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  • We've seen requests to add a deposit feature within our Invoicing platform in Wave. We'd love to hear how, if implemented, you would use this feature and what functionality you'd like to see come along with it.
    AlexL Poll Announcement 48 views 4 comments Most recent by camori November 5, 2019 3:16PM
  • Is there any priority given to recurring billing? Any ETA on this feature? I'm currently down to wave and freshbooks in my evaluation. The only thing holding me back from wave is the recurring billing feature.
    ShawnMclean 23 views 22 comments Most recent by Muzzler November 21, 2019 10:05PM
  • Good Day Admin Please could you let me know if there will be a Delivery Notes option added at some stage. This is something that we would use on a regular basis. Thanks so much in advance :)
    Lisa_7206 4 views 9 comments Most recent by Lisa_7206 November 21, 2019 6:02AM
  • Hi, I am new to Wave and just getting used to the great service. I am looking for a way of creating an end of month statement for multiple invoices for each customer. I see a link ' Customer invoices' coming soon. Is this the only way of doing it? Thank you in hopeful anticipation.
    GreatBakes1 9 views 1 comment Most recent by ConnorM November 20, 2019 10:29PM
  • Is it possible to put email address in the contact details section on invoices? I know there is one line I can customise but I use that for ABN number. Anywhere else I can put an email address? Surely that would be a common thing, I just can't seem to find it anywhere.
    Neety2 9 views 1 comment Most recent by ConnorM November 20, 2019 6:44PM
  • Whenever I enter payments and transactions, the default "Payment Account" is the cash on hand account, which I very rarely use, so I have to manually select my bank account every time (and sometimes forget to do, which causes confusion and later editing). Is there a way to change the default "Payment account" selection to a ba…
    naggs 114 views 6 comments Most recent by ConnorM November 20, 2019 6:41PM
  • Hello wave team, After using the service for a couple weeks now, I have started to enjoy the experience but I think there are a couple things that would make the overall experience much more powerful and easier to use. * Allow us to add new columns on the invoice dashboard page that can show more information related to the invoices. Since our bu…
    Knowa 3 views 1 comment Most recent by ConnorM November 20, 2019 6:37PM
  • Hi, I generally love Wave and have been using it for a while. There are a couple of niggles I don't love. First, when it converts to invoice it converts as is. What I mean is that it also converts the header, footer and notes. What I'd really like is for it to bring the table over but use the invoice defaults set in the invoice editor. Because r…
    LiveFuse 4 views 1 comment Most recent by AlexL November 18, 2019 3:34PM
  • As mentioned by some members, I hope Wave can implement a Credit Note feature. This is a very basic and important function for accounting and auditing purposes. Work around it just doesn't cut it. You need to change the title of the document to Credit Note and etc. Please, Wave?
    jason1234 5K views 118 comments Most recent by EmmaP November 15, 2019 9:55PM
  • Hi, this is a simple one: can we please have the option to use "-" (minus sign) to represent negative numbers on invoices ? the current nomenclature (the "(xxx.xx)" parenthesis) might be appropriate between accountants, but after all, most invoices are intended to non accounting specialists.... Thanks
    Dedric 99 views 9 comments Most recent by Dedric November 14, 2019 11:05PM
  • I know you can attach a PDF version of the invoice when sending through the Sales > Invoice ui. It would be great to be able to upload another PDF and attach that as well. My use case: I frequently purchase software (wordpress related themes, plugins, fonts, etc) for my clients' projects and pass the cost on to them. It's nice to show the invoi…
    davidsteindesign 3 views 1 comment Most recent by EmmaP November 14, 2019 10:45PM
  • When I add an item on to an invoice, is there way to add the date to each item?
    DrDoc 308 views 33 comments Most recent by AlexL November 14, 2019 6:32PM
  • how do I add column to invoice template
    Brain_123 704 views 68 comments Most recent by EmmaP November 13, 2019 11:08PM
  • I would like to distinguish between members of my non-profit company, who pay dues, and entities that we charge for program services. Right now, they are all characterized as customers, which means that every time I print revenue reports I have to export them to Excel and put in a lot of time rearranging everything.
    DeanSurkin 1 view 1 comment Most recent by AlexL November 13, 2019 7:19PM
  • Is there an option to email customers a payment confirmation or receipt automatically?
    megeank 209 views 8 comments Most recent by millerhandc November 13, 2019 1:52PM
  • I moved over to Wave after a decade with Harvest. I loved what they did but I wanted it all under one roof. For the most part I am happy with the switch. But I miss the ability for a client to actually approve an estimate. This would let me know we are ready to go and it would take the estimate out of the estimate lists and categorize it as "…
    lterenzi 824 views 49 comments Most recent by EmmaP November 11, 2019 10:52PM
  • Hi all, Is it possible to add a free text field to invoice lines? The customer wants an invoice that spells out the amount, e.g., in addition to $300, they also want to see "Three Hundred US Dollar". A bit like how checks are manually written. Thanks!
    Brouwer 4 views 1 comment Most recent by AlexL November 11, 2019 4:27PM
  • Good day I am aware this topic has previously been discussed but i would like to find out if the wave team has implemented a bulk invoice printing or downloading method in the wave system as this is really lacking and making the use of wave difficult. If we can get a way to download or print multiple invoices at once wave will be a very efficient…
    Mister_Jinn 22 views 60 comments Most recent by judeanfootball November 10, 2019 1:48PM
  • Hi My problem in this.. I have a business account connected to me waveapp. Every time I make a purchase with my business card which is connected with waveapp it syncs my transactions, great! Now, I want to do is upload my receipt/invoice of purchase to waveapp and attach to the purchase record but when I do that via my app on my phone or on my…
    Famoso 6.3K views 89 comments Most recent by JeremiahJames November 9, 2019 12:34AM
  • Hello Basically I want to record expenses of let's say a yearly hosting plan I bought which I can deduct from my tax as busieness related expense. In waveapps I create a Bill but with the bill I want to attach a PDF invoice from the hosting company, if a tax Audit happens I will provide the original invoice PDF and other related files, would…
    idealdesigns 220 views 12 comments Most recent by BarsinA November 8, 2019 10:41PM
  • It would really help me out if there was a way to upload documents to an invoice. I would like to be able to upload my customer PO's to the invoices for tracking and even the ability to upload my customers payment confirmations as well. Is this something that may be possible and I'm just missing it?
    jmunson 1 view 6 comments Most recent by peterk November 8, 2019 9:25PM
  • Hello! I'm wondering what other people do for invoice numbering, and whether a feature could be added to adjust the numbers more intelligently. This is largely psychological, but I'm self-conscious about using the default numbering when I'm dealing with repeat customers. It's weird to me that the invoice number I send them is basically revealing…
    Dignan17 4 views 1 comment Most recent by AlexL November 7, 2019 6:43PM
  • It would be nice to have a way to Filter / Sort the receipt list (in the same way other lists works: invoices/bills/...)
    Xavier_be 1 view 0 comments Started by Xavier_be November 7, 2019 4:22PM
  • It would be nice to transform a receipt into a bill. I encoded all my bills as expenses using the Web/Android but now i can't really use statistics on receipt as you could do with bills. For example, the Export/By Vendor does not contain any of the expenses even if the info is there :(
    Xavier_be 1 view 0 comments Started by Xavier_be November 7, 2019 4:20PM
  • Hi: is there a way to create a checkout that can create a recurring payment at the same time ? Or will I have to create checkout and then create recurring payment for this customer ? I am in the subscription box business and I am looking into building my website with wix. Thanks in advance
    Chanel 264 views 16 comments Most recent by melissaw November 7, 2019 12:07AM
  • Loving the invoice feature. In addition to a logo and accent color, it would be great to at least be able to specify the body, paragraph, or a (link), colors or at least the overall text color. Also it would be great to incorporate google web fonts - i know there are limitations when using html email but it'd be nice for the PDF exports. Or even t…
    davidsteindesign 12 views 1 comment Most recent by AlexL November 6, 2019 5:24PM
  • Having a button on the estimate for clients to Approve it and then it automatically converts it to an invoice for immediate payment. This would eliminate so many steps for me and my client. Right now I email the estimate, client responds via email with approval. I convert the estimate to an invoice then I email it to the client.
    Kr8ve1 2 views 1 comment Most recent by ConnorM October 31, 2019 6:08PM
  • Hi, new user to Wave. I've entered my receipts which are showing as singular on wave, yet when I export data it keeps exporting with these receipts doubled up. It's driving me crazy. Any help gratefully received.
    ThomB 1 view 1 comment Most recent by ConnorM October 31, 2019 4:09PM
  • Hi, After the recent changes, I am not able to see that sales tax audit report anymore. It would be much appreciated if these type of changes are properly communicated to avoid unpleasant surprises. Did anybody find this report or has knowledge about how this report can be accessed again? Regards, Robert
    roberth709 114 views 13 comments Most recent by TJ_in_ZA October 31, 2019 10:06AM
  • Hi community. How can I customise my "Invoice Reminders" or "Payment Receipts"? In my case, I want them to be written in German and a few more details. Is there a way to change the default text? Thank you
    Amadeus Hoffmann 766 views 37 comments Most recent by Metatron October 31, 2019 3:51AM