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  • Musician looking to tidy up accounts. Have transfers to personal mortgage that affect my balance sheets etc in the business even though they are marked as "moved to personal" in waves.
    guitarman149 15 views 1 comment Most recent by MerlinAccounts_UK February 18, 2019 11:40PM
  • Hi I am looking for a tax professional and book keeper. I have taxes I need filed for last two years as well as need my books organized from the last 2 years. I have several entities that I need help with this and I am interested in affordable options currently.
    lashantell 9 views 1 comment Most recent by Mikeg February 12, 2019 12:47PM
  • Looking for an accountant who works with Wave near Edmonton AB Canada
    jerrytree 39 views 4 comments Most recent by TTech February 11, 2019 7:48PM
  • Seeking a Toronto-based wave accountant experienced with Canadian small business (incorporated) and personal taxes. Leave a message or send an email - contact deets are on my website. Cheers, Arnold
    Startupfreak 23 views 2 comments Most recent by TTech February 11, 2019 7:47PM
  • Looking for a small business/individual accountant to prepare 2019 tax returns for a Graphic Design business
    TamMcE 37 views 4 comments Most recent by mdconsultingatl February 5, 2019 1:13AM
  • I would like to hire someone that could create the initial setup for use in my trucking business. I'm a one man show, single truck operation, leased on to a company. I receive weekly settlements from the company, I have an existing platform to work from, however, that platform doesn't have a bank registrar setup. So I have found it to be limite…
    madrick2010 35 views 2 comments Most recent by mdconsultingatl February 5, 2019 1:00AM
  • Hi We are a small business and recently signed up for ADP payroll and would love to have WAVE as our accounting/bookeeping software, I'm seeking an accountant that is solid small business advisor as well as versed in Wave, please let me know if you are interested to discuss. Thanks, Greg
    GleCreative 29 views 3 comments Most recent by magicwill January 31, 2019 9:59PM
  • Started a new business in June of 2018, previously in a business with a partner who did our books with QB. I am using our old accountant, they are great, however, they are primarily QB. I am looking to hire a bookkeeper to go over the mess that is my Waveapps account and clean it up for my accountant.
    FJCONE 36 views 3 comments Most recent by magicwill January 31, 2019 9:12PM
  • Birkley Accounting specializes in entrepreneurial services in order to relieve the bookkeeping burden a rising business faces. My goal is to help refocus your energy back on advancing your craft. I’m based in Nashville, Tennessee. Not located in Music City? I’ve been a Wave Accounting user since 2012, and remote work is most of my business. www.…
    BirkleyCPA 6 views 0 comments Started by BirkleyCPA January 31, 2019 7:05PM
  • Hi, I'm a sole proprietor, and needing assistance with my bookkeeping. I would like to meet with a professional to make sure I'm on the right track and keep better organized. HELP, please!
    taliall 15 views 1 comment Most recent by ayam January 29, 2019 6:52PM
  • Small business backed up 5 years in bookkeeping …. focused on building the biz and holding down a job … I know … silly me. Started to bring accounting to date in Wave. Looking for somebody knowledgeable that is willing to meet for general questions and procedures on an hourly basis and then later collaborate via email or Skype. Eventually once I…
    WolfVegas 14 views 0 comments Started by WolfVegas January 25, 2019 1:59AM
  • I need an accountant to help finalize first-year taxes for a business based in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada. Please contact me. Thanks.
    kunlefaki 27 views 1 comment Most recent by Kimpton January 6, 2019 12:43AM
  • 'm looking for someone to help get me set up appropriately in Wave. I've been using it for the past year (first year in business) so lots of data to sort through. I'd like to learn best practices for how to categorize and input expenses, etc. I'd also love any personalized recommendations for getting the most out of my tax submission. As well per…
    MollySF 12 views 1 comment Most recent by Kimpton January 6, 2019 12:40AM
  • Im looking for someone to help me with US to Canadian currency exchange issues in invoicing. Also to help me with a few glitches I am experiencing while moving my small business book keeping and accounting over to Wave
    LMolnar 15 views 2 comments Most recent by Kimpton January 1, 2019 6:00PM
  • I’d like some assistance in my way about on the wave app, struggling a little. Any of you lovely people can help? X
    Zee101 21 views 1 comment Most recent by JudeRose December 29, 2018 10:19AM
  • Looking for some help cleaning up a few transactions and get thing ready for taxes. preferably someone in norther Colorado.
    BlueMoonRental 12 views 0 comments Started by BlueMoonRental December 26, 2018 8:19PM
  • Pretty sure you don't need to be local. One-man pest control business and I need to start delegating tasks. Maybe monthly updates, definitely quarterly. Coding, and account balancing, maybe reports. Let me know what you can do for me.
    BRTermite 59 views 5 comments Most recent by magicwill December 22, 2018 11:14PM
  • My accountant is great. But he won't use Wave. Where can I go.
    WoodWizard1_ 24 views 2 comments Most recent by magicwill December 22, 2018 10:33PM
  • I need helping cleaning up my book. I am by no way by any means good with number, but i want to be better organize for 2019 with tracking income and expenses.
    Twanny 53 views 3 comments Most recent by ayam December 11, 2018 4:46PM
  • Hello, I have a client in UK looking to expand his business in Germany. Any accountants here from Germany, please could you contact me or refer any contacts who can help in incorporations activity?
    CoreAdviz 11 views 0 comments Started by CoreAdviz December 7, 2018 11:34AM
  • Just starting a new LLC with a single contract, and payroll for single employee. I am looking for some start-up advice and help with tax filings. Must be in the Northern VA area, so we can meet face to face.
    Huet 14 views 0 comments Started by Huet December 5, 2018 10:57AM
    I found Wave at the recommendation of 1800accountants during an introductory call. I've been using it for 6 months now and have moved all my accounting to the app. I then was about to sign up with 1800accountants and am now told that they don't work through Wave and that the person I had spoken with is no longer with the company. I am therefore lo…
    JWD 26 views 1 comment Most recent by JamieD December 3, 2018 8:28PM
  • Hi I'm new to Wave and would like to offer my services on a part time basis to business's or accountants needing an extra remote hand. I can be contacted via email at [email protected] where we can setup a communication via phone or Skype or WhatsApp. In this way I would be able to send my CV for more information about my expertise and …
    BevBen_61 18 views 0 comments Started by BevBen_61 November 29, 2018 7:07AM
  • hi Why cant there be a simple Country State City listing of Wave Pros, why do we have to have this discussion. Its great if Wave was a fun app, but if one has to use it professionally the platform should list accountants by country/state/city I am in the Boston area and looking for someone who can help me setup my wave account for free. I …
    mmrajoo 77 views 8 comments Most recent by JordanFromWave November 19, 2018 11:48PM
    Looking for a Wave-savvy bookkeeper for a business based out of the Seattle area.
    VCS 24 views 1 comment Most recent by SANCHEZCPA November 13, 2018 8:48PM
  • Hi Wavers I am looking to find a Wave Pro in the Mass area to help me get our accounting set up for a small construction business. I do bookkeeping myself but want to make sure that i get everything set up in Wave the best way possible so i was hoping to work with a Wave Pro but don't know how to go about finding someone. Thanks in advance for …
    dbfinebuilder_2018 17 views 1 comment Most recent by ayam November 12, 2018 4:30PM
  • Hello, I need a little bit of help with the book-keeping.
    Ghindus 10 views 0 comments Started by Ghindus October 31, 2018 7:23AM
  • Hi, I am on the search for an accountant or someone able to "help me navigate the Dutch accounting/ bookkeeping universe using Wave". Preferably, I am searching for someone living in the Netherlands.
    Christoph 32 views 2 comments Most recent by Tapya October 16, 2018 7:51PM
  • Looking for the above in Nairobi preferably.
    marafa 20 views 1 comment Most recent by Tapya October 16, 2018 7:43PM
  • Are you a UK based business using Wave and needing a UK Wave Accountant? Your search may well be over as we are just that. We are experienced with remote working with clients across the UK. With the aid of cloud accounting apps such as Wave, and secure document sharing (eg dropbox, google drive, onedrive) we are as close to you as you are…
    MerlinAccounts_UK 14 views 0 comments Started by MerlinAccounts_UK October 11, 2018 11:25AM