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  • It appears that I have receipts sitting in the Processing column dated back to the end of August 2018 and when I click on one it says “Unable to sync, tap to retry” . Two receipts say ‘Processing’ in orange. The rest are ‘Queued’. They don’t appear to be going to the Ready column where I have receipts dating back to January 2018. I have entered th…
    Thaipissed 637 views 10 comments Most recent by JessG March 24, 2020 6:22PM
  • I have just started with the Wave accounting system and have run into trouble adding the transactions manually. When I read the manual on how to do this it shows a box on the left hand side where you can add the date, amountsand all the details etc. On what I am working with I do not get this box... help?
    ShiNor 15 views 6 comments Most recent by BarsinA March 24, 2020 5:39PM
  • Hi - Its seems that when I export a complete data set from Wave it does NOT include a file of "Products and Services". Is it possible to do this any other way? Thanks for any guidance...
    Ange_P1357 244 views 2 comments Most recent by alfabloodtype March 18, 2020 7:05AM
  • i know that there is data export for all transaction in Excel or CSV file. How then do i import data from Excel or CSV file onto Wave?
    asri 28 views 6 comments Most recent by BarsinA March 17, 2020 7:18PM
  • I created by mistake some taxes that I don't use, and was able to delete them in the Sale taxes Setting page. However, when I edit some invoice, they still appear in the dropdown list when choosing the taxe to apply, which can be very confusing. How to delete them definitely ? Thank you !
    Maurice 14 views 1 comment Most recent by JamieD March 17, 2020 7:03PM
  • I had a full day work ,tried to question how i can set better my accounts as i run a b and b and all of a sudden all my work and settings had gone .
    mariosa 16 views 1 comment Most recent by BarsinA March 17, 2020 4:31PM
  • Hi there! I am completely new to Wave, i previously used Xero accounting. So I am still getting used to Wave and learning my way around it.. Here is where my issue comes in, I have done a lot of transactions on Xero before I switched to Wave, I have a lot of "unfinished" business on Xero, but would rather just use Wave .. So, can I imp…
    JoleneB 49 views 3 comments Most recent by BarsinA March 17, 2020 3:59PM
  • Hello I am looking to delete items I have added in error and contacts that I have duplicated. Anyone have any idea? Thanks!
    Cherylsseniorcare 746 views 3 comments Most recent by JordanD March 11, 2020 6:27PM
  • Is anyone else facing complete slowness on Wave Apps online for the past 48 hours? It is total unusable.....
    elyas786 209 views 9 comments Most recent by ConnorM March 11, 2020 5:16PM
  • Hello, I have a Canadian business dealing is USD with only Canadian and US customers.I had my account set up through Stripe, but I would like to have it run solely through wave and have disconnected from stripe. Everything I've read says for a Canadian or US business you do not need to use stripe but my account will not let me take credit cards wi…
    Kiana 20 views 1 comment Most recent by ConnorM March 11, 2020 2:46PM
  • The last several weeks, we have been getting Cloudflare 1016 DNS Origin errors frequently when trying to access WaveApps. It is not our network, because when the error occurs it also happens on our mobile phones using LTE. It usually resolves in a matter of minutes, but is quite annoying and worrisome that our clients who are trying to pay may a…
    csf97 26 views 1 comment Most recent by AlexL March 10, 2020 10:05PM
  • When looking at Wave a few weeks ago, I found, under Reports, functionality that allowed a download in a CSV file of all the data loaded against each customer - I can no longer find this functionality. Is it still available?
    paddyf 17 views 1 comment Most recent by ConnorM March 10, 2020 5:45PM
  • So these phantom transactions are showing up in the new Payments by Wave Account. They do not match with any deposits (with or without merchant fees). I don't know what they're connected to or where they came from. (Image)
    Revival_Renovations 25 views 1 comment Most recent by EmmaP March 9, 2020 5:13PM
  • I'm trying to approve an invoice and keep getting an error message saying "Oops! There was an issue with approving your draft. Please try again." I've tried clearing my cache, restarting my computer, changing the currency (read that in an older post with the same issue), straight to save and send, from the draft screen and browser is up…
    Ashleigh 105 views 6 comments Most recent by EmmaP March 6, 2020 2:28PM
  • Hello, I have problem with the province field when adding information about my business. I can't find the right province/state applicable to my location. Is there any way I can bypass this because it is a big problem when drafting invoices. I'm from the Philippines and the applicable state/province is Marikina. Thanks in advance.
    Moymoy_19 25 views 1 comment Most recent by BarsinA March 5, 2020 3:29PM
  • Someone please help, not sure why this seems to be a continual problem on your site?
    William713 24 views 1 comment Most recent by BarsinA March 4, 2020 3:08PM
  • I am trying to verify my secondary email but it's failing. I have been trying it for several weeks now. I even removed it and re-added it but still the problem persists
    loneweaver 41 views 8 comments Most recent by BarsinA March 4, 2020 2:37PM
  • There is no way to edit the notes section in invoice edit mode. This is a bug/missing feature. Please fix it. Thanks
    webcoreinc 25 views 1 comment Most recent by ConnorM March 3, 2020 9:09PM
  • Hi, I just signed up for wave apps. While drafting my first invoice, the notes & footers are overlapping, text is sitting on top of each other & the header is being added onto an extra page. Is there any way to rectify this ? Thanks
    brahm 145 views 8 comments Most recent by ConnorM March 3, 2020 7:32PM
  • I keep a cash register for the clients that come into my boutique. At the end of the day I print a Z report of daily sales. It contains the number of transactions, the list of products sold, the net sales amount, the taxes collected for remittance, as well as the method of payment. I would like to know how to enter this into Wave without a loss …
    DANIE 297 views 4 comments Most recent by EmmaP March 2, 2020 9:22PM
  • I'm currently having a problem with the cashflow statement in Wave: The total cash inflow reported on the cashflow statement seems to be inaccurate as it is not equal to the sum of each cash inflow (which is also reported separately on the cashflow statement). Below is the cashflow report that I'm struggling with. It's quite odd for things to go w…
    Guigoz 15 views 0 comments Started by Guigoz March 2, 2020 7:48PM
  • (Image) On the dashboard area the pie chart shows "other" as £84.26 for business expenses? I cant find anything that is not categorised so why does it state other?
    snappyfish 282 views 4 comments Most recent by Lyme_n_Lemer March 2, 2020 5:05AM
  • I am having an issue with the estimate window not working for some time now, Please can you help? Attached is a screenshot. (Image) Thanks Nelson
    Makenel 22 views 3 comments Most recent by EmmaP February 28, 2020 7:33PM
  • Hi there, Just wondering if there's a way to select multiple invoices and send them to the same customer all in one email, rather than as individual ones?
    Cetustone 22 views 1 comment Most recent by EmmaP February 21, 2020 7:47PM
  • Ater accepting invite from my new employer to view pay stub with my existing wave account. clicking on payroll function ( leads to the error "ERR_TOO_MANY_REDIRECTS" I was able to view the my past pay stubs just before I accepted the invite from my new employer.
    YgorLRezende 24 views 2 comments Most recent by YgorLRezende February 20, 2020 10:57PM
  • Since this morning Feb 4, 2020, the Receipts mobile app on iPhone 7 is not connecting. Error message is “Can’t load Receipts. Please try again”.
    Lionsworth 85 views 2 comments Most recent by EmmaP February 20, 2020 7:30PM
  • I had a horrible time reconnecting/reauthorizing my credit union account after the update. I finally got it working but suddenly it's only importing 4 of the 5 accounts I have there. It shows 4 of the accounts to connect even though there are five. Any idea on how to get the integration importing everything? Also the financial widget on the dash…
    TSyn 29 views 1 comment Most recent by EmmaP February 13, 2020 10:06PM
  • Multiple clients trying to pay their invoices and receiving Server error. On my dashboard in invoices it is showing as viewed in my payments it shows that the transaction went through multiple times for the same invoice. The client tried 3 times and there was 3 payments that went through. I did a test and refunded one of the payments but it do…
    StacyR 28 views 7 comments Most recent by EmmaP February 10, 2020 8:28PM
  • Hi, opened a support ticket last week but haven't heard back, so just wanted to make sure it was received. Wave seems to be "forgetting" my connection to Citizens Bank. I enter the login credentials, Wave says it's connected, and it downloads transactions once, but then won't download any more on succeeding days. If I check my bank conne…
    patrickspy 31 views 3 comments Most recent by patrickspy February 9, 2020 5:03PM