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  • HI, Is it possible to create GST inclusive invoices with Wave? Here in Australia, the final price of the invoice is always tax inclusive.
    ausgayan 800 views 23 comments Most recent by Danielak679 July 4, 2020 12:47PM
  • Hope I've found the correct place to ask this question. I recently had the situation where an invoice had been sent, but the customer had not received it. Upon investigation, I found the email address had been entered incorrectly and had "bounced", however I had no notification this had happened. How do I check that an emailed invoice ha…
    Canterness 16 views 2 comments Most recent by mrsdeebee July 4, 2020 2:46AM
  • Hi, the person before me did not know the concept behind the global property of the items in Products and Services and created new entries every single time she needed an item in invoices/estimates. Now there are hundreds of items and I need to clean up the mess, but I get this error "We can't delete this product because it's associated with …
    Ally_rauDesign 191 views 16 comments Most recent by Davidolivier July 3, 2020 9:56PM
  • Hello - from time to time my customers want to update their credit card information. Is there any way to send them to a page on Wave to do this rather than having to collect their new credit card info over the phone?
    11outof11 7 views 1 comment Most recent by ConnorM July 3, 2020 6:18PM
  • Hi, how can I add direct deposit to my bank account as a way to pay on the invoice?
    Sahil 7 views 1 comment Most recent by ConnorM July 3, 2020 5:39PM
  • Wave seems to be automatically sending invoice reminders to my customers who have overdue invoices. One was sent this morning at 5am, saying it was from me. It was seen as rude, and I want to know how to prevent this from happening in the future.
    rahimthepharmacist 404 views 19 comments Most recent by ConnorM July 3, 2020 3:33PM
  • I would like a field where I can put in the cost of an item and the markup % to give me my selling price.
    Jacques_Marx73 2 views 0 comments Started by Jacques_Marx73 July 3, 2020 9:44AM
  • I've been trying to update this multiple times over the past week. It will not update. The account it's attached to doesn't exist anymore and I need to refund a client from a new account. Is there was to contact support aside from the bot?
    TanyaKyoga 10 views 1 comment Most recent by AlexL July 2, 2020 4:40PM
  • sale tax report figures does not add up with the relevant sales for the same period
    Adonis 5 views 0 comments Started by Adonis July 2, 2020 12:50PM
  • Hi. How does one search for a customer? Thanks.
    PaulT 7 views 2 comments Most recent by PaulT July 1, 2020 8:09PM
  • Hello! I need to change font sizes on my invoices/estimates/reports etc, as well as I need to resize and add few columns in my invoices, I can't find any options regarding it. Plus, there is no automatic discount option on invoices which is basic need for most of the bills, I request to add it too. Thanks waiting for the updates.
    Mustafa 31 views 4 comments Most recent by muttdoc July 1, 2020 4:16PM
  • How can I change the automatic numbers generated by Wave? It has the year in the Invoice title, so 2019 is still showing on my recurring invoices. How do I change this? I can't redo all my recurring invoices, clients have already entered credit card info. for automatic payments and I'm not starting over on that.
    curiouslight 8 views 2 comments Most recent by AlexL July 1, 2020 12:50PM
  • Last year one of my customers asked that I update her email address in Wave so that all future invoices would be sent to the new email. I did that and all of the non-recurring invoices that I've sent since then have sent to the new email just fine. Then, on the March 1st, Wave sent out her recurring invoice and this was sent to the old email addr…
    Clif4dito 27 views 7 comments Most recent by Stefanf11 July 1, 2020 10:58AM
  • I want to know how can i check how many of 1 item I sold?
    StarzUnlimited 5 views 1 comment Most recent by CallieP June 30, 2020 6:25PM
  • Hi. Came across this thread which was closed with no resolution. I am currently experiencing the same issue. “Hi there , wave invoicing had been working fine up until a week or two ago , when I sent an invoice IÛªd always highlight send a copy to myself , for some reason it isnÛªt working anymore and I havenÛªt changed any settings” Please advi…
    RSSH 124 views 26 comments Most recent by Gichuhi June 30, 2020 3:39AM
  • Dear. I tried to use google sheet feature to upload the last month invoice, however, there are error mentioned that one sheet allowed to upload one customer only. For example, the whole month use for only CASH, how to upload bulk instead of one by one?
    Reeve 24 views 11 comments Most recent by Reeve June 30, 2020 1:19AM
  • PipPip
    Is there a way to set a default account? Almost every single transaction of ours will go through what I have named 'statement account', but of course I have to select it from the list for each txn as I key it in. Sure, first-world problems, but I'm wondering if an account can be set as the first choice or default account. Thanks.
    Pip 7 views 2 comments Most recent by ScoutTreas June 30, 2020 12:10AM
  • Hey there, I'm receiving this error message when trying to edit/remove a payment from this one particular invoice: "Oops! There was an issue with editing your payment. Please try again." I recorded a payment manually as I usually do about a month ago. Now that I'm reviewing and reconciling my transactions (after uploading my bank state…
    naatt 7 views 3 comments Most recent by CallieP June 29, 2020 8:10PM
  • please let me know which countries can have checkout feature? I want to offer wave accounting as option for checkout. I want to know which all countries i can offer this solution?
    hrizvi 6 views 1 comment Most recent by CallieP June 29, 2020 7:01PM
  • Hello, We use wave for some payments and accept all credit cards. A client just emailed me that the credit card option is no longer displaying on her invoices. She pays multiple invoices by cc each month with no problem. I checked and the settings still show that we accept cc's, and I sent a copy of the invoice to myself and it worked. Is there…
    JK007 25 views 4 comments Most recent by BarsinA June 25, 2020 7:48PM
    Is there a limit on how much you can invoice? Is there an amount that, if you go over it, it will put your funds on hold? I’ve had issues with this with other processing companies, and wondering if that would happen here. Thank you so much in advance!
    ECG 8 views 1 comment Most recent by Kristian_G June 25, 2020 6:24PM
  • How do you edit the account that is assigned by Wave to the Wave payment processing fee.
    ken_bail3y 6 views 1 comment Most recent by BarsinA June 25, 2020 6:07PM
  • Hi All, I would like to offer a discount for my customers who exceeding a certain amount. For example, my store offers 10% to any customer who exceeding $200 as a total purchase from us. If Chris for example buys something cost $100, a month later buy $60 and today pay $90. How do I get an alarm or notification that Chris paid over $200 in total…
    W2020 10 views 1 comment Most recent by BarsinA June 25, 2020 5:06PM
  • Hi, I'm new here and have been using Wave for some time. I'm very happy with except that I would like to receive notifications when someone pays me. Is this possible to set up? Thanks
    SJEMarketing 422 views 11 comments Most recent by BarsinA June 24, 2020 7:47PM
  • It appears automatic payment reminders are turned on by default resulting in customers getting incorrect payment reminders if I forget to "record" payments. How can I make the default to be be no reminders checked? Thanks!
    JimS 798 views 13 comments Most recent by BarsinA June 24, 2020 4:48PM
  • Hello! One of my customers is large company, in which I have various contacts to whom I send invoices and estimates. Is it possible to create one Customer with Multiple Contacts?
    mcfarlanej 570 views 28 comments Most recent by BarsinA June 24, 2020 4:11PM
  • I am facing difficulty in adjusting the amount of Taxation. In our region it is mendatory for the customers to deduct the Withholding Income Tax. While receiving the payments I am unable to adjust the amount of tax duducted on my invoices.
    AbdurRahman89 11 views 7 comments Most recent by AbdurRahman89 June 22, 2020 5:53PM
  • While the customer pays, they do deductions for various other expenses. How can I reflect it so that the accounts will be equal for both parties?
    srb9298 17 views 2 comments Most recent by AbdurRahman89 June 22, 2020 5:50PM
  • Hi, In the list of my products, I have items that I don't sell any more but since I have old invoices in which I have sold the mentioned items, I cannot delete the products. I'm talking about like 30 items that each time I want to add a new line to my invoice, I have scroll before I can get to the one product I am looking for. Does anyone know if…
    Mehran 516 views 27 comments Most recent by KSP June 18, 2020 3:45PM
  • how the hell do you get a hold of customer service??? I need a number like yesterday and the chat bot is a joke! They are holding my money because an error on their end not being able to verify my bank yet it's already been verified on another account and it's already been connected to my wave account.
    oregon 8 views 1 comment Most recent by ConnorM June 18, 2020 2:37PM