or services. Any thoughts on this?


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    Hi, @bbizzle.

    While Wave doesn't do it automatically, your clients can overpay an invoice if they wish to give you tip. You can then retroactively edit the invoice to make sure the extra amount is allocated to the right category.

    That being said, it is an interesting suggestion and I'd love to hear a bit more about your business! What field are you in? Is tipping common?

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    Thanks for the feedback and the additional information, @Wulf!

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    Hi, @heavyj.

    I'd love to hear a bit more from you. Can you tell me what kind of business you operate? Is tipping common in your field?

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    @Alexia said:
    Hi, @heavyj.

    I'd love to hear a bit more from you. Can you tell me what kind of business you operate? Is tipping common in your field?

    I run a remote music mixing, mastering and production studio. Tipping is frequently given when for production work which is the majority of what I do. I still am not using wave for invoicing because this feature still hasn't been implemented.

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    Hi, @bbizzle.

    That's awesome! Thank you for following, I'll pass your feedback along to our product team.

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    Hi! I'm trying to set up my salon, I am a hairstylist and tips are a HUGE important factor in our lives. This would include a big swath of service industries including any and all salon/spa/nails/eyelash/esthetician/etc. I have searched and can only send out an invoice with a finished amount billed. There is no way to have it say, "subtotal" then below that an income type that is called "tip" with a blank entry field for the customer to enter an amount. Then once it is entered and the customer hits submit, a "Final Total" would be charged to the card which includes the tip! Please, please, please fix this or I will have to delete my new account tomorrow and go elsewhere. CAN ANYONE SUGGEST WHICH SOFTWARE I SHOULD USE if Wave can't help? :( Sad.
    I really wanted to use this software because it is well rated, however, this is a major oversight in invoicing.
    Can you all code this quickly?

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    Hi, @RockingLocks,

    No, there isn't currently a way to handle tip in this way through Wave. Your clients can, however, pay more than the total on your invoice. You can then consider this extra income as a tip.

    I understand that this is a necessary feature for your business, but I can't guarantee it's one that will be added to Wave in the near future. With that said, I'm more than happy to share your feedback with our product team.

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    I would recommend Square as you can add a register at the counter of the salon. Also, the physical card processing fees at least in the states are less verses most online options. I believe they also have appointment scheduling as an option.

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    @Alexia "your clients can overpay an invoice if they wish to give you tip. You can then retroactively edit the invoice to make sure the extra amount is allocated to the right category." - Can you explain a bit more about how to allocate the overpayment to the right category? I provide virtual assistance and my clients love to tip.

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    Hey @sbrightma, essentially when paying, customers have the option to edit the amount paid (it will default to full, but in cases in which they are partially or bulk paying they enter their own value for payment). It is a bit of a workaround I should note, especially depending on the method of payment. So if you're receiving funds directly through Wave/Stripe, the invoice is going to show as Overpaid and that a negative amount is left owing. So, you'd want to head to that specific invoice, select edit, and add a new line item called something like Tip. You'd then enter the exact value of the 'overpayment', which would close out the invoice as fully paid.

    I'd actually recommend creating Tip as a line item in Sales and Services, and generate a payment account specifically for tips called Tips. This way you can track the amount you make in tips separately, and depending on how you report your tips, exclude it from overall profit bookkeeping.

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    Tipping On Invoice Would Be Amazing

    I think it should be a feature offered.

    It would appeal to a whole host business demographics and drive up revenue for wave and their clients. It's a win-win.

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    How come this is still not implemented in 2019? There are so many service companies that need this feature as an absolute minimum requirement... Maids, Salons, Coffee & Bars, restaurants, gardeners, painters, plumbers, etcetera.... This is blocking to switch to Wave...

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    Thank you everyone for your comments and feedback on this feature. All of your comments have helped us understand this use case better. At this time, Tipping is not on the near term roadmap but it has been added to the list of features to be evaluated by the product team in future planning. A customer can overpay an invoice (and you can bookkeep the difference after correctly), and you could use the notes on the invoice to help do the calculation for them so it's easy to enter a new amount.

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    I would love to have tipping become a feature when sending invoices. This would be a great add on. It could be simple as would you like to leave a tip or gratuity.
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    I'm a full time photographer, and I rely on tips to recover some of the credit card processing fees. What prevents me from completely switching from square to Wave, like many other brought up in this thread, is the lack of tipping option. Most service oriented business rely a lot on tipping: nobody will ever "overpay" an invoice, to me that's a really silly suggestion. But on the other hand having an automatic 15% 20% or %25 tip option psychologically helps customer to naturally reward businesses who offered a great service (such a common thing for hair salon, photographers, make-up artists, etc ).
    I can't believe such a basic business function is still missing.
    I love everything else about Wave though!


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    @creativeshot Hey Chris, thanks for reaching out! I completely get where you're coming from on this. Our Invoice feature is currently going under a huge over haul and there are big updates coming. One of our potential updates is the ability to add tips and deposits directly to invoices. I can't say for sure when this feature will be implemented, but I just want to you know that we are listening and we are devoted to creating the most optimum product for our users!

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    I also well would LOVE to have the tip function, or I am going to have to find something else to use. I a ma personal chef and clients currently don't think about a tip because there is no function for it. Yes, as you stated they can over pay the invoice, but they don't know that. It seems rude for me to send them an email and say hey... so i make sure to get me tip from you, here is how you do it. Surprised this hasn't been implemented before on this platform.

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    Hey @eikendall. Fair enough, and I totally understand where you're coming from here. Tips are something that we are exploring to add in the quarter when we are improving our Sales Services (invoicing, etc). While I can't provide too many details or a specific ETA, the tipping feature is being discussed shortly, and once we have a more solid idea on whether or not this will be added, we will post/share in this thread.

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    Chiming in that a tip function would be great! We are trying to migrate over from Square so all of our transactions are in one spot. One of my clients mentioned today that she missed the tipping function. I am glad to hear you can over pay, but a lot of people don't know it is okay to tip us. Having that option on check out "reminds" them. Some of our tips can be very substantial at times.

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    @BarbS Thanks for adding your two cents here and hope that your transition from Square has been a smooth one! I can definitely understand where you and your customers are coming from, and we'll provide an update from our product team as soon as we have one.

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