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  • It doesn't matter where in the UK you are based, you've already leapt into the cloud to do your day to day accounting on Wave so why not stay in the cloud and deal with an accountant that can happily work with you in the same way too? Feel free to get in touch to arrange a FREE non committal consultation - by email to [email protected], o…
    MerlinAccounts_UK 31 views 0 comments Started by MerlinAccounts_UK June 17, 2019 10:25AM
  • Hello I am new to wave and would like to introduce myself, I am the owner of Five Star Accountancy and I am based in Castleford England. I am available for Accounts / Payroll services and advice. Anyone requiring these services please contact me for a chat.
    5_Star_Accounts 61 views 1 comment Most recent by gaz June 12, 2019 3:00PM
  • Hello,I am a professional full time accountant that does bookkeeping/consulting on the side. I work remotely, but am based in sunny Sarasota FL. You will have my personal phone number to call or text with questions. This is done on the side so I charge much lower than a CPA or full time bookkeeper. I am also available during the evenings and wee…
    troympapa 161 views 8 comments Most recent by HuskyLogic June 9, 2019 7:07PM
  • My non-profit is in search of a new accountant to help us with our 990 tax filings. We use Wave, and would ideally love an accountant who already uses Wave rather than taking my info and converting it into Quickbooks. We are based in San Francisco, so ideally someone familiar with California filing would be ideal.
    Avary 91 views 3 comments Most recent by SBernotas June 7, 2019 9:39PM
  • Greetings, My name is Emily Henderson owner of Jehovah Jireh Tax Consultants. We are a bookkkeeping and accounting remote service provider specializing in Wave products, sales, payroll, business and personal tax returns. We can offer payroll via Wave and we use another payroll brand in the places Wave is not currently in. For more informati…
    JJTC 42 views 0 comments Started by JJTC May 31, 2019 5:24PM
  • Greetings! I recently relocated to the Portland area, and I am going to resume my Wave Accounting services for my small businesses/non-profits. In Texas, I prepared taxes, manage personal finances, provided accounting services to small businesses and non-profits. If you need accounting assistance, please consider me. If you are a fellow Wave ac…
    emakin 61 views 1 comment Most recent by JamieD May 21, 2019 10:11PM
  • Lobo Accounting is a Cloud-based Accounting firm in New York providing online accounting services throughout the US. We help all our client with tax compliant and profitable. All work is performed by highly trained accountants from CPAs, EAs, and other certifications. We use low monthly retainers so you don't have to worry about hourly rates for y…
    LoboAccounting 41 views 0 comments Started by LoboAccounting May 21, 2019 5:35PM
  • Headquartered in Innisfil, Ontario, Canada, we are here to help you with your finances. We understand that being an entrepreneur and business owner can be hard work, stressful, and take you away from your family. We are here to help you stress less about your business financials and spend more time with your family. Whether you’re just starting…
    aGoodBalance 52 views 0 comments Started by aGoodBalance May 17, 2019 7:47PM
  • Let me handle your bookkeeping. I work for the Canadian and the USA clients from the three years. inbox me and let discuss how to solve your bookkeeping needs
    Clickbookkeepers 51 views 1 comment Most recent by Charlotte April 22, 2019 9:20PM
  • ¿Cuantas cuentas o empresas tiene Wave en Latinoamerica?
    Jacinto_Cho Poll 41 views 1 comment Most recent by Charlotte April 22, 2019 2:24PM
  • Hello my name is Jacinto Cho. I have a financial background and work a lot with numbers. I manage my own company in Wave and let me tell you Wave is a great tool. I have used others and Wave is very easy to use. Is intuitive and the processes are short. You just need to have a little guidance and I can help you. I am in Honduras, Central America, …
    Jacinto_Cho 41 views 1 comment Most recent by Charlotte April 22, 2019 1:59PM
  • We are accountants based in Pretoria and Durban. We have been using and assisting Wave clients for the last 3 years. Contact us on +2783 639 7755 or email [email protected]
    Gustav_4Front 31 views 0 comments Started by Gustav_4Front April 22, 2019 2:55AM
  • Hola si ocupas ayuda con tu contabilidad y a revisar tu empresa estoy para ayudarte. Vivo en Honduras y he trabajado con contabilidades de Honduras, Guatemala, Panama, Colombia, El Salvador y Mexico. escribeme a [email protected] :) Saludos
    Jacinto_Cho 72 views 0 comments Started by Jacinto_Cho April 21, 2019 10:15AM
  • Jacinto Cho Honduras, Centro America Hola, trabaje en auditoria en Deloitte una de las 4 grandes firmas del mundo. Luego trabaje en Tesoreria en Louis Dreyfus Company, unas de las 4 grandes empresas de Commodities del Mundo. Ahora trabajo en Grupo Cadelga como analista financiero. Tambien tengo mi propia empresa que se llama Desarrollo Emprendedor…
    Jacinto_Cho 61 views 0 comments Started by Jacinto_Cho April 21, 2019 10:02AM
  • Hi all. I am new to Waves. Is there a tutorial/course offered that shows how to use Waves effectively to get the most out of the app/program? Is there a certification to show that you are now proficient and qualified to offer assistance to other users?
    OpazF 1.1K views 4 comments Most recent by GodfreyG April 19, 2019 3:44AM
  • Hi Team! You guys are awesome! I am loving the new things happening within Wave. I am here to report that I updated my profile page so you can add my badges. Thank you for this opportunity to seek out more clients and for the live chat.
    JJTC 51 views 2 comments Most recent by JJTC April 13, 2019 6:57PM
  • New tax year has started so we're now open for new client's, and where better to start than by inviting our UK Wave user community to get in touch. We're experienced not only with Wave but with several other accounting solutions, not to mention 3 decades of practical experience in the accounting world. . Size doesn't matter - its true! We are hap…
    MerlinAccounts_UK 51 views 0 comments Started by MerlinAccounts_UK April 8, 2019 11:36AM
  • Hey Chartered Accountant here based in Sydney, Australia. We service all small businesses and contractors/consultants in Australia. You can find more information about us in this video Visit our website I come to work every day because I want to solve problems. Everyone is trying to figure out how to navigate this thing w…
    Davie 52 views 0 comments Started by Davie April 2, 2019 1:37AM
  • Loretta at EZ Bookkeep, LLC in sunny Florida. I provide personable bookkeeping service to small businesses that is a good fit for the free wave accounting app. I work with service base business and have over 13 years of experience working in a small business myself. Besides being your dedicated bookkeeper, I am also your partner and trusted bus…
    EZBookkeep305 81 views 1 comment Most recent by cpm1984 April 1, 2019 4:52PM
  • We are registered certified accountants based in Pretoria. We support and assist clients that uses Wave. Contact us on +2712 377 0127 or email [email protected]
    BTaxAcc 42 views 0 comments Started by BTaxAcc March 20, 2019 4:38PM
  • Hello. I am looking for a good CPA to help me with filling my 2018 Federal and State Taxes. I own a small Trucking Company where I am the only employee. I use Wave for all my accounting. Contact me at: [email protected]
    Salado15 51 views 0 comments Started by Salado15 March 19, 2019 12:30AM
  • We are a tech-forward and nontraditional accounting boutique providing modern solutions for growing and thriving businesses. We are more than a bookkeeper, and we are not just your typical accounting firm. We take a holistic financial operations approach, from setting up systems, to consulting, to identifying efficiencies, to creating strategic g…
    prettybooks 51 views 0 comments Started by prettybooks March 15, 2019 7:24PM
  • Need help getting started on Wave? Need an off-site Bookkeeper? Let me help make your bookkeeping as easy as possible. Email me at [email protected] Regards, Dewald DS Financial Consulting
    dsfinco 58 views 1 comment Most recent by Ankit_Rungta March 13, 2019 6:03PM
  • Bradford Financial Services I’m an Alberta based Accountant. I can help you with your bookkeeping, payroll, GST and income tax issues. Contact me at [email protected]
    Kimpton 82 views 2 comments Most recent by Kimpton March 12, 2019 7:38PM
  • Numbers & Stuff is a bookkeeping business based out of Alberta, Canada. We have multiple clients using Wave, and we are currently looking for new clients as we expand our business. We specialize in small business and not-for-profit organizations within Alberta. No company is too big or too small for us to consider. We look forward to worki…
    Numbers_And_Stuff 61 views 1 comment Most recent by Bobbi March 12, 2019 7:33PM
  • Wave is still a great product even though it isn't going to be MTD for VAT compliant - this doesn't impact on you if you aren't VAT registered, nor if you are VAT registered BUT have turnover below the VAT threshold. With developments in the pipeline for downloadable reports that will work with MTDVAT bridging software (VitalTax is a free product…
    MerlinAccounts_UK 104 views 1 comment Most recent by PaulC March 8, 2019 3:09PM
  • It's not too late to get your accounts in order for your 2018 (or older!) tax returns. I have extensive experience setting up new accounts and cleaning up existing ones. Visit my site or message me for more details. Boston based, willing to work outside local area.
    StaceySimon 111 views 0 comments Started by StaceySimon March 5, 2019 7:15PM
  • We are as near to you now as you are to your computer or favourite mobile device, so whether you're based in John O'Groats or Lands End, Anglesey or Dover or anywhere in between we can provide you with all your accounting needs. . . Need a face to face chat? We're on Skype! (and Skype to Skype calls are FREE! we love FREE stuff). . . Want to be s…
    MerlinAccounts_UK 101 views 2 comments Most recent by MerlinAccounts_UK February 26, 2019 11:33PM
  • *13 years of experience and competency in Full-Cycle Accounting *Computerized Accounting Diploma *Working knowledge of various accounting software including Wave, Sage Simply Accounting, PC Law *Accurate and detail-oriented *Ability to work both off-site and on-site *Positive and friendly yet professional, respectful, and quiet *Hold integrity and…
    Sophia604 64 views 0 comments Started by Sophia604 February 22, 2019 1:21AM
  • Hi there, I am an accountant/ bookkeeper located in Barbados, who uses Wave for my own personal business. If you have a small business and you are looking for Bookkeeping or accounting support please contact me for more information.
    Cashflow_Bim_246 73 views 1 comment Most recent by JamieD February 13, 2019 6:55PM