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  • Due to ongoing issues with a third party provider, uploading receipts by emailing them from your primary email address to [email protected] is currently unavailable. In the meantime, you can upload receipts using the Receipts by Wave app for Android or iOS, or directly from Purchases > Receipts using the Upload a receipt button. If you ha…
    Charlotte Announcement 565 views 10 comments Most recent by EmmaP March 20, 2020 6:55PM
  • Hey Wavers! On Saturday, June 8th, between 12:00 a.m. – 8:00 a.m. EST, automatic scanning for Receipts by Wave will be unavailable while we do some planned maintenance. During this maintenance period, receipts will still be processed and you’ll be able to add details manually and post to accounting. Thanks for your understanding. You can read m…
    Katie_Wave Announcement 41 views 0 comments Started by Katie_Wave June 7, 2019 9:18PM
  • Hi, I'm new to Wave and the Wave mobile app. I'm trying to understand how to upload many receipts quickly and efficiently. Right now the scanning time is very long - and I read on the website it can take an hour? How is everyone uploading multiple receipts and verifying them - in a quick efficient manner? Do you scan your receipts at once, then g…
    Irened 15 views 4 comments Most recent by Irened June 30, 2020 6:55PM
  • Am trying to upload a PNG or JPG logo which is 24KB. However in invoice customization it gives error as belpw Upload an image that is less than 10MB in size.
    voyageshub 13 views 1 comment Most recent by ConnorM June 19, 2020 6:15PM
  • This discussion was created from comments split from: Setting up for more than one business.
    System 14 views 2 comments Most recent by ConnorM May 29, 2020 7:14PM
    I have a Personal account and I have a lot of receipts uploaded showing "Ready" status. Is there any risk that there will be too many--or from too long ago--and they will start disappearing? (Followup question: Is there any way to post them to accounting en masse?)
    ETL 10 views 1 comment Most recent by ConnorM May 29, 2020 4:46PM
  • We're a catering company and our grocery bills are quite extensive, usually 14" long or more. How can we easily entre/scan these on the go?
    Michael_FDL 17 views 1 comment Most recent by AlexL May 22, 2020 2:57PM
  • Big Greeting to Wave Team, Thanks, Wave for everything it's very good, And I have already download Wave applications which is very good working very good but I cannot see my Estimates I cannot create a new one I think you have to put this optional if this is possible because it will help so many people to use more all Wave services.
    Ribier 18 views 10 comments Most recent by Ribier May 20, 2020 5:52AM
  • Hi! In the app, I've added a tax definition. I want to remove it because it is incorrect. There is no obvious way to do this. Please help.
    nebrox 15 views 1 comment Most recent by JordanD May 11, 2020 4:45PM
  • Hi! I have several issues with the receipts app on IOS. First of all, it randomly goes offline, and all receipts entered will not show up in the accounting even when the app goes back online. Then, the app is very slow and several things randomly don't work. Sometimes, it is impossible to view the photo of the receipts as they are constantly &qu…
    Ramy 606 views 11 comments Most recent by ConnorM April 17, 2020 8:45PM
  • I have been trying to add 9 receipts to my Wave account, but the receipts stay in the status of 'Processing'. There doesn't seem to be a way to edit them on the Web; I can edit the information on mobile (Android app) — but then still find myself unable to 'Post to accounting', essentially making them unavailable for my bookkeeping. Any help to res…
    ldanielswakman 73 views 17 comments Most recent by NicoletteB April 16, 2020 7:19PM
  • I captured receipts with the iPhone Camera, it extracted data, but does not show the receipt and no matter what shows the status as “Offline” when connected by WiFi. What’s going on? Others have seen the same bug. When wi this crucial step be fixed?
    ThurstonPrint 848 views 22 comments Most recent by Kristian_G April 7, 2020 7:08PM
  • Its been a few months since this post was made in April 2019. The app continues to have these same issues and I'm wondering what update there is to these problems. * App is often "stuck", not responding at times when you're trying to switch between tabs * App has the message "Offline" stuck at the top, almost always – even whe…
    jonrnickel 147 views 7 comments Most recent by Playwest March 30, 2020 5:34PM
  • afhafh
    I'm trying to figure out how to scan receipts on the wave app for android. It is mentioned on the blog here: See this screenshot: The link goes to an error page and when you search for Wave in Goggle Play the one listed only has invoicing available....? Please tell me w…
    afh 92 views 7 comments Most recent by ConnorM March 20, 2020 1:16PM
  • Hi folks, about 10 days ago, I took pics of all our receipts and processed them all in the wave receipts app. But they are not showing up in the wave accounting. The 'exporting' suggestions don't seem to be applicable time. Last year was a breeze. Did something change? Any help would be appreciated, cuz entering hundreds of receipts individually w…
    Rollout 22 views 1 comment Most recent by ConnorM March 4, 2020 10:19PM
  • Hi Everyone, I upload my receipts with the Wave Receipts App but it crashes A LOT!! It just closes down and often I will take a photo of a receipt and the photo won't register - what should I do??? Please HELLLPPPP!! Thanks so much!
    kariboo_27 22 views 0 comments Started by kariboo_27 February 28, 2020 6:17AM
  • I downloaded the app how do I create invoice
    Gideon 18 views 1 comment Most recent by EmmaP February 20, 2020 8:25PM
  • Hey Wavers, Wave Receipts is not currently available for Android in the Google Play Store. We’re working on making the app available to you again, and we’ll update you on this post when that’s possible. In the meantime, you can upload receipts directly in your Wave account or email receipts to Wave. Learn more about receipt uploads here, and e…
    JustinA 1.7K views 30 comments Most recent by AlexL February 12, 2020 10:39PM
  • App closing out before invoice is completed and all information just input on the new invoice is gone.
    2020 19 views 2 comments Most recent by AlexL February 6, 2020 9:56PM
  • I uploaded my invoice from other software. After approving draft and apply payment using iPhone app, cant seem to change to apply payment date as the text appear on white and the background on white... is anyone experiencing this?
    Joel 25 views 1 comment Most recent by AlexL January 10, 2020 8:49PM
  • I wish to delete my Wave account on a mobile but i am concerned this will clear the account totally, i have replaced the mobile and need to lose the information ? Any help would be appreciated
    56Raymond 36 views 3 comments Most recent by AlexL December 17, 2019 3:22PM
  • Hello, Please can anyone tell me how I can edit the default sections subheading, footer and notes? I'm not able to type in the boxes?! I am able to type in the other boxes, but not these. Thanks
    FiFiM 32 views 13 comments Most recent by BarsinA November 28, 2019 6:54PM
  • Every time I try to open the invoice app I just get an error message stating ‘Can’t load content. Sorry there’s been an error while loading content.’ I’ve tried uninstalling and redownloading the apps but no such luck.
    kyrstie_rankine 54 views 1 comment Most recent by ConnorM November 19, 2019 7:19PM
  • After setting up Invoice and Reciepts by Wave on my android, I have lost all invoices, all estimates and Wave no longer has any record of my bank information?!?! Everything is gone and support cannot log into the android app, even with my permission, to try to figure out the issue. Repeatedly asked for someone with access the app, with no answer.…
    AndrewGSierraScreens 39 views 1 comment Most recent by AlexL November 1, 2019 6:08PM
  • Having trouble signing in . I sign in and repeats the same process of logging in . Please help
    Frankyj Closed 26 views 1 comment Most recent by AlexL October 25, 2019 6:58PM
  • Is there a limit to the number of receipts I can input? I just inputted a receipt, but it does not show up. I took a picture and filled in the details and pushed the check mark. There are 11 receipts on the android app so far.
    izoo 31 views 2 comments Most recent by AlexL October 15, 2019 6:06PM
  • I cannot log into my account using the option to log in through the google account which is what I use on the desktop version, is there something I can do to log into the mobile account?
    Abraham 21 views 1 comment Most recent by BarsinA October 10, 2019 3:55PM
  • I understand the need to use the camera for Receipts; it's obviously a core functionality for the app to do its thing. I'd like to know though, why my front-facing camera pops up on starting the app. Seems unnecessary at best, and definitely creepy at worst.
    yourtechsolution 20 views 1 comment Most recent by EmmaP September 30, 2019 5:51PM
  • Hello, I am having problems with Receipts. I cannot load receipts anymore through my phone. I'd love suggestions. I have lots of receipts to upload and I don;t know how to go about this. Thanks in advance. Ana
    ABDPhotography 24 views 1 comment Most recent by BarsinA September 27, 2019 7:12PM
  • After recent update, the app is logging out always, so every time i need to type user and password
    Welldone 26 views 5 comments Most recent by AlexL September 20, 2019 5:47PM
  • My receipts are not being read by my phone as it did last year. I get the pic but on my phone must manually enter Vender names , dates, amounts. What am I doing wrong?
    Vendetta1951 43 views 4 comments Most recent by jayzzz September 18, 2019 5:05PM