Attaching an actual bill image to bills and recognizing the bill in the same manner as a receipt

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Dear Wave Representatives,
We have a case where we purchase different items from one supplier that have to be categorized in different accounts. So even though we pay them immediately (as receipts) they need to be categorized as bills in order to track vendor related expenses and to individualize the items within the bill according to the type of expense (or asset).
If we use the receipt option, we won't be able to track the expenses by vendor, nor the itemized items by type of account even though they were paid at the store right away.
For example, we go to a big construction store and we purchase cleaning supplies, construction materials, and a bottle of water. We would need to manage this "receipt" which was paid at the cashier as a Bill, with itemized items. The building materials go into the "building" or "cost of goods", or inventory/asset, etc. The cleaning materials go to "office supplies" (expense for office). The water may go into a "beverages & refreshments" account or even a different account ("personal items") that shouldn't be used for tax purposes at the end of the year (non-deductible items).
In this case, we need to use a Bill, but we don't have the possibility to scan this bill so that we keep the image for tax records, which is a great feature that is available in receipts, and also, we don't get the automatic optical recognition which saves a lot of time (i.e. business name, date, and most of the other info). I don't know how many people have similar requirements, but one of the best features that you have is the receipt image that is saved with the receipt as this really makes our lives easier. Not only the actual image is saved for auditing, tax and general record keeping, but the optical recognition really helps to improve efficiency and workflow.
I would suggest that all documents sent via email to get an option to move from receipts to bills, and there to be recognized (as best as possible with OCR) and then one can review it in the same manner as the receipts, while also attaching and saving the image. And in the bill sections, to have an "upload" feature, similar to the receipts section.
Will appreciate your comments in regards to the interest to develop this feature, (according to the importance or relevance) and if so, a timeframe? This is a critical issue for us, as currently we have a bunch of "bills" that we want to save, but we can't store the image and we would need to manually add all the info, which adds more time compared to the OCR and leads to typing errors, etc.
Many thanks,
Maxim Brandwajn

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    Hi, @bmaxim.

    Thank you so much for taking the time to write up your feedback. While I can't promise a feature like this one will be implemented, know that feedback from our users has a significant impact on how we choose what features to build next for Wave. I can absolutely see how a feature like this would benefit your business.

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