Access all Businesses in Account via OAuth

gaganlohiagaganlohia Member Posts: 2

Hi Team,
Is there a way we can get access to all the Businesses via API instead of selecting a Business in the dropdown during OAuth?
I saw that there is a parameter "show_business_selector" in OAuth URL but it is something that can't be changed from our side because it is automatically changed while redirecting from api.wave to next.wave .
Can you please suggest what can be done over here?

Gagan Lohia



  • StepanStepan Administrator Posts: 9 admin
  • gaganlohiagaganlohia Member Posts: 2
    Thanks for your help @Stepan :) . Yes I do need a ‘Full Access Token’ but need it to be generated through OAuth flow and not from the Portal.

    Please let me know if this is possible.
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  • PaulCPaulC Administrator Posts: 171 admin

    Hello @gaganlohia,
    Our OAuth process is designed to access 1 business at a time. It is true that Auth can happen for all businesses of a user, but this is a feature intended for Wave's in-house apps.
    If you'd like to send me via direct message a detailed explanation of what your proposed App will do, and why it needs to access all businesses, we can talk further.

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