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  • Debating if I should continue manually importing statements each month or wait until the issue is resolved. Keeps saying something is wrong try again later or another banks. Thanks! 🙏
    tonggn 6 views 1 comment Most recent by JulianP June 24, 2021 2:06PM
  • What happens when a customer's credit card, on a recurring invoice, expires? Does Wave send a message and a way for the customer to update his info or do I have to contact the customer for his current expiration date, then update it myself?
    Antenna_Man 4 views 0 comments Started by Antenna_Man June 22, 2021 11:05PM
  • I am unable to find 7 months worth of txns. Help
    Repairer_1 5 views 0 comments Started by Repairer_1 June 22, 2021 8:34PM
  • AA7AA7
    AA7 Poll 18 views 1 comment Most recent by ste6168 June 20, 2021 7:48PM
  • I am with BMO and it has been many days since transactions imported into wave. Now in Wave it does not even show when the last import took place (It looks like that feature was removed). Please help; this is a big problem wave. I really like how wave works but Plaid does such a poor job as your data aggregator that I deter anyone who asks about wa…
    Daren 4 views 1 comment Most recent by Daren June 18, 2021 9:19PM
  • How can I enter a credit amount in an expense? Like a deduction/refund/discount. Doing a split transaction. $4626.63 is the total paid. $3576.63 Base Exp +$1200.00 Housing -$150 HSA = $4626.63
    Stanner 6 views 2 comments Most recent by Stanner June 18, 2021 2:47AM
  • I have about 12 transactions paid from my personal checking account before I opened my business checking account. They total $484.99. What's the easiest way to record so that at the end of the year I have the proper revenue and expense listed? Thanks!
    detailingking 10 views 1 comment Most recent by BWilber June 12, 2021 3:08PM
  • I find these gratuitous limitations irritating. Why would Wave block the ability to change account type for cash / bank? Suppose a bank account is restricted for some reason (say, guarantee on a bond) and I no longer want to show it as a liquid asset. I can't change this because Wave think it knows all the answers.
    Izwebusr 4 views 1 comment Most recent by JulianP June 11, 2021 5:37PM
  • I recently invested in a real estate debt from one of my investment accounts. How do I enter this into my books?
    crezakhani 7 views 1 comment Most recent by JulianP June 2, 2021 8:02PM
  • Just started using Wave. Successfully connected AMEX and all transactions imported without a problem. Successfully connected bank accounts and the two I need to synch have the toggle ON for 'Automatically import transactions into accounting'. However, it's been an hour and nothing has come over. Am I suppose to wait days? Or is there a proble…
    FlourishPsych 13 views 3 comments Most recent by JulianP June 1, 2021 9:06PM
  • i want to ask that if an outsider want to invest in my company so in what account i will add the cash of that investor and how will it be balanaced.
    arshad935 72 views 5 comments Most recent by Mikeg May 23, 2021 11:02AM
  • WAVE, Develop your own bank connections first! The WaveApp's weakest and most annoying deficiency is bank imports. Capital One does not import, Hancock Bank, does not import, Chase is two-three days behind with the 'new' integrator. STOP and fix what features you have that are broken! Please. The bank connector company needs to add to their c…
    Clifton 96 views 2 comments Most recent by kjricker May 1, 2021 6:04PM
  • I would love to hear from others, it seems that every time someone posts things that would make Wave more useful...someone from the Wave Team replies..."Hey, that would be a great feature, We currently don't offer that but I will bring it up with our team" Some of these great member suggestions have been asked as far back as 2018!!! I ge…
    LisaM 25 views 8 comments Most recent by Tjnholmes April 30, 2021 6:23AM
  • I am migrating all of my documents into Wave from old book keeping software. I have a huge collection of PDF and JPG images of my receipts. Is there a way to bulk upload these files on the receipt upload page? I can't seem to drag and drop one or multiple files onto the page, copy and pasting only does one at a time, and when I click the "Upl…
    Brendon 519 views 6 comments Most recent by baribeaup April 30, 2021 6:07AM
  • Hi I just noticed that the last time my accounts were updated was about 4 weeks ago in Wave. I also don't see the balance any longer like I used to on the dashboard. Where is that balance now located and how can I force Wave to update my account? THANKS!
    mem23 14 views 1 comment Most recent by JulianP April 26, 2021 6:54PM
  • If I made some revenue and I want to start allocating a % of that to a taxes account. What's the best way to do the journal entries to build up the savings so I can pay them quarterly?
    Cameron 13 views 1 comment Most recent by Gabriel_Krozkin April 24, 2021 5:30PM
  • I have been trying to split a payment for last 4/5 days but it's just not working. Can anybody help me with this issue?
    Shakib_Q1 16 views 1 comment Most recent by NancyC April 23, 2021 6:11PM
  • I'm looking to properly categorize the tax credit advance that I received from Mainstreet. Any ideas how to proceed?
    visiblebee 13 views 1 comment Most recent by JulianP April 21, 2021 7:49PM
  • I'm confused about how I should handle Sales Tax in Wave. What's the process?
    Cameron 7 views 1 comment Most recent by Cameron April 14, 2021 3:24PM
  • I mailed some packages for my business. What category/account should I use for USPS and mail delivery?
    Cameron 10 views 1 comment Most recent by Cameron April 14, 2021 3:04PM
  • Hi, I'm new to Wave and accidentally added 2 credit card accounts that I don't use. I have several accounts with this bank so don't want to delete the bank. There are no transactions imported for these cards and I have the toggle off for both but they are still showing under transactions, credit cards list. Can I delete them?
    TawniaK 33 views 3 comments Most recent by AlexL April 2, 2021 3:37PM
  • DgmDgm
    Hi, We are acting as a payment collection agent and get the suppliers sell to the customers. So, there is a manufacturer, final payer and my company as an agent. how we do, Let's say my customer orders some goods through my service. The total amount to be paid is $1000. The actual invoice created by the manufacturer to the final payer. I colle…
    Dgm 1 view 1 comment Most recent by KiahD February 18, 2021 8:15PM
  • Why only a portion of the income that is entered shows up on the P&L Report?
    Tash005 3 views 1 comment Most recent by NancyC February 5, 2021 7:16PM
  • In this scenario, there are 3 companies: 1. Manufacturer 2. Agent 3. End user/final payer Manufacturer is not licenced to sell in the end user's geography, so bills End User through Agent (which holds appropriate licence to sell). Example: * End user invoiced $100 by agent * End User pays $100 to Agent, for which the Agent earns $30 commission * …
    GeoffW 20 views 2 comments Most recent by Kimpton January 30, 2021 8:46PM
  • I purchased an investment property in 2019 and sold if in 2020 after putting over six figures improvements in it. I captured the purchase and improvement costs in an asset account but do not know what transactions to use to account for the sale of the property correctly so the income reflects on my Profit/Loss statement and I properly reconcile t…
    AALLC20 17 views 1 comment Most recent by Kimpton January 30, 2021 8:29PM
    Hi-- I have been using Wave for a couple of years. It is exactly what I was looking for. I just wanted to make a post as I have seen a few people making suggestions as they would like it more like Quickbooks. I have used Quick books , which is a great product if that is what you are looking for. I use Wave because Quickbooks is NOT what I am l…
    VTG 15 views 2 comments Most recent by Fotan January 29, 2021 2:47PM
  • Hello, everybody! I am really happy to be there and wanna share with you some great information. I opened for myself a new hobby which makes me happy and this is cooking. On quarantine, I'm trying to make something new everyday and searching new cooking ideas from books and websites. Actually, my favorite is https://recipes.cafe/en which contai…
    DavidFresko 3 views 0 comments Started by DavidFresko January 19, 2021 1:52PM
  • Hello, I'm from India and I only use the basic transaction entries feature along with basic P&L and Balance Sheet reports. I don't need any Reconciliation/Payroll or such features. So, after the recent announcement of Wave only serving users from US and Canada, I'm wondering if I can still continue to use Wave in the future. I've tried more…
    Paras 38 views 1 comment Most recent by JulianP January 18, 2021 7:44PM
  • Not sure why I received this email from WAVE. I use the software everyday for 2 businesses almost every day. Could this be a scam? " Thanks for giving Wave a try. Since you haven't logged in for several months, we're required to stop sending emails to you at this email address. This will be the last email you receive from us unless you con…
    Studio1212 13 views 1 comment Most recent by JulianP January 18, 2021 7:12PM
  • This was actually the catalyst for me starting my own business. The 2018 Telstra Small Business Intelligence report found that (in Australia) 62% of customers will stop considering a business if they can’t find information about it online. Also, in Australia, only 50% of small business actually have a website. So, if you're a small business witho…
    MarkC 422 views 19 comments Most recent by DavidFresko January 14, 2021 8:59AM