Is it just me???

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I would love to hear from others, it seems that every time someone posts things that would make Wave more useful...someone from the Wave Team replies..."Hey, that would be a great feature, We currently don't offer that but I will bring it up with our team" Some of these great member suggestions have been asked as far back as 2018!!! I get it is a free service and at the end of the day you get what you pay for. But I am sure I speak for many...look charge us $5 a month and at least deliver what a person needs to invoice properly. I use this as a secondary invoicing system for customers who have special requests and then create an invoice in my regular invoicing system for the amount due. Good thing I only have about 20 customers I need to invoice through Wave because it is a wonderful platform but it lacks essential invoicing features.


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    This is one reason I am surprised Wave does not have a publicly viewable Product Roadmapping Tool. So we can see what features are coming, or have a much more organized way for users to be able to make suggestions, upvote them (to give a better idea of what to prioritize internally for Customer Success purposes), and allow Product Managers to be able to better advise the rest of the product development teams within the company. In a company where part of my tasks was Product Management, we used Product Board for this very reason.

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    It's just you. If they started charging $5/month I would immediately switch to something else. Invoicing has all the features I ever need.

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    Wait until you need to send many invoices at once, no batch feature
    Wait until you no longer have a customer and you can neither deactivate their account nor delete them
    Wait until you have to invoice a corporate account and you have to add each name individually to the send to: and hopefully you have the emails memorized or handy because Wave doesn't memorize email addresses.
    It is a little sad you would run from a minimum charge for a service you are receiving and enjoy.

    Good luck to you I hope you expand your business to the point where it's not just me.

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    I pay Wave plenty of credit-card processing fees. That's Wave's business model; it's how they make money. When I had a more complicated business, I used full-scale professional accounting software and paid monthly fees. I would not have used Wave, which is not designed for larger/more complex businesses.

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    I'm with you @LisaM except that
    Wave is NOT FREE !

    They have a specific business model that let you use part of their app at no direct cost, but some other aspects (like payment processing) incur a cost. And that's how they make money.

    The "free" part of their product is actually their advertisement window.

    If you are lucky enough all you need are the "free" features, then you are winning.
    But the reality is that Wave doesn't really care [financially] about that bracket of their Customers.
    What drives their development strategy is the Customers who use the paying services, because that's what make Wave viable.

    There isn't anything fundamentally wrong with such business model, as long as all parties are aware and honest about it.

    (it's like the "free" games on your phone: you don't have to pay to download it and use it, but be prepared to have to endure repetitive adverts…)

    Like I said at the beginning, I agree with about their typical answer: very PC, but not much get done.

    I left Wave after their decision to reject non-US businesses: they announced it once effective, and about 3 weeks before the end of the [fiscal] year! Giving no chance to businesses to search for their best alternative.
    I'm lucky that I didn't rely on Wave to do my official accounting, so technically I could continue using it (for free!), but in my opinion it just demonstrated how little respect Wave has for their Customers that don't bring much money in their pocket….

    Trust was lost. And you can't do business with a company you don't trust.

    I'm now happily paying for a non-free service from another provider.

    Best of luck to you @LisaM

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    @PattyJ said:
    @Dedric, maybe read my post. Just a suggestion.

    haha! thanks PattyJ: I just realised I didn't tag the right person! As I'm sure you had guessed already, I was obviously replying to LisaM !
    (I've now edited my original post)

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