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  • Hello, I am not very well versed in accounting, However I was able to manage my accounting needs through opensource software. Recently I came to kno about wave and I liked its interface. I am currently shifting my account from my old software to wave. I have received salary amount INR 50,000 from my employer whoes breakup is like: Base Salary: I…
    Siddharth_Jain 8 views 1 comment Most recent by Siddharth_Jain July 11, 2020 5:18AM
  • So I was trying to record my product r&d both under expenses and long term assets. I then found out Wave doesn't allow multiple categories, so now I just recorded under expenses but how can I also add under long term assets? Any help would be greatly appreciated :smile:
    ShazFar 12 views 1 comment Most recent by ErinS July 9, 2020 2:19PM
  • I have 2 organizations that have prepaid expenses and income that are for the following year events. How and where would I categorize them? IO know I would have to transfer them into the income/expense account on Jan 1 of each year. My guess is a prepaid account but not sure.
    Alpacamom 5 views 1 comment Most recent by ErinS July 9, 2020 2:08PM
  • Hi Guys I 've been using wave apps for a year now, I never thought to ask questions on this forum, my question is, there an easy way to add a discount on a bill given by the supplier, Your help means a lot to my business. thanks in advance
    Steveal3aneef 77 views 4 comments Most recent by liezl July 9, 2020 11:57AM
  • Hello :) I get a 20% discount from my vendor. This allows me to charge my clients the recommended retail price while still marking it up with 20%. How do/can I add the discount to vendor products that I resell to clients? The client mustn't see the discount. I need to capture the supplier invoice, add line items to project number and/or client in…
    liezl 4 views 0 comments Started by liezl July 9, 2020 11:50AM
  • I am totally new to this, and I would like to manually enter my daily (retail) sales, taxes, and credit card fees into Wave. I have set up an income account and a Sales Tax account. How can I most efficiently do this? Thanks!
    Relic_Roadhouse1 5 views 0 comments Started by Relic_Roadhouse1 July 8, 2020 6:06PM
  • From Reports>Transactions>Export>.csv all my values are exported as text, not numbers. I must be doing something wrong. Help!
    Graybuck 6 views 3 comments Most recent by Mikeg July 8, 2020 2:08PM
  • Hi! I'm an Italian resident and I have some of the same issues stated above. When trying out your service there are a few things that clash with the requirements we have in Italy to fulfill an invoice. 1) The company information should be as follows: * Street name, street number Example: Via Carducci, 7 * ZIP coded (Codice CAP in Itlay). City n…
    suzymora 6 views 0 comments Started by suzymora July 8, 2020 10:26AM
  • Buongiorno, sono nuovo in Wave e stò provando a vedere se il vs servizio può fare al mio caso. Io sono Italiano e vorrei stampare le fatture, le ricevute e l'invio mail in italiano, così come è possibile fare per modificare le colonne delle fattture. Non riesco a modificare subtotal e total. Inoltre l'indirizzo del cliente appare come numero civic…
    Rossano 32 views 2 comments Most recent by suzymora July 8, 2020 10:15AM
  • Part of mu business is providing hosing etc. which is managed on another platform. This platform automatically invoices my customers and bills them using stripe. At the moment I am unsure how I should record these transactions in wave. As stripe pays these into my bank account then it isn't overly difficult to just tag them all as income for hos…
    JKCWS 5 views 0 comments Started by JKCWS July 5, 2020 9:24PM
  • I'm looking for Wave guidance around the following two receipt scenarios. Practically speaking, these seem to me to be relatively common situations, but I haven't been able to find any conclusive guidance on how this can or should be accomplished: One Transaction, - Multiple Receipts: For example, you generally get two pieces of paper. The bill s…
    DaveB 164 views 6 comments Most recent by jopedder July 3, 2020 3:25PM
  • Hey guys, I'm a newbie here .. I already used this wave accounting since January 2020. This is my first time recording my accountant properly. so today I just want to go to the next part of my accounting which is tracking my loan bank. I already made this loan since 2015. So should I go back record my accounting based on the timeline of my old loa…
    Afiq 15 views 1 comment Most recent by CallieP June 30, 2020 9:30PM
  • importing my chase csv file ... gives me swapped values in waveapp ... for instance "credit" entries are black and debit entires are green ... in csv file . all payments to merchants are -ve and payment to the card is +ve how to fix it
    badrulv 6 views 1 comment Most recent by CallieP June 30, 2020 9:23PM
  • Hello When I receive a manual check payment against an invoice, it credits my bank account. Then, when I synchronize my bank account, it shows the same credit from when I deposited the check. What is the best practice to handle this duplicate transaction?
    threehorn 9 views 4 comments Most recent by CallieP June 29, 2020 8:06PM
  • Hi all ... I have a customer who paid for an invoice using 50% as cash, 30% was a deposit into the bank account and 20% was via PayPal. How do I split this payment in order to balance with my bank statement?
    TheCoffeeTree_1507 13 views 2 comments Most recent by TheCoffeeTree_1507 June 26, 2020 8:26AM
  • I buy items from a supplier and sell them with mark up to my client. How do I record these items, and send my purchase order to the supplier. Also - is there a way then, of just adding the items to my invoice, where I can then mark them up? Many thanks all... If I can do this I will be so happy. Its a great platform.
    Martina_Comms 18 views 1 comment Most recent by BarsinA June 25, 2020 9:10PM
  • I procure products on behalf of my customers as follows: 1. I identify the product that the customer wants to purchase. 2. I put a deposit of $2,000 to hold the product. 3. The customer buys the product from the seller. I don't get any money in this transaction. 4. I send an invoice to the customer for $7,000. 5. The customer pays me $7,000. Out o…
    WhataGreatDay 10 views 1 comment Most recent by BarsinA June 24, 2020 6:57PM
  • How do I see my account ledger and more importantly how do I see my daily account balance?
    Wave_is_confusing 11 views 1 comment Most recent by BarsinA June 24, 2020 4:56PM
  • I don't know how to directly transfer money from my personal account to my business bank account. So I use paypal. I see then three transactions, a green transaction in my paypal then a transfer to my bank and a transaction in my bank. How do I categorize each?
    justme 14 views 2 comments Most recent by justme June 12, 2020 2:18PM
  • Dear community, I am already with Wave since 2018 but due to severe handicaps and half year of homelessness I have never been able to consolidate my information in Wave from previous platforms and such. Brief background info 1. Went from Paypal -> N26 -> Transferwise (And now using Wave to consolidate payments across those 3). * Expendit…
    NoodzakelijkOnline 28 views 2 comments Most recent by NoodzakelijkOnline June 10, 2020 2:59AM
  • Hello, I am new here and I have the following questions. 1. How long the data in accounting system will be stored in the free version? Will it be deleted after a certain period? 2. Is there a limitation for number of transactions in the free version?
    QLan 18 views 1 comment Most recent by ConnorM May 29, 2020 6:22PM
  • Hi. I am new to the forum and not sure where to ask this questions. Sometimes when I try to upload a receipt on the web, I get an error: "Error Uploading Receipt". This happens randomly. The receipt that I am using is a downloaded PDF from my cellphone provider. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.
    JMDesign 13 views 3 comments Most recent by ConnorM May 28, 2020 5:40PM
  • How do i categorize money withdrawn from business to pay shareholders
    namoonga 15 views 1 comment Most recent by ConnorM May 26, 2020 6:53PM
  • My partner and I split the cost of a new rake for our farm. How do I split the accounts to show half came from my owner investment account and half came form his?
    Farmer_Frank 14 views 2 comments Most recent by Mikeg May 25, 2020 11:04PM
  • I am busy setting up my chart of accounts but am concerned that I don't know where to recover accounts that I erroneously archived?
    PeterB 14 views 2 comments Most recent by PeterB May 20, 2020 7:28AM
  • I just entered some checks today and they aren't showing up on my deposits. Also, how do I find old invoices?
    JodyWVDECA 19 views 1 comment Most recent by BarsinA May 19, 2020 9:17PM
  • When someone emails me a bill - can I then email it to Wave so that it goes into my "Bills" please?
    Carter44 26 views 1 comment Most recent by BarsinA May 19, 2020 7:53PM
  • hi, i got a transaction which i need to add a vendor name if i split deposit. How do i do it so it can show up properly on VENDOR EXPENSES Report For example - story case * got a $175 transaction, need to split into 2 deposits * split into +$200 ; category SALES; customer Rudy * split into -$25 ; category MERCHANT FEE (discount and fees); but ho…
    AussieAussie 18 views 3 comments Most recent by JamieD May 18, 2020 7:24PM
  • I want to give access to a colleague to do invoices... but don't really want to give access to bills and reports. Is it possible to restrict access? Chris
    chrisjenkins 426 views 15 comments Most recent by JamieD May 18, 2020 3:28PM
  • Can estimates have a 'Sent' status? According to the help documentation, they can. However, when I send estimates (using the Gmail option, not through WAVE), they do not get a status of Sent. Furthermore there is no option to 'mark as sent' as there is with Invoices. Can anyone assist me in marking my estimates as 'Sent'? I have to use the Gmail o…
    HydraFlo 23 views 2 comments Most recent by HydraFlo May 12, 2020 2:08AM