Transactions to enter for sale of real estate investment property

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I purchased an investment property in 2019 and sold if in 2020 after putting over six figures improvements in it. I captured the purchase and improvement costs in an asset account but do not know what transactions to use to account for the sale of the property correctly so the income reflects on my Profit/Loss statement and I properly reconcile the the Asset account.


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    Presumably you have been recording your property costs such
    Dr Property Asset
    Cr Bank

    To record the Sale, go to Transactions page
    Click on Add Income button and fill out description, account, date & amount
    Split the transaction
    Category 1: choose the Property Asset and enter the amount of costs you want to expense
    Category 2: choose your Sales account and enter the remainder

    If you depreciated the asset for tax purposes in 2019 or if you expenses and of those improvements in your 2019 P&L then you will have to back out those amounts from your Sale of Asset.
    If you didn't do either of the above your Income account will show revenue (from Sale of Asset), net of expenses (of that Asset), for this period. You can then show Operating Expenses on your P&L for your enterprise.

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