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  • Hi everyone, I had a push notification from Invoice app which simply said 'lol'. Can someone help me decipher this message? I know what it means, but it really has no place in this context.
    nathan Closed 31 views 4 comments Most recent by Charlotte December 1, 2017 6:08PM
  • ianian
    I had a very unsettling experience just now when I received a notification from the Wave Invoices app which consisted of the acronym 'lol'. No other information was included, and when I opened the app no further information was forthcoming. Is this a poorly planned 'easter egg', a possible compromising of Wave's infrastructure, or the actions of …
    ian Closed 29 views 5 comments Most recent by hunnydip December 1, 2017 6:08PM
  • s ms m
    not able to log in
    s m Closed 4 views 1 comment Most recent by Charlotte November 23, 2017 1:52AM