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  • Hi, I have been a massage therapist for 6 years. I have an awful set up and behind on filing because of that. I need some advice and help putting everything online as I cannot keep up. I don't need a lecture, justsomeone who can take care of the job for me. Thank you!
    Yla Kriselda San Gabriel 574 views 5 comments Most recent by Ikram January 31, 2018 3:47PM
  • Hi I have a small jewelry business based out of Delhi, India. I am trying to streamline my paperwork a 100% out of which I haven't yet done anything. I like the Wave platform but since I have zero finance knowledge I am not well equipped to handle all its tools by myself. I would like to get in touch with someone that can help me out with the ini…
    Ankita Rana 31 views 3 comments Most recent by CFO_Hire January 18, 2018 7:06AM
  • Hi, We are looking for an accountant that can provide support for the following services: - Year-end accounts / Statutory Accounts - Corporation Tax (Computation+ returns) - Monthly Director's payroll (x2 directors) - Director's tax return / Self Assessment Submission(x2 directors) On this base, what would be the costplease? Our accounts are du…
    Giovanna Ruggiero 31 views 3 comments Most recent by TaxLab January 17, 2018 8:27PM
  • Hello looking for someone to: -re-setup my wave account for the new 2018 year and get everything in order. -keep track of my books -file monthly tax returns -end of year / income tax I am not good with finances at all so this will take a lot of pressure off of me. Can be virtual or located in Charleston, SC
    rayfancycollection 31 views 2 comments Most recent by TaxLab January 17, 2018 8:20PM
  • We just started a local Hvac business in Lancaster PA and are in need of an accountant to handle quarterly taxes and tax returns. Knowing wave is a plus! Any help would be appreciated.
    dan lake 32 views 2 comments Most recent by RTFinancial January 9, 2018 8:11PM
  • Hi, I am a small start up business and need a bookkeeper to help me set things up in Wave. I do have previous experience of Sage and Xero so only need help/guidance for set up. Many thanks, Richard
    Richard Allen 11 views 1 comment Most recent by Joe Waterman December 18, 2017 5:38PM
  • I am in mysecondyear of running a Ltd company and am just tying up the loose ends from the first year. I have kept all my book-keeping up-to-date, and I've been able to submit VAT returns successfully. I have also submitted a corporate tax return to HMRC but it didn't cross-post correctly to Companies House so I need to send an amendment. Before …
    Philip Osborne 133 views 1 comment Most recent by Joe Waterman December 5, 2017 6:42PM
  • I am a small business owner, running two companies and need some help with understanding the more detailed completed issues with Wave software. For example; Credit card payments and all transactions on credit card listed when I upload my accounts and credit cards. How to categories them so the expense is not doubled. Paypal; integrated it with …
    kelly 11 views 2 comments Most recent by Abbas Ali December 1, 2017 3:49PM
  • I am a resident in Mexico, running a business. Most of my sales are made in the US, with all expenses in Mexico. I am not a US citizen and have no financial ties there except for bank accounts. I have no SSN or any other Tax number in the US, as I pay all my taxes here in Mexico. Need someone to guide me on how I should be reporting (or if I need…
    Ash Pickering 82 views 1 comment Most recent by magicwill November 27, 2017 4:24AM
  • Hello, I am setting myself up as a sole trader (I am a counsellor and life coach) and am self employed for the first time. I would like someone familiar with Wave to set up my accounts for me so that it is easy for me to properly log all my expenses and income. Thanks, Katharine Collins
    therapyandcoaching 174 views 2 comments Most recent by Joe Waterman November 15, 2017 3:04PM
  • Looking for a bookkeeper for a small business in Mississauga, Ontario Canada that knows wave.
    Alex DiMarco 33 views 2 comments Most recent by RTFinancial October 27, 2017 3:10PM
  • Hi: I live in the GTA and I am looking for an accountant - especially one who can help me prepare my income tax return. I have been doing my own books for 2 years using WAVE and love it but I think I may be missing out on tax write-offs. Iam an itinerant private music teacherand I rent out rooms in my home too. Thanks, Lynne
    Lynne Oliver 1 view 1 comment Most recent by David Simmonds October 27, 2017 3:03PM
  • I have been buying and reselling furniture since july and have not been organizing my bookkeeping. I have receipts for most purchases, but sales have been cash. my personal and business need to separate now so I can start a legit. business. I need a financial statement in order to lease property etc.
    Barb Eustaquio 11 views 2 comments Most recent by May Griffis October 20, 2017 5:07PM