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  • Hi all; Was wondering if anyone could help me with a new issue thats cropped up. I have been adding our company bank details in our invoice memo for ages, however, recently this is being converted to LT 4*** **** **** *004 81 I've tried no spaces, spaces etc, it seems like a RegEx rule. This is obviously a massive inconvenience as it is essentia…
    Bruce_Hunt 1 view 0 comments Started by Bruce_Hunt January 22, 2020 4:39PM
  • Can you create invoice payment reminders as standard for ask invoices created or do you have to do it manually each time?
    OliveOlive_Rob 14 views 3 comments Most recent by 22asepsysca January 22, 2020 4:15PM
  • is there a way that i can customize my invoice so it lines up my address for return and the person i am billing as sender on an envelope
    jamie_92 3 views 0 comments Started by jamie_92 January 21, 2020 10:18PM
  • Here is what I have discovered: 1. My business currency is CAD 2. I have an invoice in USD 3. I received a payment in USD to a USD account Given the above, I cannot link the payment to the invoice; the option just doesn't appear. This is what I get: (Image) If everything is in CAD, I get this How am I to assign payments in this case?
    theMikeD 10 views 0 comments Started by theMikeD January 21, 2020 2:28PM
  • I have multiple business' under one wave account. I can pull my business email when I create the invoice however when I go to send a payment receipt it pulls my main business rather than the business I'm currently using. This is very confusing for customers. Is there a work around for this?
    nwdrs 4 views 0 comments Started by nwdrs January 20, 2020 11:08PM
  • Hello, I just sent my first invoice, the invoice sent via email just fine. However, the person who received it tried to pay through the invoice and it gave then and internal server error. Does anyone know why this would be and how to fix it? Thanks!
    Briannadawnk 11 views 1 comment Most recent by AlexL January 20, 2020 8:30PM
  • What do we do with customers who want to pay an invoice with an online bank transfer but their bank is not listed along with the major banks like BofA etc?
    ARCEJon 7 views 1 comment Most recent by AlexL January 20, 2020 7:25PM
  • Some of my sales are via a subscription service. Here's how I would like to account for this and maybe someone can help me figure out how to do it in Wave. I would like to record sales of subscriptions as Unearned Revenue and then journal it over to sales as product is delivered (preferably monthly, since my business is seasonal and I'd like to b…
    Chrsfrncs 3 views 0 comments Started by Chrsfrncs January 20, 2020 6:06PM
  • Hi, @BarsinA @Emma @Alexia I have a bit of an issue with the invoice. The invoices i produce overlap and create a second page when i print it out, even wen i have just one line of an item, it overlaps onto another page of which the logo is added on the second page too.. Is there no way of keeping my invoices as one page?
    Teek 5 views 0 comments Started by Teek January 18, 2020 5:31AM
  • I'm trying to figure out how to setup the invoice email so it defaults with some standard text rather than being blank. The email for receipt email defaults with some text but not for sending an invoice. Is there someplace to change this or would that have to be a new feature?
    RonP 1.4K views 22 comments Most recent by burnsy180 January 17, 2020 11:46PM
  • Until recently (the last month or so) automatic matching of bank transfers as described in Transfers Transformed has always worked for me when both sides of the transfer are imported. Recently this has changed and now despite both sides of the transfer being imported they will not detect each other and I have to manually select the account which r…
    rob6179 135 views 14 comments Most recent by crawley7 January 17, 2020 11:44PM
  • Is there a way to print invoices - some or my customers are not tech savvy.
    Hanson 5 views 0 comments Started by Hanson January 17, 2020 11:17PM
  • Hello! One of my customers is large company, in which I have various contacts to whom I send invoices and estimates. Is it possible to create one Customer with Multiple Contacts?
    mcfarlanej 404 views 20 comments Most recent by magestyx January 17, 2020 10:38PM
  • I am trying to issue a refund and it keeps saying declined...why?
    cherieA 4 views 0 comments Started by cherieA January 17, 2020 5:09PM
  • Hi. Came across this thread which was closed with no resolution. I am currently experiencing the same issue. “Hi there , wave invoicing had been working fine up until a week or two ago , when I sent an invoice IÛªd always highlight send a copy to myself , for some reason it isnÛªt working anymore and I havenÛªt changed any settings” Please advi…
    RSSH 50 views 2 comments Most recent by muyiwaf January 17, 2020 9:42AM
  • I exported all my data from as a csv. It’s got invoices, customers, the whole shebang. It’s unclear to me how I can bulk import this into wave connect, even though I have it connected to my sheets and I see upload etc.
    Gregory 11 views 2 comments Most recent by Gregory January 16, 2020 4:44PM
  • Hi, hope you can help. I have an Invoice and a related payment (both already processed). The payment occurred prior to the invoice but was not captured this way. I would like to know if its possible, or if there is a workaround, whereby: 1, I can change the Invoice Date (having a payment already been allocated to it) or; 2. cancel everything and…
    dve83 8 views 2 comments Most recent by ConnorM January 16, 2020 3:51PM
  • Help - I cannot approve a draft invoice. My home currency is £ sterling, but I am invoicing in € Euros. Everything is good right up to when I try to approve invoice. I'm getting this message everytime I try to approve it. Oops! There was an issue with approving your draft. Please try again. I know this has been an issue for others - how do I …
    STABBOTTS 20 views 8 comments Most recent by ConnorM January 16, 2020 3:50PM
  • I raise an invoice June 1st for payment in 30 days (annoying I cant set to 28) for work done in May. However noweher on the recurring form does it allow that info to be added. Is there not a field for something like {{last_mm_yyyy}} or {{this_mmm_yyyy}} or {{next_month}} that woud auto populate, so in the above example my line item could be "…
    rndigital 54 views 7 comments Most recent by olmo January 16, 2020 10:08AM
  • Hello everyone, how can I Recurring Invoices, I do not see the option
    frankuiroga 758 views 23 comments Most recent by StephP January 16, 2020 12:03AM
  • Is there a way to pause recurring invoices? We have customers currently on a weekly recurring payment via Paypal and when they are going to be out of town we can suspend the payment until they are back. Is there a way do to this in Wave's recurring invoices? So far the only option I've found is to end the recurring invoice and then re-enter the i…
    Steve Myers 243 views 3 comments Most recent by dalemartin January 15, 2020 9:57PM
  • Has anyone else had an issue with their invoices not being received by clients? Last month I sent several invoices using Wave - as normal - and they weren't received. As I have to give them 30 days to pay, I didn't find out until my invoices were overdue and contacted the accounts teams involved. This is pretty critical for a small business like m…
    tarka33 19 views 7 comments Most recent by ConnorM January 15, 2020 7:47PM
  • Hi, In the list of my products, I have items that I don't sell any more but since I have old invoices in which I have sold the mentioned items, I cannot delete the products. I'm talking about like 30 items that each time I want to add a new line to my invoice, I have scroll before I can get to the one product I am looking for. Does anyone know if…
    Mehran 146 views 19 comments Most recent by AlexL January 15, 2020 4:46PM
  • The address field is not importing from my Google Contacts. I only get Name and Phone.
    Clay_FHW 3 views 0 comments Started by Clay_FHW January 15, 2020 12:47PM
  • I haven't been able to convert estimates to invoices since Friday, keep getting and Error 500 message and can't invoice clients to get paid?
    Core_10 Closed 20 views 8 comments Most recent by Handydad January 14, 2020 10:33PM
  • hi guys, ive added an item "business cards" but for my own sanity i would like the cost & selling price to be there. How do i go about this? Am i missing something?
    ChanelleSwart 10 views 1 comment Most recent by ConnorM January 14, 2020 8:54PM
  • Hello everyone, can I accept credit cards manually? Is email the only option? Thank You
    Economical1_ 14 views 2 comments Most recent by ConnorM January 14, 2020 8:27PM
  • Hello, I have a client who claims he never received his invoice. I need to be able to show it was sent on the date I sent it. Is there a way to show all the times it was sent by my company, as well as all the times it was viewed by the client? Also, I have noticed that I'm not receiving PDF copies of the invoices, despite my checking the box. Is …
    ChiefHopkins 22 views 4 comments Most recent by Sharonb January 14, 2020 8:25PM
  • Hi, is there a way I can let my sales rep create an invoice? I have sales reps that do door-to-door sales. I can'T seem to find on the platform how they can create their invoices when the sale occurs.
    Georgy_Rahayel 6 views 1 comment Most recent by ConnorM January 14, 2020 8:23PM
  • Hi, I run in the service industry and have a couple of accounts, such as a property manager and a restaurant chain. Both of these have a single billing address, but multiple service locations. When invoicing if I change the shipping address it changes them on all previous invoices as well. Is there a way to have 1 billing address and multiple …
    MightyMouse 9 views 1 comment Most recent by ConnorM January 14, 2020 8:14PM