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  • New to Wave, I have entered my customer info on my laptop and also created a couple of invoices but when I look at my mobile app, I can't see all this info - does the mobile app "update" with the info I've entered on my laptop? TIA
    samnico 33 views 1 comment Most recent by EmmaP October 4, 2019 6:41PM
  • Hi everyone, I am wondering if there is any way that I can get people to sign for invoices on a Note 9 or 10. Would love to reduce the amount of paper that I am going to use in my business. I still work for others and they end up throwing there invoices away and reference the digital copy that is emailed to them instead. Obviously I will give them…
    Dominic 22 views 2 comments Most recent by Dominic September 18, 2019 3:37AM
  • Using wave invoice is nice but when do we get wave Quotation or estimate app?
    SlySA 4K views 18 comments Most recent by JordanD September 15, 2019 7:14PM
  • It would be great to be able to crop photos of receipts before submission.
    Loop78 95 views 3 comments Most recent by Spanner1969 September 3, 2019 8:28PM
  • How do I share invoice via whatsapp on iphone
    Hademeday 152 views 3 comments Most recent by ChelseaK July 15, 2019 8:53PM
  • Hello, I want to make my app that optimizes the battery. I noticed that some application i.e. "WhatsApp", "Messenger", "Viber" "IMO" etc whitelisted by default. Whenever we install these applications by default these application's "Power saving" is turned off in "smart manager application&quo…
    Sophiemarton 42 views 1 comment Most recent by Barsin July 3, 2019 5:18PM
  • In IOS you have the ability to open a PDF in a number of apps using the up-arrow in the top right corner. It would be nice if we had Receipts in that list of available apps so we can export directly to your app.
    greadon 53 views 5 comments Most recent by ChelseaK June 27, 2019 6:50PM
  • I do try and use my iPad Pro as much as I can when I'm traveling, it's just a nicer work surface than the iPhone for my remote office tasks. The iPad apps for Wave Receipts and Wave Invoices are direct iPhone ports. They are not full screen, they do not rotate to landscape and I would love to see the WaveApps optimized for iPad. Thanks You
    TLCINC_18 365 views 4 comments Most recent by dandies May 29, 2019 2:23AM
  • We need: * A simple time card app for iOS, Android and even the web interface on a computer browser. * Time IN/OUT, breaks, etc. and a place to make notes to a supervisor to explain oddities or one-offs, etc. * GPS tracking for out-and-about employees or otherwise traveling on company time, etc.. Quickbooks has this with their "TShee…
    ckrzen 158 views 3 comments Most recent by ckrzen May 28, 2019 9:25PM
  • Is there any way I can see all of my reports (sales YTD etc.) on the MO Ile app?
    Drums1078 73 views 1 comment Most recent by Ryan_W April 26, 2019 10:43PM
  • It's fine being able to create an invoice and send it via e-mail, but what I really need is the ability to send a notification via sms with a link that will take customers to the wave payment portal. Everyone looks at there phone, unfortunately not everyone does the same with e-mail.
    Kel520 790 views 2 comments Most recent by UHRP3 April 17, 2019 8:17AM
  • I cant find the estimates on mobile device app for android?
    stegzee 21 views 1 comment Most recent by JamieD April 15, 2019 9:16PM
  • Can recipts be setup to auto catergorize recipts ie all shell recipts are gas are business , cash? Would save so much time entering common recipts
    Mattme 33 views 2 comments Most recent by Mattme March 8, 2019 8:52PM
  • Please add sign in option android app Yahoo mail users . Please please please Only seen gmail sign in
    Mijanur 22 views 1 comment Most recent by Samd February 22, 2019 6:01PM
  • We are converting from QuickBooks which has a much broader mobile support which is so critical to our business as were always on the go. I am very disappointed with the mobile app and the missing features like the ability to send estimates, or even view an estimate, from the app. We also miss the ability to see accounting reports and basic summari…
    Ozark_Modern1 52 views 0 comments Started by Ozark_Modern1 January 28, 2019 3:40AM
  • You guys make awesome software, the website, Android, and iPhone apps are amazing! Please give us an invoice app for the iPad!
    pnanninga 564 views 4 comments Most recent by Mani January 18, 2019 12:49AM
  • Hi Wave team, Would like to suggest a more streamlined Receipts process that will increase productivity significantly Current iOS Receipts process: 1) iOS Take photo of receipt/bill, 2) Verify merchant, date, account category, amount tax --> Post to Accounting 3) Open full web browser on a separate laptop/desktop device 4) Login, open Accou…
    LittleBiz 52 views 0 comments Started by LittleBiz December 18, 2018 3:35AM
  • Hi, Is there an edge detection feature for when we take a photo of a receipt?
    istik 12 views 1 comment Most recent by Samd December 11, 2018 6:29PM
  • It would be really nice if you could access the website and mobile apps directly, even if you sign up through a partner. Right now that is not the case, and if you want to do so, you need to contact tech support so that they can unlink your account from the partner. I have seen a few people get that done through the community, but it strikes me th…
    QuintekComputers 13 views 0 comments Started by QuintekComputers December 5, 2018 5:55AM
  • SUGGESTION It would be great to be able to select dates when exporting expenses receipts.
    bbwacker 11 views 1 comment Most recent by JamieD November 22, 2018 11:14PM
  • Hi An accounting mobile app is sorely missed
    muditdr 177 views 2 comments Most recent by muditdr September 29, 2018 2:18AM
  • Hi! Can´t find a way to download or export pdf from the invoice app on my phone. I want to be able to save de pdf directly on my phone without sending it. Is it possible?
    terehinojosa87 1.1K views 5 comments Most recent by Alexia September 11, 2018 4:12PM
  • I already have the invoicing app on my phone, with customers set up. How can i import this info into the full app?
    Charlie05 75 views 1 comment Most recent by OrionsBelts September 6, 2018 7:52PM
  • I am new to using the receipts app and I am having trouble I am not able to add a payment method or category in the app. I am having to go to the website and add those details and then verify the receipt. What am I missing?
    Nrinas 102 views 5 comments Most recent by Alexia September 6, 2018 1:20PM
  • Hi! I think I'm a little confused on the Wave Receipts app - can it only upload paper receipts? I'd love it if Wave had a general mobile companion app so you can do the things on the desktop version (mainly just enter downloaded receipts into categories). Am I missing how to do this or is this for a late version?
    ChaseBowman 23 views 3 comments Most recent by Alexia June 6, 2018 7:23PM
  • I think it would be very useful if there was a phone app you can download that connects to you account where you can take a picture if your receipt and upload it instantly
    tacchan 93 views 1 comment Most recent by orangreene May 4, 2018 3:27PM
  • How can I create a specific report with wave app? Everything is ok except for that function. Example; travel expenses Spain April 2018 Thanks Jean
    Tintin 32 views 1 comment Most recent by JenHopf April 18, 2018 2:14PM
  • Hi, I'm new with Wave, I would like to add incomes and expenses from my android device. Something like using Receipt app but without having to upload a receipt. Is that possible? Thanks a lot.
    truzzardi 32 views 1 comment Most recent by Alexia April 16, 2018 6:42PM
  • Great app. Really fond of the features Wave provides . We have a cleaning services business and we'd like to stay on top of our income and expenses on the move thus it would be great if the mobile app supports accounting to view transactions etc.. what do you guys think? Anyone else keen on getting more features on Mobile?
    lcslebanon 33 views 1 comment Most recent by Alexia March 28, 2018 7:31PM