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  • Hi, I originally contacted wave about this about a month ago, but some of my receipts are not merging with the original cc transaction, and I'm getting an error: Anyone else having this issue? It's becoming such a nightmare to do my reconciliation without this working...
    benjaminb 6 views 0 comments Started by benjaminb February 16, 2019 2:31AM
  • I am trying to import csv bank statements (just 2-10 records per file), but after i go through the whole process, the records are not showing up in the list of transactions. I tried several times with different files, and no success. Usually this used to work and transactions were visible practically immediately. Something broke?
    m1cr0ch1p 10 views 3 comments Most recent by Sophia February 15, 2019 6:45PM
  • Is there a way to setup Email notifications a day before the bills due date that I have to pay
    VinR 14 views 1 comment Most recent by Samd February 15, 2019 4:06PM
  • Hi - Need a little help with this one: I started using Wave in Jan of '18. I used a 0% APR balance transfer from a bank credit card in 2017, and reflected it as a business loan as follows: I created a journal entry in 1/1/18 showing the withdrawal from credit card bank, under the category "Owner/Investment Drawings". As I continued to payo…
    SarahO 8 views 2 comments Most recent by SarahO February 14, 2019 8:46PM
  • Hello, I discovered this accounting software today and started using it for my company. All our transactions will be in USD except for our debit card account which is in EURO. So, for all expenses paid with that card, I enter them in EURO. However, to top-up the debit card account, I wired some money on it and added that on Wave under Equity (Own…
    Nelty 40 views 2 comments Most recent by JamieD February 13, 2019 6:52PM
  • Hi Is there an issues at the moment with CSV importing of bank statements? We tried linking our ASB Bank (in NZ) and it created duplicates all over the place and almost forced us to jump ship, but I managed to find and remove them all and remove the bank link. Now, we're unable to upload CSV bank statements which had been working alright the la…
    icecorp 49 views 19 comments Most recent by Charlotte February 13, 2019 12:09AM
  • I see this has been posted before but there hasn't been a solution posted? I deleted an invoice that I had accidentally posted twice but it still appears on my Trial Balance under Accounts Receivable. When I click on the link it goes to "Page Doesn't Exist" I tried to recreate the invoice with the same invoice number and I was able to do so …
    LittleFish Closed 26 views 7 comments Most recent by Katie_Silkina February 12, 2019 6:20PM
  • I have been trying to reconcile the last month in Wave but every time I enter the bank amount for that month it sends it reports and doesn't do any reconciliation. Please help
    haroldbradley_54 41 views 7 comments Most recent by Erik February 12, 2019 5:05PM
  • Odd issue that I've already submitted a ticket on. For the past few months it seems that all debits in my business checking account show up as credits to the account and all the deposits show up as debits. It's very strange that both the automatic import from my bank and the payments from invoice sourced from Wave show this issue. Specific exam…
    kirstyn 29 views 4 comments Most recent by Charlotte February 12, 2019 4:54PM
  • Hello, I'm attempting to add a Sales Tax payment (Australian GST) to the govt as a journal transaction. I haven't connected my bank account because that's a mess. It lets me save the transaction providing that I don't add an amount that results in the "unbalanced" warning. Any help is greatly appreciated
    CodeConnectPtyLtd 9 views 1 comment Most recent by CodeConnectPtyLtd February 12, 2019 6:39AM
  • Is that possible? I can open the receipts which I uploaded through the Android app, but don't see any options for creating or editing records with them.
    brian_e 19 views 0 comments Started by brian_e February 9, 2019 4:49PM
  • I transferred money from a personal checking account (not connected or associated with Wave) for an influx of money for upcoming expenses. How can I categorize that, since it seems if I put it as a transfer from a bank it needs to reconcile that with that account(?). VERY new to Wave and still trying to figure things out. Thanks!
    David_N 13 views 2 comments Most recent by David_N February 5, 2019 3:41PM
  • I started a small business (sole prop) in mid-2015 and used Wave for bookkeeping. On January 1, 2016 we formed a partnership (under an LLC). Technically this is a new business entity, but I foolishly just just kept using the same Wave account instead of starting a new business account for 2016. I mostly got it straightened out, but there are so…
    SBP_PWS 11 views 1 comment Most recent by mdconsultingatl February 5, 2019 2:00AM
  • I’ve always kept my own books, then used spreadsheet to create invoice. I’ve recently graduated to web-based accounting. I have a client who is also a vendor. I bill them bi-monthly for my time. In the past I’ve included a “Barter/Trade” line item credit (negative amount) on their invoice for any printing they did for me in that respective time fr…
    HTSiordia 10 views 0 comments Started by HTSiordia February 4, 2019 8:19PM
  • The new upgrade is very frustrating but the support is making it harder. I need to be able to do 2 things that I could do previously and it's not letting me. 1. Right click to print the page I'm working a monthly list of transactions for my records 2. Being able to choose all transactions, at once, to verify with one click
    3horsedesign_TB 11 views 6 comments Most recent by neilcoza February 3, 2019 5:29PM
  • When receiving payment for an invoice via Payments by Wave, I used to assign the Merchant Account Fee to a Vendor called "Wave." I do the same when I have to pay Stripe & PayPal transaction fees. This is really helpful to know how much money I'm paying to each vendor in order to collect payments. In the new Wave, when an invoice is paid via…
    davewarfel 10 views 0 comments Started by davewarfel January 29, 2019 6:48PM
  • Greetings! Nearly one month before, I got a notification while logging in to my Waveapps account as "Hang tight. We're upgrading your account to the new accounting experience. Please check back in few minutes". However, it seems that my account couldn't get update so far. It would be great if I could know anyone here had similar experience? …
    AfthabJunejo 24 views 2 comments Most recent by AfthabJunejo January 29, 2019 2:01AM
  • We have a vacation rental, use VRBO for marketing. I need to note in the transactions the gross booking amount, which has sales taxes applied to it, then a withdrawal by VRBO for their 3 percent credit card processing fee. (They assess the cc fee on both the gross booking AND the sales taxes.) I just don't see how I can post this properly so I…
    Homestead_42 12 views 0 comments Started by Homestead_42 January 25, 2019 2:56PM
  • Hi there, This is my first year with wave and I am just finalising my accounts, I am just checking I have created entries for my starting balances, however when I pull off the account balances report it says all my balances are zero, they should show my entry as the starting balance, not zero, is this correct? Thanks
    Jusmih 27 views 0 comments Started by Jusmih January 24, 2019 3:36PM
  • I am trying to delete a bill and I get the message "Error saving bill from (company name)." How do I delete this bill? Also, I am still having an issue with the balance sheet not showing an accurate total in the "to be paid out" section. Even if I click "update report" nothing happens. The only way for me to see an accurate total is to go to Purch…
    Dattony 30 views 2 comments Most recent by Dattony January 24, 2019 10:01AM
  • Hi all for some reason I cannot see any Payment accounts in the receipts app so therefore I cannot upload any receipts. I have logged out of my account and logged back in, re-started the app etc but cannot see any accounts. Has anyone else had this? if so what did you do to resolve it?
    stevefox99 12 views 1 comment Most recent by Samd January 23, 2019 6:37PM
  • hi~ my paypal integration seems to have finally "stuck" now, however, every time i added it before, it created a new starting balance for paypal... so, overall looks like i have a lot more money than i actually do. how do i correct this? thank you!
    MEFinamore 14 views 1 comment Most recent by Samd January 22, 2019 9:03PM
  • Hi I am trying to work out how to add a transaction without it being classed as an expense, but ensuring that it shows as a debit so that the accounts tally up. Basically I was sent a payment in error so I returned this payment to the person. At the moment I have entered this as an uncategorized expense however technically it is not an expense…
    eic2010 6 views 0 comments Started by eic2010 January 18, 2019 3:08PM
  • I am having a huge issue (nobodies fault bu my own) and I wonder if someone can help me. I set up with Wave account about 2-3 years ago when I set up my business as a sole proprietor. I originally connected it to my bank. That started out fine, but there were sync errors often, delayed transaction listings and so on. So I disconnected it. I …
    mlzorko 22 views 0 comments Started by mlzorko January 18, 2019 3:02PM
  • Not sure if I'm going crazy - but it seems that the accounts are not balanced? This was an issue earlier this month and then it was fixed. However today my account figures absolutely do not match and I've wasted a lot of time checking each line item to see if it was a mistake on my end. Is there maintenance happening?
    elsija 10 views 0 comments Started by elsija January 18, 2019 9:18AM
  • I just found out that bulk amount of data is missing in my wave account. Can anyone help to fix this? This is scary. The data loss is random as per my understanding.
    Fahme Closed 14 views 1 comment Most recent by NickPresta January 18, 2019 12:08AM
  • WAVE support is not responding by email to my request for data export . Is anyone else having this problem and what is the solution. Would appreciate any help or comments
    Bert98 16 views 1 comment Most recent by Conner January 13, 2019 2:08AM
  • Reports in Wave are currently undergoing maintenance. Some users may notice that Reports, Reconciliation, and their Dashboard are not displaying all data. Our team is working to ensure the 2% of users impacted by this maintenance are back to normal as soon as possible. This notice will disappear once maintenance is complete. If your post has be…
    Charlotte Announcement Closed 93 views 77 comments Most recent by Erik January 11, 2019 5:10PM
  • Hi I have compared to bank transactions and it says £124.50 left. I am 100% sure it's the same as my bank but it still says £124.50. When I go to the transaction however and find the invoice to pair it with, the invoice says £250 on the link I click to choose what invoice it is. However, when I find the invoice properly and view it in full …
    customlogoshop 14 views 0 comments Started by customlogoshop January 10, 2019 12:20PM