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  • December 13th, 2018: We're delighted to be finally taking the wraps off the first stage of deploying our new GraphQL API. We've created this space within the Wave Community Forum specifically for developers and users of the Wave API to ask questions, share ideas, and give feedback. Today, we're starting with Business and Customer APIs, and we'll…
    PaulC Announcement 496 views 6 comments Most recent by Chris_ICE_SL July 3, 2019 8:04PM
  • I make use of the checkout feature for creating simple product checkouts - but we have a need to dynamically create these as our pricing fluctuates frequently. Is there a way to use this feature and set price dynamically? I also tried to accomplish this via invoices, but it seems the payment is always editable to allow partial payments, and I wou…
    Vanyn 24 views 1 comment Most recent by magicmike November 30, 2021 8:12PM
  • Update: Thank you to the amazing folks at WaveApps for connecting to BECU's new business banking through Plaid. It is now showing up as an option to connect to! :smiley:
    Chevassus 61 views 9 comments Most recent by Raintech November 25, 2021 9:23PM
  • Hi waveapps team, recently we are trying to create an invoice with an option to select previous products/services stored in waveapps. with being said, we would need to fetch products/services from waveapps. it working perfectly new users but for old users waveapps user it throws invalid_grant error. is this happening due to not adding proper scop…
    samyak 27 views 4 comments Most recent by KieronB November 22, 2021 4:00PM
  • I develop for a client that uses Wave and I'm a little curious about something - Let's say I have an invoice with a single payment attached to it, but this payment was first declined until two days later and then ran a second time and was successful. When I query the payments endpoint for that invoice: https://api.waveapps.com/businesses/BUSINE…
    alchemick 16 views 0 comments Started by alchemick November 18, 2021 3:03AM
  • Hi waveapps team, we recently integrated waveapps invoicing on our application. it was working fine for now. however, we recently found an issue while creating customer. the wavapps api throws error when address.provinceCode value sent as "FR-75" for others it seems to work fine. you could mail me at [email protected]
    samyak 7 views 1 comment Most recent by AngelaC November 12, 2021 3:13PM
  • I am getting this error when trying to list invoices. {"errors":[{"extensions":{"code":"FORBIDDEN","id":"edeed03b-7db9-4a6b-b6db-59145da6b44a"},"message":"Action not authorized.","locations":[{"line":1,"column":50}],"path":[&quo…
    frost123 43 views 3 comments Most recent by KieronB October 28, 2021 10:19PM
  • Hello There, We have a lot of customers who likes to utilize Waves for accountings. They want our company to API into wave and pull customers and their balances to display into our system. Do you provide get a list of customers and their balances via API?
    RanjanSivam 82 views 5 comments Most recent by willpringle October 22, 2021 8:10PM
  • I just want to know if it's my machine or what. After validating i can't seems to upload my invoices. Uploading loading animation just goes on forever.
    emcreditscentral 816 views 38 comments Most recent by SDave October 17, 2021 6:23PM
  • I try to import or upload my invoices to wave. On 23rd Aug 2020 the upload process is still good and fast. On 24th Aug 2020 the upload process become very slow until now. Sometimes it stucked. Is there any problem?
    suwandi_halim 28 views 3 comments Most recent by SDave October 17, 2021 6:22PM
  • Hi! I'm setting up our new Wave account and would like to have the payments process via our Stripe account. Where do I make that integration? I can only see payments being set up via Wave Payments. I am in Canada. Thanks!
    dee_gs 1.6K views 13 comments Most recent by rad_amdg October 14, 2021 7:46PM
  • Hi! I'm attempting to create an automatic invoice creation integration via integromat. I keep getting an error saying the sales tax was undefined or not found etc. I don't want to add a sales tax to this particular invoice. Is there a workaround?
    TimmelleMusic 20 views 1 comment Most recent by KieronB October 8, 2021 12:28PM
  • Does anybody know if there's a Transferwise integration in the works? If so, when is it exptected to be available?
    apollo 152 views 8 comments Most recent by tpeterke October 4, 2021 1:44AM
  • I'm trying to connect to Wave using OAuth2 but keep getting this error after signing in: Something is broken on this page Our technical team has been alerted and is working on a solution Error code: e672b32303d04063b2c95b0e30ecaa49 Could you please check if the connection is still working fine?
    Viet_Accounting247 27 views 4 comments Most recent by Viet_Accounting247 September 27, 2021 2:41AM
  • I don't see the ability to create a bill anywhere via the API. Is there a specific reason this isn't possible? All other major accounting software allow this.
    JamesCory 58 views 5 comments Most recent by boonfairofficial September 4, 2021 2:30PM
  • I have a Synchrony company credit card. I was trying to add it to my connected Bank and Credit Cards and the login keeps failing. I am wondering if the Synchrony account has to be a Bank Account (like checking savings) or is the Credit Card logins supposed to work too? I tried different browsers as well. Maybe this is not the spot it is supposed t…
    jbarker36 14 views 0 comments Started by jbarker36 September 2, 2021 12:04AM
  • Hi folks! An integration I have set up to create customers/invoices/transactions has failed when trying to create a customer in Russia including the province field. Here's the error that thrown: Node could not be found. I can get around the problem by leaving the province input blank. I've tried it through website as a normal user and the error …
    SBenoit 29 views 3 comments Most recent by dackland August 23, 2021 7:21PM
  • Hi, I've used the integration feature to add google sheets. I've followed the requests and allowed Wave Connect to connect with my Google account, I even get an email telling me its connected from Google, yet when I try to use the app. nothing happens and I go through connecting all over again, and again etc. Is there a cure out there please. Ste…
    oursteve1 444 views 10 comments Most recent by Nedry August 20, 2021 2:55PM
  • I follow the template exactly, but when I validate I get "ITEM ERROR: Ambiguous Item Name. Make Item (Product) Name unique in Wave." When I download old invoices, the layout is exactly the same. I am using only the drop down item name options - not typing in new ones. What gives?
    flyingbynight 24 views 6 comments Most recent by PaulC August 16, 2021 9:05PM
    I'm manually importing PayPal transactions into Wave by downloading monthly statements from PayPal, formatting them, then importing in Wave, which is not ideal, but works at least. However, I need a more efficient way to account for the PayPal transaction fees. Currently, PayPal statements .csv files are formatted so that all PayPal fees fall on…
    JSC 28 views 2 comments Most recent by alento August 8, 2021 12:57AM
  • Is it possible to import credit card transactions from https://getdivvy.com?
    Enis 22 views 0 comments Started by Enis July 30, 2021 9:12PM
  • Dear, I have a client who use Wave for tracking his inventory. Now he wants to develop an E-Commerce website. But he has a requirement to integrate Wave with Website. For that reason i will need API. I tried to explore the full system but nothing found. So can you please tell me, where to find API resource?
    saquibulhassan 513 views 3 comments Most recent by drivetrain July 26, 2021 11:49PM
  • Has this development been completed?
    NationalLogistics 2 views 0 comments Started by NationalLogistics July 24, 2021 6:47PM
  • Hi WAVE team, You all have created a lovely platform and I am glad that you all have a public API now. Based on your Coming Soon page, there was supposed to be a release of the add a payment functionality in September 2020. Is there any update on this?
    dimitriharding 60 views 1 comment Most recent by NationalLogistics July 24, 2021 6:25PM
  • So this is the issue I am having and I am unable to figure out how to fix it... ERROR: Expense Account name is not unique in Wave. This record will be skipped. Some of the accounts were archived so I am sure that may be what's causing the problem. But the other issue I am finding is I am unable to locate the archived items to either delete or u…
    BossCandi81 2 views 1 comment Most recent by dackland July 23, 2021 6:47PM
  • Hi there, Does anyone know where can be found transactions sent by Wave to Stripe? I have no records on Wave nor on Stripe, however Stripe made a payout to my bank account… I now need to make a refund but no records, unable to process refund….
    Biana 13 views 0 comments Started by Biana July 18, 2021 1:30PM
  • Hi it's been several weeks now I am attempting to download my invoice data in order to migrate to Zoho books, I'm using the google sheets add on and it's not working. Have tried it on google chrome and explorer, cleared the cache, launched it in incognito mode but the same problem comes back. Download for the customers, products and accounts was …
    MadeleineEgypt 14 views 3 comments Most recent by dackland July 12, 2021 5:37PM
  • I have been having issues with the Wave connect function for a week or so. It appears that I am not the only one. You can view the comments by others in this thread: https://support.waveapps.com/hc/en-us/articles/360020768272-Wave-Connect-Easily-import-and-export-data-with-Wave-s-Google-Sheets-add-on The process stops and will not continue at the …
    Neon 28 views 4 comments Most recent by Kuya July 8, 2021 2:43AM
  • I have Zapier set up to send transactions to Wave. It has been working like a charm for months until a few days ago. Every transaction requires me to go in and refresh my Wave account connection in Zapier. Zapier says it's a Wave change - anyone else having this issue? Any solutions?
    christyprice 54 views 6 comments Most recent by ElaineNew21 July 4, 2021 4:45PM
  • I have successfully gotten the code in the redirect uri I specified. But when making a call to get the access_token, I just get { "error": "unsupported_grant_type"} This is the sample api call I am making URL: https://api.waveapps.com/oauth2/token/METHOD: POSTHEADERS: Content-type: application/jsondata: { "grant_type&…
    b33sama 120 views 3 comments Most recent by KieronB June 23, 2021 12:23PM
  • Hi there, I'm a developer and I love using APIs. I would like to use your API for personal use only. I am interested in being able to query my checking account transactions, iterate over them, and based on my own conditions, update or delete my transactions. Is this possible? It appears from reading your documentation that interacting with transac…
    vesper8 114 views 7 comments Most recent by System June 2, 2021 6:57PM