Income Statement

Tash005Tash005 Member Posts: 1

Why only a portion of the income that is entered shows up on the P&L Report?


  • NancyCNancyC Administrator Posts: 95 admin

    Hey @Tash005, it's a hard to say why this may be without knowing the full picture of what category(ies) the income transactions are being categorized into. But as a general role of thumb - all deposit transactions that are categorized into an Income account should appear on the P&L statement. Deposit transactions that are categorized into an Asset account will appear on the Balance Sheet.

    Another reason I can think of could be related to the date range which you're viewing the P&L statement in. It should default to show the current year we're in (2021) and since the year just started, not there's no much data to report. The date range can be changed (located on the very top of the P&L statement).

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