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  • How to remove a Wave logo that we have in invoices? Currently, we are evaluating Wave invoicing app at Rioks, and wonder if we can possibly use it for the future clients' billing. The problem is - having an extra branding inside of the email and sender's email to belong to will not build our image of a professional company. Any so…
    Oleksiy 784 views 11 comments Most recent by roberth709 March 14, 2019 8:47PM
  • We often have many estimates to do one after the other but at present Wave has to return to the Estimates summary page to begin a new estimate. It would be good to select create New Estimate from the final review or View screen. Same comments for invoices and bills. Maybe add another button between "Convert to Invoice" and "Customer…
    Tim_Atkinson 3 views 1 comment Most recent by Katie_Silkina March 14, 2019 7:18PM
  • Hi everyone! My question is two fold: I do many invoices per client per month and they prefer to receive a monthly statement, in stead of each invoice separately. Is there any way to send bulk statements to all my customers with invoices outstanding? (At the moment I go to each client and send a statement - it takes forever...) Then, when I rece…
    Melaniedv 14 views 1 comment Most recent by JamieD March 14, 2019 4:41PM
  • Can anyone tell me if credits are included in the outflow in Cash Flow Reports? We use Wave to create invoices, but do not have Wave linked to a bank account. We are trying to generate income reports for tax which include only income from paid invoices, not invoices not yet paid. We have outflow amounts on these reports, but have not paid anyone o…
    Ptfyp5_15 23 views 1 comment Most recent by Ryan_W March 6, 2019 11:34PM
  • We have a community organization that has 500+ homes. Everyone is encouraged to join and we would like them to pay the annual dues. They are not required to join and around half will not. Am I better off to send a generic (non-wave) "invoice" requesting payment and then creating the invoice in Wave when I receive a payment? If not, my co…
    elbmagb 73 views 1 comment Most recent by Mikeg March 2, 2019 4:08AM
  • I used to run a sales tax audit report at the end of a month to show me the invoices that had been generated, It would detail the Amount before Tax and the Tax Payable - I can't seem to find such a report - can anyone suggest an alternative or a workaround? I used this to calculate the VAT I owed at the end of the quarter.
    aneil79 58 views 6 comments Most recent by ZoeC February 25, 2019 6:35PM
  • When a payment is recorded, can there be an option to upload the paper receipt given for that payment so that paper trail is on record?
    nirura 1 view 1 comment Most recent by Samd February 22, 2019 5:05PM
  • How can we activate payment by wave feature in our business? We are an Indian company.
    giapjournals 15 views 1 comment Most recent by Samd February 21, 2019 5:57PM
  • A competitor to Wave does an awesome job of notifying you when your cutomer opens your invoice. You can get notifications for this and also see it under the invoice or estimate. (Image)
    steelboxco 61 views 4 comments Most recent by Corbett_canines_18 February 19, 2019 7:08PM
  • This is very frustrating. Invoices do not have a place to show the customer account number. If I view a customer, it appears in the "More" section but there appears to be no way to add this to the invoices when generated. At least on the recurring billing which is what I use almost exclusively. I've taken to manually adding it behind the…
    kevinfreels 184 views 1 comment Most recent by JamieD February 19, 2019 6:11PM
  • I put the Young People's Opera Society of BC (YPOSBC) onto the wave platform a year ago. It's automated invoicing and payments thereon is amazing and has saved me time I desparatly needed. Twice a year we have a program registration frenzy. About 50 people are processed through Google forms. I set up a Sheets that contains all the invoices and…
    alec 668 views 12 comments Most recent by PaulC February 18, 2019 11:36PM
  • RizRiz
    Please implement late payment feature and after due date invoice amount.
    Riz 168 views 4 comments Most recent by Ryan_W February 18, 2019 6:13PM
  • I've got a workflow question. I build custom furniture so every invoice has line item for labor and materials. When starting a project, I'll estimate materials cost and when closing out an invoice, will invoice the customer (on the same invoice) for the actual materials cost. Is there a way to apply/assign an Expense directly to an invoice? For ex…
    thelast10sf 56 views 3 comments Most recent by Mark_FR February 16, 2019 8:22AM
  • My Sales Tax Report shows the total amount of sales which are zero rated for VAT (UK) but the Purchases Subject to Tax Zero Rated shows as £0.00 even though I've made a number of purchases so need to know if there's a way to have the total value of zero rated purchases shown as need a combined purchases figure for VAT return?
    Anthony07 25 views 3 comments Most recent by AmandaK February 15, 2019 5:10PM
  • For certain service providers (i.e. maids/cleaners/painters/gardeners) they provide similar services to each customer, but the price for that service is different for each customer based on factors such as size/square-footage of the house/building or of the lot, for example. Therefore, i would like to request a feature where it is possible to set…
    JeroenG 11 views 1 comment Most recent by JamieD February 15, 2019 4:46PM
  • I realize this feature wouldn't (on the surface) generate any additional income for Wave, but there have been multiple requests, and I'm sure folks would be willing to pay a little bit for this feature, rather than move to another platform. I love that Wave is incredibly easy to use, and I know it would be a draw to far more people if it had this …
    hickorysmoke 55 views 3 comments Most recent by hickorysmoke February 15, 2019 4:03PM
  • I have a few clients that I provide ongoing services to and accure several invoices for their work for one of my business. I would love for my clients to access their invoices via my website so they can pay for those invoices. Email inboxes can be full and confusing at times. My business website already has a client login portal and I would love …
    TXGlamCEO 1 view 0 comments Started by TXGlamCEO February 15, 2019 12:38PM
  • Hi All, Need help to understand if i can receive payment for services provided by my India based company from clients in the USA
    MeanMachine 1 view 1 comment Most recent by MeanMachine February 15, 2019 12:24PM
  • Hi! I receive payments from Europe, and many credit cards in Europe do not have a ZIP code associated with them. Wave's card payment form doesn't accept that you don't enter a zip, it's a required field. Problem is, that if the European company puts in the zip/postcode from their bank or address, it is not going to validate..! Until you guys add…
    John69 22 views 2 comments Most recent by John69 February 14, 2019 10:04PM
  • It would be great if we could pass known variables to a customized invoice template. For example, I have a few folks that I invoice separately for different companies. Rather than just sending with the standard subject line that comes across as something like "Invoice #10 from MY COMPANY", if I could customize that line in the invoice …
    mgallant 110 views 8 comments Most recent by Rahim February 14, 2019 8:35PM
  • Is there a way to move the Description field to beside the Item (product/service) field, rather than underneath it? I find that invoices tend to expand to two pages when not really necessary. My Item field is never more than 10 numbers, so I have this HUGE space to the right of it.
    McGraw2121 11 views 3 comments Most recent by Rahim February 14, 2019 8:23PM
  • We provide different services to customers and usually this is done quarterly basis or on a regular set schedule. It would be very helpful to me if I was able to categorize customers by the type of service they receive. For instance all commercial pest svc in a group, termite treatments in another and mosquito misting system customers in a group. …
    Awashington1977_ 12 views 1 comment Most recent by Rahim February 14, 2019 8:03PM
  • Between the Invoice number box and the invoice date is the PO/SO number box. I do not use this and would like to change it to something I do use, like "Event Date" I haven't been able to find a way to make changes on the template. In the meantime I am writing it in myself, it just looks a little cheezy....
    Dyanna 1 view 1 comment Most recent by JamieD February 14, 2019 6:59PM
  • Is it possible to remove/hide the "Grand Total" at the bottom of an Estimate? My estimate includes options e.g. Full Day, Half Day, etc., that a potential client has to choose. So a cumulative display of all service costs is both inaccurate and could cause an initial shock or confusion for the prospect. Any ideas or workarounds?
    jgarsena 46 views 1 comment Most recent by JamieD February 14, 2019 4:42PM
  • Is there a way that I can update my entire customer base to include a unique account number? I have used Wave Connect to test this, but it says that it will create duplicate customers. Is there any way that Wave Connect or another process can be used to just update the current customer record with an account number?
    scout_treas 1 view 5 comments Most recent by PaulC February 13, 2019 11:23PM
  • Hello, I have been using Wave for a few years already, and I am very pleased and thankful for the application and all its functioanlities. I have been waiting for cashflow reports for a while, I read on older posts that it was possible to use them, but for some reason I don't have that option. How can I help in order to get them?
    Daniel_Nanton_CR 32 views 6 comments Most recent by JustinA February 13, 2019 9:37PM
  • Please allow sorting of entries by clicking on the column headers e.G. in Receipts. It would make my life so much easier. Also a search button would be awesome like in a filter.
    Thorian 11 views 3 comments Most recent by Thorian February 13, 2019 4:23PM
  • In my line a work I take a deposit or partial payment before I get started. In addition, the remainder is usually billed out in installments until the entire invoice is finished. I'm new, but it seems like you either invoice and the customer pays you partially on their own terms, or you go recurring invoice and where there is now an INVOICE 1, And…
    BenFrankz 369 views 2 comments Most recent by BenFrankz February 12, 2019 12:50AM
  • I would love to use the new Checkout feature with a reoccurring product like a subscription. I would love to be able to able to have someone pay for a service $XX a month without having to key it in through the admin. If this is already a feature, I would love to find out how to do it. Thanks
    jdgrant 1 view 0 comments Started by jdgrant February 7, 2019 4:42PM
  • Hello All. My business involves providing recurring services to clients on a regular basis with invoices sent monthly. Is there anyway to apply different dates to the line items in a single invoice? For instance, if I provided a service (and I bill for various types of services for each service date) on Jan 3, Jan 10 and Jan 24, can I add a se…
    matthewz 39 views 2 comments Most recent by sdevaney February 6, 2019 3:01PM