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  • I issued an invoice for $40 and a client paid it using Wave Payments which was fine. Wave Payments created a transaction of $39.09 ($40 minus the $0.91 Stripe Processing Fee). But when it came time to pay out of Stripe, I received $39.00 - Stripe took an extra $0.09 in tax fees as well. In my transactions list I have two differing payments for th…
    Doug 2.3K views 48 comments Most recent by JamieD August 26, 2019 5:45PM
  • How do I print out a copy of my transactions?
    plkidd2 11 views 3 comments Most recent by AmandaK August 25, 2019 7:09PM
  • Wondering how to import customer csv file with address and STATE? I have tried a few different ways to import members with full addresses with no success. I would rather not do this manually. Example address, city, STATE, zip
    nsheler1 42 views 5 comments Most recent by ChelseaK August 20, 2019 8:36PM
  • Hi Everyone, I notice that Wave has a new layout that started some time this year. My account is still on the old layout. How do I upgrade to the new layout?
    SharonT 59 views 8 comments Most recent by ChelseaK August 20, 2019 5:34PM
  • Hi everyone, My associate and me both do billing independently of each other and although a certain portion of what we bill goes to a common bank account, the big majority of the amounts someone bills go to that person directly. Currently, all of our payments from Wave are made to a single bank account and the constant splitting of the money that…
    antoinedl 11 views 1 comment Most recent by ZoeC August 19, 2019 3:04PM
  • Hi people, I run a property rental company... Rent comes in and Mortgages, Repairs, wages goes out... When I run my monthly report for Invoice by customer, all is ok (all rents show up) When i then run my monthly expense by vendor, not all my expenses show up (mortgage payments are missing) Any idea how to track this problem down >>>…
    VinceCoombs 146 views 9 comments Most recent by BarsinA August 16, 2019 7:52PM
  • When I export data (in this case, sales tax) from waveapp, the fields containing currency values all have a preceeding unwanted character - i.e. £0.00. Why is this, and how do I make it stop please?
    andynoiseboy 14 views 4 comments Most recent by AlexL August 16, 2019 7:38PM
  • I have noticed that the pre-customized invoice memo and footer are not being inherited when you convert a quotation to an invoice insisted the system inherits the quotation memos and footer. Has anyone else noticed this?
    Kblac 64 views 12 comments Most recent by BarsinA August 16, 2019 7:31PM
  • are the labels/ column headings the wrong way "Debits" and "credits" (Image)
    dxw11 3 views 1 comment Most recent by Myron August 8, 2019 6:44PM
  • Hi, i tried exporting my data into excel numerous times but i have not received the email with link to download. Please look into this or if someone could assist, how long does it take to receive the data export email? Thanks!
    Venosh 21 views 10 comments Most recent by cvtan August 7, 2019 2:08AM
  • Hello I'm new to this software and it looks great. I'm a bit curious about the backup and availability, anyone can share some information about that.
    hhajj 541 views 5 comments Most recent by James_Hudson August 5, 2019 9:02PM
  • Hi, I am trying update my VAT percentage to 15% from 14% I can't find an option to edit this on the system. Please help?
    ashley2020 11 views 4 comments Most recent by Loni August 1, 2019 12:51PM
  • I have 3 businesses connected through 1 username. Can I add a new user to one of the businesses without them having access to the other 2?
    Seawolf6 2 views 1 comment Most recent by Myron July 30, 2019 10:15PM
  • Why am I not able to scan and upload bills the same way as receipts? Is there any way to attach scan of original to the bill?
    besimple 35 views 3 comments Most recent by ZoeC July 30, 2019 4:54PM
  • Hi, I was busy editing a customer and then saved and now the customer and all their invoices and payment history are gone.
    InunuNet 1 view 1 comment Most recent by JamieD July 22, 2019 7:19PM
  • When accessing setting to give my accountant access I get this message - Oops. There was an error loading your data. Please try again Any suggestions?
    Eb3678 12 views 2 comments Most recent by Eb3678 July 18, 2019 8:33PM
  • I had a user uploading receipts via mobile Receipts app. Then I would log into the desktop app as an Admin and post receipts to the transactions. Yesterday the user deleted his account, and today I noticed NONE of the receipts that he uploaded and I posted and reconciled are VIEWABLE. They are GONE!!
    CaliGirl 11 views 2 comments Most recent by CaliGirl July 18, 2019 7:56PM
  • I opened a case 6 months ago. 2 months ago I was assured the problem was fixed, well it wasn't and any follow up I've made in the past two months has simply gone unanswered
    anazary1 12 views 2 comments Most recent by anazary1 July 12, 2019 6:04PM
  • Hi I signed up for Wave and cannot link my ABN Amro Bank account successfully. I have tried multiple variations of my Account Number (Rekeningnummer), input my Pasnummer and tried both login types "met identifcaticode" and "met e.dentifier" As of yet I have had no luck and have now tried too many attempts and Wave has inform…
    Bradly 1 view 1 comment Most recent by Myron July 12, 2019 3:44PM
  • As suggested in another post, I'm using Estimate and Invoice and hence for Delivery Notes I'm using another business. Is there some way to link the customer list between both the businesses?
    Vinay 12 views 3 comments Most recent by Myron July 11, 2019 9:32PM
  • June 22, 9:30 a.m. (Eastern) Our engineers are currently working to resolve an issue that is creating duplicate transactions in reports for some customers. During this time, we recommend holding off on creating any journal transactions. Thank you for your patience, and we apologize for any inconvenience this may cause. We will post updates here…
    Charlotte Announcement 643 views 55 comments Most recent by JamieD July 4, 2019 10:44PM
  • On 6/28, a customer paid an invoice through Wave (bank payment). I transferred the money to my bank account, through Instant Payments, with no bank statement reflected deposit and it was also shown as "success" on the Wave payments page. On 7/1, said $ was withdrawn back out of my bank account through Wave. I have no idea w…
    svsmith 11 views 1 comment Most recent by JamieD July 4, 2019 4:42PM
  • When I print a report it prints as a white circle, obscuring a totals figure at the bottom of the page. Trying to do my tax.
    Crankitup 11 views 1 comment Most recent by JamieD July 3, 2019 4:06PM
  • I have a bill in Wave of 131.40. Recently the payment for that bill imported, again 131.40. When in Accounting/Transactions and go to assign that payment to a bill, the amount that comes up is 131.39. If I assign it, of course the system shows an overpayment of a penny. (Image)
    4K_Tech 97 views 17 comments Most recent by MarquezW June 28, 2019 3:33PM
  • Is anyone else facing complete slowness on Wave Apps online for the past 48 hours? It is total unusable.....
    elyas786 28 views 7 comments Most recent by ChelseaK June 26, 2019 9:22PM
  • Since a week ago when I log onto my wave account the page is weirdly displayed I cannot get into anything
    wanda123 15 views 8 comments Most recent by BarsinA June 21, 2019 9:35PM
  • Hello , My default currency is configured on wave is INR. I have raised an invoice in CAD, the amount was remitted in INR in my bank account. Now wave has imported the transaction from my bank account, but now when I am posting the invoice as paid on wave and trying to merge the entries wave won't let me merge two entries instead it add up one …
    vasu 11 views 3 comments Most recent by JamieD June 21, 2019 9:05PM
  • I am trying to verify my secondary email but it's failing. I have been trying it for several weeks now. I even removed it and re-added it but still the problem persists
    loneweaver 21 views 4 comments Most recent by adamzinger June 19, 2019 10:15PM
  • I’ve been trying to process a card and it has worked fine previously. Now I’m getting errors stating unable to record payment. A server error ocurred. I’m wondering if the card has insufficient funds?? Can anyone help with this?
    harvey_lynch83 13 views 1 comment Most recent by BarsinA June 18, 2019 9:53PM
  • Hi, I've noticed several users facing the same problem of not receiving their verification e-mails. I also used to be able to receive copies of my invoices sent when I selected the "Send a copy to ..." option but it suddenly stopped one day. Please help!
    denisechan 1 view 1 comment Most recent by BarsinA June 18, 2019 8:54PM