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  • Accounting is often seen as difficult territory for those of us non-CPAs out there, but learning how to perform the management accounting for your business is easier than you think (we promise)! With our Fearless Accounting With Wave guide, you can take the accounting for your business into your own hands and gain a better understanding of your bu…
    James_Hudson Announcement 785 views 12 comments Most recent by Hot_Glass July 6, 2019 4:39AM
  • Hello, I'm finding it difficult to make this app work for me.. I have 1 company and multiple divisions under that company. I want to share my cash and bank accounts across divisions. However, would like to track income and expense, P&L by divisions also.. Unable to find any way to do that here... regards, Anindya
    iamanindya 12 views 4 comments Most recent by AlaskanNightWolf November 22, 2019 9:35PM
  • I followed the steps to account for mileage as a journal entry credited to my Owner's Equity account. Now I want to withdraw money from my business checking to reimburse myself for my mileage. How do I record this? Thanks.
    Osh18 4 views 2 comments Most recent by Mikeg November 22, 2019 12:06PM
  • On my dashboard there is a cool graph that shows me my monthly income vs expenses and I currently manually input all invoices into a spreadsheet to compare monthly incomes and I was wondering if there was a way to export all my invoices to a csv file or something to help speed up this process?
    Shayne 198 views 7 comments Most recent by johndoe November 19, 2019 2:22PM
  • I searched but didn't find anything. I am about to hire an Outside Sales Rep. in the US. He won't be an employee and I will be paying him 25% of sales. Two questions. First, how do I enter this as an expense in Wave? What is best accounting practices? What expense does this fall under? etc. Second, how do I actually pay him? Just send him …
    johndoe 4 views 0 comments Started by johndoe November 19, 2019 1:52PM
    How do I categorize money put in the business by all partners? Can I create an Owner Equity/Drawing account for each partner so I can keep track of each partner's share in the business?
    MOO 6 views 2 comments Most recent by MOO November 16, 2019 9:07PM
  • Hi, I have a particular situation where you purchase something as an asset, but under the bill option there is only expense / COGS. Where can I add my purchase to an asset account? 2) If my purchase is for COGS item, I purchase it, it goes to COGS as expense, but at the same time doesn't it need to balance the inventory asset side? Which is weird…
    Justin 1.2K views 37 comments Most recent by AlexL November 15, 2019 4:54PM
  • Hi, is there a way to see running total balance of an account in 'Transactions'? it'd just help with reconciliation when uploading statements from PayPal where a number of payments can be on hold, pending bank deposits etc.
    AjmalMian 2 views 2 comments Most recent by AjmalMian November 13, 2019 3:10AM
  • I receive a monthly annuity that the IRS will need to know about but is not strictly part of my business. What is the proper way to account for this?
    patbell102 1 view 1 comment Most recent by EmmaP November 11, 2019 8:00PM
  • Hi I need to do the following (based on instructions from ACCA regarding tax and NI taken at source from contract as I am deemed to be an employee) The problem arises because the paid amount does not match the invoice and therefore I need to add journal entries to account for this. (Image) I am having an issue with last part I can add the debit…
    PB1001 21 views 5 comments Most recent by PB1001 November 11, 2019 6:31PM
  • I have a very simple need. I would like to be able to export the transactions screen. More specifically, I need to be able to have a CSV with all the transactions, including the category. Right now I can make a report for each account, but without the transaction descriptions, or I can have a report for all the transactions, but without the categ…
    ybahat 445 views 17 comments Most recent by AlexL November 11, 2019 4:57PM
  • As my business' director, I have recently made a discussion on purchasing a trust fund. There is a large transaction out from my business bank account. I want to log this transaction in WAVE. How do I do it correctly? What is the expense category should I use?
    chj915 86 views 3 comments Most recent by AlexL November 7, 2019 9:35PM
  • I run my business as a sole proprietor and pay a handful bills from my personal accounts on behalf of the business. I don't understand if I should be recording these as "owner investment" or as income in the "owner equity" account. * Is there a difference between these two accounts? * Does the account "owner investment&qu…
    the_dadams 5K views 6 comments Most recent by BarsinA November 4, 2019 7:34PM
  • I have open invoices through another software tool that I use. I want to show an open balance for the amount owed by various customers. I created an invoice and left it open. It shows in accounts receivable, but also adds the invoice to one income category. I dont want it to show as income as the money has not been received. Wrong thinking? …
    rkiefer2 14 views 1 comment Most recent by ConnorM October 31, 2019 4:26PM
  • Hi all! My currency for the business is set to Tanzanian Shillings, but some projects are actually charged in US dollars. At the bottom of my invoice there is an automated currency conversion (Currency conversion: Sh562,864.72 (TZS) at 2251.4588905164) but this rate does not reflect the true exchange rate in town. Is there a way to change this co…
    jwareconsultingfirm 846 views 20 comments Most recent by Gav_Centrilia October 30, 2019 2:22PM
  • My head is spinning on this one. I loaned my business $11.5K for some equipment. I have the $11.5K show as a loan under liabilities as a loan and $11.5K as an equipment purchase under operating expenses.....So the P&L statement is all good. But when I look at my balance sheet I want to see the asset on that side its a few months old, so le…
    rkiefer2 13 views 2 comments Most recent by rkiefer2 October 30, 2019 2:09PM
  • In the old software I set up my business and used the OPENING BALACES to enter the balance sheet totals and new before I made any entries that my ststem balanced Am adding a new business but in the new software there is no OPENING BALANCE to use and it has also lost the Manual Joujrnal How do I puck up all the balances
    nylex40 15 views 1 comment Most recent by ConnorM October 28, 2019 9:19PM
  • Hi there, I have been trying to calculate my bi-monthly GST return via Wave and it seems that the report calculates the tax incorrectly. In New Zealand, GST is 15% To calculate what the GST is on an inclusive amount, the formula is (N x 3) / 23 eg. ($115 x 3) / 23 = $15 It seems the reports in Wave calculate the tax by multiplying the TOTAL i…
    dathu 2 views 1 comment Most recent by ConnorM October 28, 2019 8:57PM
  • KC_KC_
    Hello. I'm new to Wave and have a question. I uploaded a bunch of transactions that need to be recorded as Products and Services. The Wave import doesn't allow for this so I assume I have to edit each record. However, I can't seem to do this. Any suggestions?
    KC_ 13 views 1 comment Most recent by ConnorM October 28, 2019 7:48PM
  • Question: How to add transactions for assets? I was reading a forum on StackExchange and the advice was to 1. expense the fees and costs associated with acquiring an intangible asset such as a new domain name or trademark, and 2. add that same value as the intangible asset. Any thoughts on this? Would you duplicate the transaction and assign on…
    mafost 13 views 2 comments Most recent by mafost October 24, 2019 4:17AM
  • I am having trouble finding documentation on how to document income taxes paid (as in, I owed taxes to the government and paid them)...I am assuming this is similar to sales tax...using journal entries, but I am not seeing specific instructions on the names of accounts and how to make it all balanced in the balance sheet (which I assume also is so…
    Caryl 238 views 4 comments Most recent by emmegi October 23, 2019 10:07PM
  • Hello! One of my customers is large company, in which I have various contacts to whom I send invoices and estimates. Is it possible to create one Customer with Multiple Contacts?
    mcfarlanej 347 views 18 comments Most recent by tyssen October 23, 2019 12:50AM
  • Hi, I have been getting a hard time creating profoma and follow up on all customers i sent profoma. Can wave Add this feature already? Or am i the one who don't know where its hidden? Kindly assist.
    theobbm 593 views 5 comments Most recent by JordanD October 22, 2019 1:00AM
    Hi. I have a bill due (31-60 days) showing in the dashboard, but I have combed through all bills for that vendor on the Bills page and they are all marked as paid. When I click through on amounts owing, the bill/vendor shows in the aged payables (but you can't click to the bill from there, which I still say is really weird). Why is this unpaid bil…
    DCD 2 views 2 comments Most recent by DCD October 19, 2019 9:55AM
  • I'm very new to Wave. I have a debtor whereby I use their charge card most months for business expenses for my two businesses, and for personal expenses. The debtor invoices me and sends a monthly statement and the payments fall due 20th of the month following. When I charge my account I might go into a store, purchase multiple items on the sam…
    NotAnAccountant 11 views 2 comments Most recent by NotAnAccountant October 15, 2019 8:32AM
  • Is it possible to change the Invoice Payment description, instead of just saying "Invoice Payment" to "Invoice Payment from Customer Name" Though it is in category description, but it would be very helpful if the transaction description is updated for both bill payment and invoice payment with the vendor and customer name. Spec…
    cetustone 11 views 1 comment Most recent by EmmaP October 11, 2019 8:49PM
  • Hi there! I am facing the issue when I click Report > Balance Sheet > a Trust Account, the "Account Transactions" page pop up. The balance sheet amount doesn't equal to the ledger amount. I have pinpoint it to the 1 particular transaction that wasn't portrayed in the balance sheet. I have tried re-create the transaction, but th…
    chanses 15 views 2 comments Most recent by EmmaP October 10, 2019 6:50PM
  • Hi! I have been having some troubles to reconcile my accounts. I just realised that the credit and debit columns have been switched and that's why my reconciliation is so off! Can someone please help me to switch these columns back around again. Thank you!
    ZayC 3 views 1 comment Most recent by BarsinA October 10, 2019 2:42PM
  • JptJpt
    Hi all, Im new to Wave, but getting there, one issue I have is how to account for Volunteers Out Of Pocket expenses. So we run a small charity that has no staff and no payroll but the volunteers are entitled to claim back from the Charity, Mileage, parking, subsistence, rail, hotels costs etc when on charity business. Question is how should I ac…
    Jpt 11 views 2 comments Most recent by Jpt October 9, 2019 9:29AM
  • Hi there! I can't reconcile my statements. All the transactions are in there and correct, however it is not showing in "verified balance" even though they are verified. I saw previous posts about changing time zone. I have done that, changed to EST. Not sure how to fix this. Extremely frustrating and time consuming. !
    OneClub 41 views 8 comments Most recent by AlexL October 8, 2019 7:42PM
  • Hi. I am kinda new to wave. May i know how to enter a starting balance for capital account?
    Puiyee 23 views 1 comment Most recent by Mikeg October 7, 2019 11:17PM