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  • I have to click on every single Description in my transations because the only things I can see is: "Time to Pet..." "Online Transfer" 'Purchase Authorized" and I can't see the actual expense... How do we see more without clicking on it? In the tutorial, the view was different.
    trek 7 views 0 comments Started by trek January 20, 2022 1:37AM
  • £2,190.40 it should be + £438.08 and not 422.24
    Tazbo 4 views 0 comments Started by Tazbo January 18, 2022 12:06PM
  • How to invite your accountant, bookkeeper, or business partner to help with your accountWave makes it easy to let other people help with your accounting. You can grant access to a trusted individual — an accountant, bookkeeper, tax preparer or business partner, for example — by inviti... Read the full story here
    System 17.3K views 39 comments Most recent by SService January 12, 2022 3:02PM
  • I've attempted to delete and recreate the accounts, however the transactions continue to not import. Please note we're utilizing the free version of Wave.
    Momo93 7 views 0 comments Started by Momo93 January 11, 2022 3:35AM
  • Hi: There are regular monthly payments/transfers from my business bank account to my personal line of credit. I would like advice on how to categorize these transactions. Under the business Wave account, I have categorized them as owner drawings. In the line of credit account under Personal in Wave, I do not know how to categorize those deposits.…
    Lynne Oliver 17 views 0 comments Started by Lynne Oliver January 9, 2022 1:10PM
  • How would I check where gone wrong with my trial balance? Im able to find the specific date which make trial balance not tally but not able to detect which account? need help, Thanks
    SFAI 59 views 16 comments Most recent by sabrinanurliz January 7, 2022 9:13AM
  • Not happy with WAVE's new receipt process that took a simple 2-3 step at the point of sale capture taking 5s into 27 step process that minutes. It's really a new bizarre complex and non-productive process for small businesses. Removing automation is somehow good for small businesses (your stated customer base)...???? What the app did is allow y…
    _Derek_ 12 views 0 comments Started by _Derek_ January 6, 2022 6:37PM
  • I was paid almost $800 two days ago and my money has not been deposited into my bank. I have another $800 coming to me today. But I don’t want to use wave if I can’t access my money. Where is my money? And Where is customer support?!
    Manolo7236 25 views 4 comments Most recent by _Derek_ January 6, 2022 4:20PM
  • My bank transactions have not downloaded since 12/13/21, despite reconnecting, disconnecting bank and reconnecting, etc. I am tired of seeing all the complaints with no resolution, so no more for me. Wave obviously does not respond to these complaints with anything except on giving advice for manually entering the transactions. If I wanted to d…
    ahwdvm 23 views 4 comments Most recent by _Derek_ January 6, 2022 4:15PM
  • WAVE is a great tool for businesses less than 2-3 years old. This fits with WAVE's business objectives and plans. The problem is your customers grow (99% of business owners want to grow their businesses) and WAVE isn't adding the services they need as they grow. This goal seems like a very limited value proposition to both your customers and yo…
    _Derek_ 10 views 0 comments Started by _Derek_ January 6, 2022 4:13PM
  • How long until I get paid?IMPORTANT: Wave's Bank Payments service is currently available to businesses located in the US and Canada only. "Here comes the money!" If it sometimes feels like "the check'scheque'... Read the full story here
    System 10.1K views 66 comments Most recent by FitnessTech_1972 December 30, 2021 1:43PM
  • Hi I am new to the Wave community. I am not sure how to merge credit card transactions. My expenses are from my credit card and I pay my credit card from my checking account. In wave, I actually see 3 transactions for each payment. I updated one as checking to Master, another one as Master to Checking. But am not sure if I am doing it correctly
    Mal21 9 views 0 comments Started by Mal21 December 29, 2021 7:56PM
  • How to pay your employees correctly, accurately, and on time. Every time.When it comes down to it, running payroll isn't complicated; you want to pay your employees on time and pay the government the right amount every time you pay your taxes. We're here to help. We've ... Read the full story here
    System 5.9K views 22 comments Most recent by tnguyen December 24, 2021 1:49AM
  • yroyro
    Bank connection suddenly started getting disconnected every time Wave tries to import transactions. It does get connected if I reconnect every time, but on the RBC side it keeps on asking me "Was that you?" and I have to answer "It was me" to let Wave reconnect again. It had never happened before until now.
    yro 10 views 0 comments Started by yro December 24, 2021 12:40AM
  • Hey folks, looking for help on how to structure and track bank loans used for rental property purchases. Since Wave cant import this data, its been a little challenging for me to sort out how to track it properly outside the income statement (since mortgage costs are not operating expenses). Anyone have any quick tips for how to set this up? Basi…
    mdkoch84 24 views 5 comments Most recent by Mikeg December 23, 2021 7:58PM
  • My Wave Apps account shows to reconnect to my bank account, But Plaid won't accept my username though it is correct.. I can Add a new connected account and it lets me login just fine.. But the current one won't fix it self.. Any solutions here? I don't want to delete my Current bank account and lose all my transaction & accounting that I've …
    Maginethat 13 views 0 comments Started by Maginethat December 22, 2021 4:49PM
  • I'm confused about how to record refunds I've received from merchants I've purchased business equipment for. For instance: If I make a purchase for $500 of camera equipment but ended up returning $300 of it (and receiving a refund), what's the best way to record this in my transactions?
    kakuni 41 views 2 comments Most recent by Mikeg December 21, 2021 3:24AM
  • I use Dubsado for invoicing, and Stripe fees come out right at that point. I would like to have an accurate picture of my revenue in Wave prior to processing fees hitting, so I can reflect those fees as an expense, but I'm not sure how to do that because I don't use Wave's invoices.
    Forrester_Law_Firm20 14 views 0 comments Started by Forrester_Law_Firm20 December 20, 2021 5:40PM
  • My bank account wasn't connected for months and I was manually entering transactions. Then, suddenly, it decided to add all of those in and everything was duplicated. I spent hours fixing it and reconciling, Now....every time it tries to get transactions I get a 2 factor authentication text, so that is happening multiple times a day. I can now go …
    Glowclean 16 views 0 comments Started by Glowclean December 18, 2021 7:13PM
  • How to save customer credit card information for invoice paymentsIf you do business with the same customer, it is handy to have their credit card information on file. Here's how to save credit cards when you use Payments by Wave. There are two ways you can save ... Read the full story here
    System 11.2K views 42 comments Most recent by TonyCanuck December 16, 2021 2:22PM
  • It seems that the add and edit bill are broken. They are displaying blank page every time I try to add or edit a bill. I already tried deleting and clearing my cache but to no avail. Also tried another browser mozilla firefox but still the problem occurs. I am using Chrome in Mac. I'm attaching a screenshot of the problem.
    cvtan 17 views 0 comments Started by cvtan December 16, 2021 1:23AM
  • I imported transaction from my bank file and one of them was a duplicate. The original that was in the system was approved and reconciled. The duplicate that was imported cannot be edited (the changes are not saved and there's no error message) or deleted (no errors but it's still there).
    RoyC 11 views 1 comment Most recent by RoyC December 7, 2021 8:56PM
  • How to account for transaction feesIf you're one of the many business owners who uses credit card processing as a method of payment, then you’re more than familiar with transaction fees (also known as merchant fees). Most credit car... Read the full story here
    System 19.7K views 178 comments Most recent by newby December 7, 2021 2:06AM
  • How to record mileageUsing your private vehicle for business purposes is a legitimate business expense, and most small business owners choose to take advantage of this by claiming a deduction for business miles driven ... Read the full story here
    System 14.6K views 67 comments Most recent by HandHCleaning December 5, 2021 10:42PM
  • My customer paid via bank payment on 21st I’ve not received payment in my bank account yet today is 1st December but it says 7 days which is more than.
    Jdemenik 9 views 0 comments Started by Jdemenik December 1, 2021 10:20AM
  • CalCal
    I finally found instructions for recording a starting balance for my accumulated depreciation ($2,500). It works fine as far as being reflected on the BS as a contra Asset account and my equity balance is correct but because the offsetting journal entry is "depreciation expense" it includes the $2,500 in my current P&L which incor…
    Cal 16 views 4 comments Most recent by Cal November 29, 2021 9:25PM
  • I was planning to use Wave for accounting, payroll and other payment services; keeping this in mind I bought $329 two hours session, NO email response of questions, no support line and in two weeks I got only one appointment; So now I am thinking should I really join Wave with such poor response of communication, no support line, email contact etc…
    AjSa 9 views 0 comments Started by AjSa November 29, 2021 2:51PM
  • I’m unable to connect to wave payments due to the new business platform having an incorrect url for BECU. Anyone find a workaround for this? Business launch is held up due to this essential service being offline
    Declutterpnw 9 views 3 comments Most recent by Raintech November 25, 2021 9:23PM
  • Hello I'm with the Town of Vernon in Indiana. We would like to use this software to keep track of or gym rental account. However in the Payments Setup section it is asking for Name, Ownership %, SSN# and DOB. Since this is for a government entity is there a way to skip this section?
    vernonin 11 views 0 comments Started by vernonin November 23, 2021 7:14PM
  • I've done a bunch of google searches and help desk searches but can't easily find an answer to this question: I purchase inventory from a vendor and based on the amount I spend, receive a discount - for example 3%. The items themselves aren't discounted, just the total invoice. In order to get accurate profit/loss statements, how do I apply the…
    Angela0 7 views 0 comments Started by Angela0 November 18, 2021 5:13PM